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To All,

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirit.

For some time I have understood what Jesus said regarding His return.., "you are either with Me or against Me".

The "little book" [of Revelations 10 - "The Way Home or face The Fire";] FULLY explains who we are and why we are here. The Seals have been opened.

We are the "fallen angels" that rebelled against God and after losing we agreed to be sent here to this prison planet for the CRIMINALLY INSANE. We can be rehabilitated but we remain creatures/beings with free-will choice.., meaning.., we can STILL choose our errant, DISOBEDIENT ways/behavior. You can CHOOSE to believe this or not.

Everyone here [save JAH, Who has been sent, just as Father/God PROMISED { Malachi 4:5}, to help us in these LAST DAYS {because God is merciful}] is guilty of TREASON against God and is under the death sentence/penalty.

The definition of insanity = BELIEVING lies to be The Truth.

So what is the lie we all believe? We believe we are humans. Even though we parrot back what churches have taught us..? FEW know they are BEINGS/spirits/souls "locked" in human, animal bodies [that will die and be "recycled"] and are here suffering the consequences of their/our WRONG CHOICE [i.e "The Fall"/rebellion to God].

I have been a product of this culture/society and I understand we are the "sum total" of our experiences. I understand I was "programmed" to believe in a god [taught by STATE religions] and country and the U.S. CON-stitution. But I am also a SEEKER and basically.., NOTHING made sense to me in this life. Purpose..? what did that mean? I knew I hadn't found it for all my searching. And just whose god was it being sold to me [that I NEVER bought] wrapped in "christian religion"?
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The Real Motive Behind 'Dept Of Global Anti-Semitism'

By Rev. Ted

On October 16, 2004 President Bush signed into law the Global Anti- Semitism Review Act. It establishes a special department within the U.S. State Department to monitor global anti-Semitism, reporting annually to Congress.

This is more "Hate Crimes" legislation, orchestrated by the international Jewish religious, educational, and fraternal organization, B'nai B'rith, and its Anti-Defamation League. The new "Department of Global Anti-Semitism" is designed to make critics of Israel not only into "anti-Semites" but ultimately into "domestic terrorists."

American Churches Have Sold Out

In Russia and China, believers meet secretly in homes. When government officials find out about these unregistered Churches, Christ's followers are tortured, pastors go to prison, and property is confiscated. In America, churches meet openly and there seems to be no persecution. Why is America different?

The reason there is no persecution in America is because the Churches have "sold out" to the State regime. They have registered or incorporated under the State. Once they have become part of the State, the State loves its own and there is no persecution (John 15:19).

Almost 100 percent of the churches in America have become State corporations. They did it voluntarily to save a buck, to obtain tax exempt status, and to have limited liability if the church is sued.

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Theater.., it is all theater

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

I will strive to make this brief.

We find ourselves being attacked on every conceivable front. It is ALL theater. These political, amoral and physical assaults are intended to keep us distracted (and divided), hacking at branches. When you prune a tree (which is what patridiots are doing by fighting all their myriad "causes") does not the trunk and root grow stronger?

The root we all need to get to and tear out is the world-wide, man-made-up, color of law, laws born of EVERY failed CON-stitution ever devised/inspired by Satan - temporary prince of planet Earth. Satan's MANY CON-stitutions need to be replaced with God's PERFECT Royal Laws of Liberty and His PERFECT system of government. To effectively do this, please see http://www.i am/jah/plan htm

Gentlemen, ladies.., the battles we are fighting are within. They are principalities.., spiritual wickedness in high places.

You are purposely being distracted with the battles from without and taught to believe you are fighting evil. You are "seeing" it all backwards as Satan would have you "see" it. Patridiots aren't killing evil [we now have more government/oppressive, man-made-up, color-of-law, laws and a bigger, more ruthless police-state than ever]. You/they/patridiots are FEEDING evil.

The first battle to be fought and won is the battle within your "self". You have a personal Armageddon to get through first. If you cannot or WILL not fight and win the battle within, to VANQUISH the enemy within.., the ego-self.., it will not be possible for you to move to or "see" the greater, overall/macrocosm spiritual battle being waged globally. You will stay stuck "hacking at branches" [i. e. FEEDING EVIL] and not join those who have been shown the root and HOW to root it out.

The world is about to explode around you and you stay focused on what has offended/touched you personally [whether it be the IRS issue, Child Protective Services, publik edukashun, ownership of property, right to travel, veterans "rights"/benefits or whatever]. Soon, you will see through the veil of deceit (because once Amerika is completely destroyed.., what will any of your "causes" have mattered?). Soon, you will see how you have been wasting your time, effort, energy and money but for most of you.., it will be too late.

Please.., to get a grasp of our bleak situation.., see It is "the little book" of Revelations 10. The seals have been broken. What we all need to know is explained in depth in plain, very understandable English. It is free. Time is short. I hope you will read it.

LLTF, Roland

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A very inspiring speech from the Warrior Queen

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of Waco, OKC, 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-


The following was delivered by Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni before leading the Celts into battle against the Romans. I find power and inspiration in these words of hers.. as I do the words of William Wallace. Their bravery, strength, honor and complete love of their country(s), their people and freedom, should be embraced by all of us. If history truly does repeat itself, then I say we do them proud!! After all, the USA is being referred to as the "New Rome".

Be Blessed, Catt

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A very inspiring speech from the Warrior Queen

"You have learned by actual experience how different freedom is from slavery. Hence, although some among you may previously; through ignorance of which was better; have been deceived by the alluring promises of the Romans. Yet, now that you have tried both, you have learned how great a mistake you made in preferring an imported despotism to your ancestral mode of life, and you have come to realize how much better is poverty, with no master, than wealth with slavery. For what treatment is there of the most shameful or grievous sort that we have not suffered, ever since these men made their appearance in Britain? Have we not been robbed entirely of most of our possessions, and those the greatest, while for those that remain we pay taxes? Besides pasturing and tilling for them, all our other possessions, do we not pay a yearly tribute for our very bodies?

How much better it would be to have been sold to masters once for all, than; possessing empty titles of freedom; to have to ransom ourselves every year! How much better to have been slain and to have perished than to go about with a tax on our heads! Yet why do I mention death? For even dying is not free of cost with them; nay, you know what fees we deposit even for our dead. Among the rest of mankind death frees even those who are in slavery to others; only in the case of the Romans do the very dead remain alive for their profit.

Why is it that, though none of us has any money (how, indeed, could we, or where would we get it?), we are stripped and despoiled like a murderer's victims? And why should the Romans be expected to display moderation as time goes on, when they have behaved toward us in this fashion at the very outset, when all men show consideration even for the beasts they have newly captured?"

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BONDED SLAVES OR FREEMEN AND WOMEN: What do these words signify? And what are they doing on my Birth Certificate?

BONDED SLAVES OR FREEMEN AND WOMEN: What do these words signify? And what are they doing on my Birth Certificate?

By Anita Karczewski

What do these Words Signify? And What are they Doing on My Birth Certificate??

I was recently putting some important papers in order and ran across my Birth Certificates. I have three Birth Certificates.

I was Born on January 13, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois.

Birth certificate one was issued by Roseland Community Hospital, the Chicago hospital in which I was born in 1938. It is written in ink in upper case and lower case script, contains the name of the attending physician and the hospital superintendent (two different handwritings, and a gold seal with the name of the hospital along with the word "corporate" with a number embossed on it. I am unable to decipher the number.

Birth certificate two was issued by the City of Chicago where I was born. It reads "Notification of Birth Registration" in upper and lower case printed letters This birth certificate has a file number and a gold seal which has "Board of Health" and "City of Chicago" embossed on it and two tiny pink pieces of ribbon sticking out from under the seal. All information on it is filled out in upper and lower case typewriting.

The third birth certificate was issued by the State of Illinois and reads "CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH", all in upper case
(capital letters). It also contains a file number but no seal of any kind. All the information regarding my birth is typed in all upper case lettters. At the bottom of the certificate is what appears to be an embellishment. Upon examining this "embellishment" with a magnifying glass, I was stunned to find that it also contains the words "Columbian Bank Note". What does this signify? Should I attempt to "cash in" this Birth Certificate, would I then redeem my status as a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood natural Sovereign Child of God in the eyes of our government?

I am well aware that much has been said regarding the 1933 bankruptcy of our nation and that the Registration of Birth Certificates with our government did not occur till then, The Family Bible was the "official record of births, deaths, marriages" up till then, and each family kept its own records therein.." I have heard, but not yet seen proof, that our government pledges its citizens (through Registration of Birth) as Collateral to secure loans from various sources (other nations, World Bank, etc.). Have I just come across confirmation of this practise through my own Birth Certificate? Can I "cash in" this Bank Note? Should I do so, would I then gain the monitary amount I have been used as collateral for? What would be the proper procedure for doing so?

Perhaps those of you who are my age and younger will want to check out your own Birth Certificates to discover what our government has used us for and has never told us about. I do not consider myself to be "Chattel" to be traded by my government, and I doubt very much that any of you are willing "Chatttel" too.

Isn't it about time we find out what has really been going on in this nation since 1933, and how our government views us? Are we really merely "Human Resources" -- property to be pledged and used for government's nefarious purposes?? Or shall we just keep on "whistleing in the dark" and "hoping" that our government would not do such a thing to us and really has our best interests at heart??

Are we SLAVES (chattel)?? Or are we Sovereign Children of God??

Anita Karczewski

********************* FOOLPROOF PLAN FOR TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY*********************

JULY 15, 2005: DAY 165

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist bankster mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-

------ End of Forwarded Message

Demokratin i USA är bräcklig

av Lars Österman - Hufvudstadsbladet, debattsektionen, 19.1.2002. Länkar tillaggda av

Flera insändarskribenter har ohämmat lovordat den påstådda demokratin i USA. Frågan är dock ytterst komplex.  Att folket har en i grundlagen tryggad rösträtt, och kan rösta fram ett nytt ansikte till Vita Huset vid missnöje över politiken, är i sig bara en petitess. En helt annan sak är att varken folket eller demokratin äger några medel med vilka man kan få inblick i det gråa eminensgarde som de facto styr landet genom att påverka presidentinstitutioner och dess oparlamentariskt sammansatta administration-regeringen. Detta sker i praktiken genom t.ex. rådgivare, vicerådgivare, diverse kommitteer, s.k. think tanks (CFR, TC [Trilateral Comission], Bilderberggruppen) och ett otal andra semipolitiska sällskap med en påtalat hemlig agenda.

Declaration of Independence

From Roland:

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

At risk of angering every "patriot" who might read this; shouldn't we be asking some questions?

Did the "framers" indeed start us on our journey of being the greatest nation in the history of the world?

At one time, I had a full copy of the original treaty signed at the end of the Revolutionary War with England. My understanding was/is.., it was originally in French. Supposedly, as plenipotentiaries [invested with full/absolute power of independent action], Benjamin Franklin and [I believe it was] House[?] would not agree to sign until it was written in English. In there were "terms" of the British holding allodial titles [in the colonies - please look up allodial title] and the colonies owing war debts to France [some millions of livre – pounds of silver].

Indeed.., France did help the colonies [at least that is what we are taught in the publik indoctrination centers {read; skools}] but, if indeed, the colonies won the war..? first, wouldn't the surrender and treaty be signed here in "the new land"? Why in France? And second, if we truly won, why wouldn't England be paying for the debts incurred by France and why weren't the colonies being reimbursed for its costs? Germany was the aggressor in WWI and II and look what happened to them.

Anybody ever see "Rob Roy"? Longshanks was THE King over the king of France and other countries in the British "empire". Shouldn't that provoke some questions? Did money powers in England fund both sides of the revolution [as was done in WWI and WWII]?

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The Fall of an Empire and The American Dream

The Fall of an Empire and The American Dream

Freedom Underground 30 Jun
2005 Mike Eggleston

With only a few short days until the 4th of July we as Americans, as people of this planet find ourselves in one of the most exciting and dangerous times we have ever seen. We are about to celebrate our Independence as a country and at the same time , once again find this great country under the tyranny and control of a government that cares more about lining their pockets with the riches of the world and conquering lands than they do about serving the people and bringing good to the world.

Welcome to fascist America. This is not the land of the free we were brought up hearing about. This is not the greatest nation in the world any longer. We have been taken over by one of the most brutal governments ever to exist. Men who see Power, Money, Oil and War as the way to write themselves into the History books. Men who shred and disregard the Constitution and re write it according to the way they see things. It has been happening slowly for 20, 30, 50 years, longer even. The conditioning and preparing for this time has reached its boiling point. Here in America we see unemployment and the economy struggling, families working 3 or 4 jobs to put food on the table. Huge corporations that care more about a profit than the workers who make the money for them and the environment. Corporations that influence every aspect of the government and media and our lives.

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Although today's "educators" would never allow it to happen, wouldn't it be nice if some school system
somewhere would include the following "Reaganisms" as required reading?


"Here's my strategy on the Cold War: We win, they lose."
- Ronald Reagan

"The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
- Ronald Reagan

"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so."
- Ronald Reagan

"Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong."
- Ronald Reagan

"I have wondered at times about what the Ten Commandment's would have looked like if Moses had run them through the U.S. Congress."
- Ronald Reagan

"The taxpayer: That's someone who works for the federal government but doesn't have to take the civil service examination."
- Ronald Reagan

"Government is like a baby: An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other."
- Ronald Reagan

"If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."
- Ronald Reagan

"The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program."
- Ronald Reagan

"I've laid down the law, though, to everyone from now on about anything that happens: no matter what time it is, wake me, even if it's in the middle of a Cabinet meeting."
- Ronald Reagan

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first."
- Ronald Reagan

"Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it."
- Ronald Reagan

"Politics is not a bad profession. If you succeed there are many rewards, if you disgrace yourself you can always write a book."
- Ronald Reagan

"No arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women.
- Ronald Reagan

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The Bush Administration's Psy-Ops on the US Public

This is probably closer to the truth. The Men That Pull Bush's Strings Psy-Ops on the US Public

June 22 , 2005

An Interview with Col. Sam Gardiner

The Bush Administration's Psy-Ops on the US Public


Sam Gardiner has taught strategy and military operations at the National War College, Air War College and Naval War College. He was recently a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defence College. During Gulf II he was a regular on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as well as on BBC radio and television, and National Public Radio. He authored "The Enemy is Us" an article describing how the Bush Administration used disinformation and psychological warfare ­ weapons usually used against the 'enemy' ­ against the American public in order to support the war in Iraq. He has done an extensive analysis of the media coverage before the war, during the war and during the occupation as well as of the statements of Administration officials. His conclusions are startling and of great concern. He has put his findings in a report entitled: "Truth from These Podia."

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Government authorized ways to celebrate your freedoms, this 4th of July

As we go out to celebrate our freedom this 4th of July, let's go over a few things to make your celebration a success.

Before leaving home make sure you check the color coded Homeland Security alert status. Be especially careful if it is orange or red. Don't worry about yellow. It's always yellow.

Don't use any illegal fireworks in your 4th Celebration. It is for your own safety. And the founding father's implemented a government to protect you from yourselves. Didn't they? Besides, fireworks are explosive devices and you might be considered a terrorist with weapons of mass destruction. And although the government can't find any in Iraq, you can rest assured they will find them in your car trunk. But don't worry, getting arrested, imprisoned indefinitely without formal charges, and a 5 year wait before the secret tribunal trial per the Patriot Act is a breeze. It's that secret summary execution that should make you nervous.

Make sure you are buckled up in your seat belts, there will be roadblocks and checkpoints to make sure you comply. It is for the children.

If you are an airline employee, lighten up for the holiday, you can always look for a job tomorrow. Maybe you could transfer over to a Federal Airport Security Screener job. Big demand for those jobs and you don't have to be smart.

If you are a Halliburton employee, then celebrate, you probably have a raise coming from the Iraqi contract windfall.

If celebrating on any public property, make no mention of religious ideals. Government is god there. You will be aprehended.

Have your papers ready as you approach the holiday police checkpoints.

Don't criticize the President, or other government officials, you might be in violation of the Patriot Act and considered a possible terrorist.

Don't mention the Constitution in any district court, or you could be held in contempt.

If your children get out of line this holiday, do not discipline them, or they may be kidnapped by the Dept. of Social Services and held hostage until you receive approved psychological therapy and are deemed acceptable.

Show compassion this Independence Day by bringing an illegal immigrant to your celebration, or by hugging a tree.

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Leonard Clark, 860th MP CO AZ Army National Guard

I have been talking to my fellow soldiers about this whole situation and I have told them about how the leadership in Washington is trying to get the American people to silence their criticisms of the continued lunacy we call the occupation of Iraq.

I tell them that they are saying to the Congress: "Well, ya know, our poor soldiers wanna stay and finish the fight in Iraq, but you people in Washington D. C. are undercutting their morale by bringing up this 'time table stuff'" and "What the hell are we doing in Iraq? Do we have a plan?" stuff.

When I tell this to my fellow soldiers, they immediately begin to laugh and then they get pissed off that such bullshit is being spouted back home, because we are the ones who are calling home and telling our families what a bunch of lies and crap they are telling the American people.

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Owners of the Prison System in America

with commentary by Roland

To All,

Following is an excerpt from the complete post below.

"...Prison for profit........ it's not just baloney and white bread. More later and thanks for keeping up your daily news. Paul was released from CCP (ankle bracelet) in Albuquerque and allowed to drive up to Hot Sulphur where he spent another 3 days in jail (my time over the summer has been 5 days in May, 18 days in June-July, 15 days in August and on house arrest, bond from May 24 to June 25, and ankle bracelet from mid-July to August 5, 04). Thankfully, Paul with all his transplant medications, diabetes medications, was in from May
19-24, 04. The rest of the time he was on bond or ankle bracelet house arrest. I doubt he'd have survived a prolonged transport situation. The alleged crime? "Influencing a public office" and "filing a false document." This is what they called our UCC1 financing statement sent when we informed public officials there would be a fee for using our copyrighted property (PAUL SCHMALTZ and PATRICIA SCHMALTZ), which they did anyway...."

Please note what the author says about what happened to them when they tried using the UCC1/strawman approach to dealing with the system and what they have concluded.

If you test the system with all these "patriot" theories/schemes/remedies.., you will come to understand.., THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN. Government IS force and it is all that it understands. It does not matter if you have right and even their law on your side. It is about control [over you] and ALLEGIANCE.

Hope you read "THE PLAN" @

LLTF, Roland


Profiteering off the prisoners / Prime stockholders in Correction Corp. of America / Funding Streams Exposed / Corporate Public Private Scheme Exploiting, Criminalizing Vulnerable People

Research and excerpts from LETTERS FROM JAIL

From: %20lynnsch [at] spinn [dot] net">Lynn Schmaltz

I had many opportunities to educate women on the monetary system of jail. The moment an order is written, whether it's a warrant or a traffic ticket, or whatever, the money machine is activated. Every prisoner has a monetary value to our government whether its local, county, state or federal. Bonds are written based on the person's name and social security number and are sold through a brokerage firm such as AG Edwards or Merrill Lynch who has the contract to sell all the prison bonds for the city, county, state or federal prisons. Over 50% of the money market bonds right now are purchased in Japan or China. I've been told by researchers that Walmart and, used to be, Kmart also purchase these bonds, Walmart mostly doing so by emptying out bank accounts at night. Both companies are fronts for enormous money machines.

The way the bond works is that a monetary value is placed on the alleged crime and then factored the way banks factor their money. In other words if a person is convicted of a felony the "value" would be $4 million. The county/city/ state then multiplies it by ten, so the bond that goes out for sale with the prisoner's name and social security number is a short-term "promissory" note. It's offered at $40 million. Perhaps an investor will offer 40% of the $40 million, or $16 million. Once this "promissory note" of the face value of $40 million reaches the banks it is then multiplied again by 200 to 300% and sold as bank securities. For those of you who wonder why the US has more people in prison per capita than any other nation on earth, you'll begin to understand how we can have a weakening economy and still fund wars overseas. It' s all based on prisoners.... in other words, prison for profit.

Knowing all this and knowing that a prisoner can have a "net worth" of say, $10,000 per day in the money markets, helped me explain to many bewildered women why they were in jail. We were only merchandise in a warehouse. The storage was pretty cheap; one woman while in jail researched the cost of feeding prisoners per day which ranged from 74 cents to $2.72 per prisoner per day.


From: "Lynn Schmaltz" Sent: Friday, September 24,
2004 8:46 AM Subject: Re: Paine Webber


*Owners of the Prison Systems in America* CORRECTION CORP OF AMERICA headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee owns all private prison systems in AMERICA and are selling the commercial paper. How it Works: A bid bond is done on Form 24, which comes out of the GSA Office (General Services Administration which is out of GAO (General Accounting Office} which is under the Comptroller General. This Blake Bond Bid Bond is promulgated at the time the social security card is issued. When you are arrested the bond is filled out and they issue a Performance Bond, which is done from Form 25, and then they do a Payment Bond, which is a Form 25A.

The Bonds are being underwritten by the Banks. This is where the PAINE WEBBER GROUP comes in. The Plaintiff in all criminal tax cases in the USA is the PAINE WEBBER GROUP as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The PAINE WEBBER GROUP is a group of international businesses. The PAINE WEBBER GROUP is providing the Securities for the prisons and is selling the Bonds, and the Banks, The ABA (AMERICAN BANKING ASSOCIATION) like LEHMEN BROTHERS, in New York City, are the underwriters on the Bonds. The Banks

Child Abuse

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-


Child Abuse

by Chris Floyd Published: June 24, 2005 m/stories/2005/06/24/120.html

When the public liars sat down together -- in Crawford, in the Pentagon, in the Oval Office, at 10 Downing Street -- and very deliberately, very guilefully and very knowingly devised their act of mass murder in Iraq, it is unlikely they gave any thought to the most vulnerable targets of their war crime: the children. So in considering this aspect of the bloodbath, we should give the liars the benefit of the doubt. Let's not make them more monstrous than they are. Let's stick to the facts.

Let us say -- as the incontrovertible facts compel us to say -- that they were willing to kill tens of thousands of innocent people in an action they knew to be illegal, reckless, ill-planned and unsupported by evidence; that they knew their public statements about the plans for war were lies; that they started the war with a vicious bombing campaign months before obtaining even a fig leaf of approval from their respective legislatures, a clear and treasonous violation of their own national laws; that long before their blitzkrieg rolled across the border, they were already divvying up the loot of conquest: the oil rights, the "privatizations," the crony contracts. In short, let us say that, yes, they are killers, liars, thieves and incompetent fools. But let's not imagine that as they settled their safe and cosseted backsides into the fine upholstery of their elegantly appointed war-rooms, they gleefully regaled each other with visions of the exquisite tortures they would soon inflict upon the children of Iraq.

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American's Held Hostage

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

For whatever it may be worth to the reader I should like to offer some thoughts regarding the post below.

Before saying anything I would like to preface by saying, in my mind, there is no doubt this is a prison planet for the criminally insane [meaning virtually all of us.., some of us are just worse than others] and the "best of the worst" are running it and MOST everyone is following.

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Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US

The answer to the end comment is simple. The politicians get kick-backs from the Israelis for supporting them. In other words they get bribed with the taxpayer’s money to give more of it away to the counterfeit-Jewish State in, but not of) Israel.

Flashback: Economist tallies swelling cost of Israel to US

by David R. Francis
The Christian Science Monitor
December 09, 2002

Since 1973, Israel has cost the United States about $1.6 trillion. If divided by today's population, that is more than $5,700 per person.

This is an estimate by Thomas Stauffer, a consulting economist in Washington. For decades, his analyses of the Middle East scene have made him a frequent thorn in the side of the Israel lobby.

For the first time in many years, Mr. Stauffer has tallied the total cost to the US of its backing of Israel in its drawn-out, violent dispute with the Palestinians. So far, he figures, the bill adds up to more than twice the cost of the Vietnam War.

And now Israel wants more. In a meeting at the White House late last month, Israeli officials made a pitch for $4 billion in additional military aid to defray the rising costs of dealing with the intifada and suicide bombings. They also asked for more than $8 billion in loan guarantees to help the country's recession-bound economy.

We Are Surrounded

By Craig Roberts

Or How Well Do You Speak Chinese?

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military philosopher who is oft quoted in our military institutions, wrote "One who is not acquainted with the designs of his neighbors should not enter into alliances with them."

This quote surfaced in my consciousness as I walked the aisles of a new Dollar-type store yesterday, picking up items and turning them over to see where they were made. I counted 20 items, of which 19 were made in "China," and one in Pakistan. As a WWII baby boomer who grew up during the 50s and 60s, I could not help but shudder in the fact that I was holding items that were made by an avowed enemy, one that along with the former Soviet Union, forced me and my classmates in elementary school and junior high school to practice "Duck and Cover" and quick response to air raid sirens. In those post-war days we had a Civil Defense organization, were encouraged to prepare for a nuclear strike, build fallout shelters, and be ready in case Russia, China, or even Castro came over the horizon. Those days have faded away, but living through the Cold War and the ever-present threat of "the bomb" will remain with us forever.

Now there is no Civil Defense Corps, the fallout shelters are empty or used for storage, and we are told that the Soviet Union has collapsed, and the Red China is now our trading partner (and Taiwan never mentioned), and the only Barbarians at the Gate are North Korea and certain countries in the Middle East that support terrorist organizations.

However, as a student of history, and a former intelligence analyst, I see another world growing up around us. One the media ignores, the politicians refuse to recognize, and one of which the American people remain ignorant. It is a world in which we are surrounded, being infiltrated, and readied for invasion.

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Remembering The Lessons Of Germany's Past

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-muder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-

Please see JAH's comments below about Chuck contradicting Christ.

Remembering The Lessons Of Germany's Past

By Chuck Baldwin June 17, 2005

For years, I struggled to comprehend how the good (sic*) people of Germany could allow someone such as Adolph Hitler to lead them into what became World War II. After all, before Hitler's rise to power, Germany had a rich Christian heritage. The Reformation out of the Dark Ages had its roots deeply imbedded in Germany and surrounding countries.

* Another commentator contradicting Christ by calling people good when Christ says that all people on Earth are evil and only God is good:-

King of kings' Bible - Matthew 7:9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?
7:10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?
7:11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?
19:16 And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have Eternal Life?
19:17 And he said unto him, Why callest thou ME good? [there is] none good but One, [that is], God: but if thou wilt enter into Life, keep the Commandments.

Furthermore, Germany has long produced some of the most intelligent and creative people on the planet! Many of the world's greatest engineers and scientists have come from Germany and Austria. When it comes to knowledge and education, the Germanic people take a back seat to no one.

How, then, could the good (sic - he's done it again), intelligent people of Germany follow and support someone such as Hitler? For years I struggled to find the answer to that puzzle. Now, I believe I understand.

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Military draft back on US agenda

June 13, 2005

THE United States would "have to face" a painful dilemma on restoring the military draft as rising casualties saw the number of volunteers dry up, a senator warned today.

Joseph Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, made the prediction after new data released by the Pentagon showed the US Army failing to meet its recruitment targets for four straight months.

"We're going to have to face that question," he said on NBC's Meet the Press TV show when asked if it was realistic to expect restoration of the draft.

"The truth of the matter is, it is going to become a subject, if, in fact, there's a 40 per cent shortfall in recruitment. It's just a reality," he said.

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An Open Letter to US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

I was a soldier for most of the time between 1970 and 1996. I signed out on my retirement from 3rd Special Forces in Ft. Bragg. I had also served in 7th Special Forces, on three Ranger assignments, with Delta for almost four years, as a Cavalry Scout for a while, and in the 82nd Airborne Division as an infantryman. I started my career in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade.

I thugged around in eight different places in East Asia, Latin America, and Africa, where I pointed guns at people. Like you, I was an instrument of American foreign policies ­ policies controlled, then as now, by the rich.

In the course of that career, I heard everything you have heard and felt everything you have felt about "loyalty."

Tricky thing, loyalty.

Nowadays, when I talk with some of you, or when I hear conversations recorded with you, I hear many who have very serious reservations about these wars of occupation. I had more than reservations from the get-go about Iraq and Afghanistan, and I opposed them as hard as I could, and so did millions of other people around the world.

But that brain-dead piece of shit in the White House who is legally your boss, and all his handlers, starting with Vice President Dick "Halliburton" Cheney they sent you to do this thing anyway...

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The Anti-Empire Report - Some things you need to know before the world ends

June 13, 2005 by William Blum

Gee, how can we ever find out why they don't like us?

The Pentagon awarded three contracts this past week, worth up to $300 million, to companies it hopes will inject more creativity into US psychological operations efforts to improve foreign public opinion about the United States, particularly their opinion of the American military. "We would like to be able to use cutting-edge types of media," said Col. James A. Treadwell, director of the Joint Psychological Operations Support Element. Dan Kuehl, a specialist in information warfare at the National Defense University, added: "There are a billion-plus Muslims that are undecided. How do we move them over to being more supportive of us? If we can do that, We can make progress and improve security."{1}

And so it goes. And so it has gone since September 11, 2001. The world's only superpower has felt misunderstood, although co-existing with this feeling at times, and expressed more than once by Bush administration officials, has been oderint dum metuant, a favorite phrase of Roman emperor Caligula, also used by Cicero -- "let them hate so long as they fear".

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The Importance of Evil - The Monster Emerges

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous legislating N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Time is running out:-


By: Alan Stang

I was at a Republican National Convention some years ago, strolling among the delegations. In the Indiana delegation I found former U. S. Senator Bill Jenner, who had done fine work on a committee investigating Communist infiltration of our government and institutions. By then of course the Communists who had infiltrated had long since dismantled the committee.

Bill Jenner told me the story of the young man working in a baby carriage factory in pre-war Nazi Germany, which then was secretly rearming in violation of treaty. His wife was pregnant. He decided to steal the part of the baby carriage each division of the huge factory made. When he had stolen all the parts he would put them together at home, and his wife would have a baby carriage.

So, according to Bill, he did that. The only discrepancy was that, when he emptied the sack on the living room carpet, his beaming frau at his side, spread out the parts and then assembled them, he would up, not with a baby carriage, but with a machine gun. What a surprise!

While he told it, Senator Jenner smiled like the cat that ate the conundrum, communicating the fact that it is so obviously apocryphal ‹ no such thing could have happened ‹ despite which it certainly packs a wallop. That is why, more and more these days, I keep coming back to it. Here, too, the government says it is manufacturing a baby-carriage, but more and more I see a machine-gun.

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C.F.R. Proposes End of U.S. - Plan to Destroy the United States of American Revealed

The Council of Foreign Relations  dropped all pretense and proposed that the United States of America surrender to the ongoing invasion of the United States by Mexico. The plan to do this was crafted by Robert Pastor and Andres Rozental, half brother of Jorge Castaneda, former Foreign Minister of Mexico. "This report should remove any doubt that the Council of Foreign relations, and all those who are part of it, is a mortal enemy of the people of the United States of America," said Glenn Spencer of American Patrol.

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Trinational Call for a North American Economic and Security Community by 2010

New World Order Chieftans Openly Discuss Dismantling US Border and Bringing Us into the Pan-American Union

CFR: US, Canada & Mexico Borders To Be Abolished

Global Governance for a New Global Union (2003)

Lynne Meredith update

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Good Evening Cliff,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Please see my responses/commentaries below in ( ).

On Jun 7, 2005, at 3:11 PM, catworld_ny wrote:


I see it as you do below,

(Thank you. For anyone who has been at this awhile.., it should, by now, be self-evident. And if it is not.., to those paying attention.., then there are people like me pointing it out. Patriots are trying to fight evil [and win] with evil's rules [which "they"/courts can and will change if they/"courts" don't like the outcome - just ask people like Dick Simkanin] and in evil's courts. It is not going to happen. It is a no-win game for them. Like I said.., how many of our best and brightest have to end up in prison or worse before the rest of the "patriots"/"freedom fighters" start to figure this out? Time to start training for what is coming.., because like it or not.., sooner or later.., this is coming into the streets and into peoples homes.)

and see clearly the gunk lain before our eyes intending to prevent we see it.

(Understood. It is all THEATER/DISTRACTION.., purposely creating the illusion/false impression that there is actually something still salvageable in "the system". What FEW can see is: THE WHOLE THING WAS A CON FROM THE START. Think about it. Isn't that "just a little much" to get your mind around? That would mean your WHOLE LIFE WAS/IS BASED ON A LIE. And that would make you PRETTY STUPID. Who wants to sit down and deal with that truth? FEW, unfortunately.)

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We are a nation damned.

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-

There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We are past being able to pretend otherwise, no matter what comfort might be found in the deception. The United States has invaded and conquered a foreign nation under false pretexts. President Bush and his cronies lied us all into a war.

But that is not why we are damned.

The culmination of decades of accumulated overspending by the government has created an aggregate debt for the United States federal and state governments of $14 trillion dollars. That’s fourteen million million dollars. Or, to put it in a more personal scale, more than $48,000 for every single living human being in the United States, plus the accumulating interest.

The interest on that government debt now exceeds all the personal income tax collected by that government. That means that the government isn’t keeping up with the interest on the debt, let alone able to pay down the principle. Even before the wars started with lies, the US Government was sinking deeper into debt by one third of a trillion dollars every year. With Bush’s war, the debt is increasing at another half trillion every year just at the Federal level. And because the federal Government, struggling with payments on past debts, is sending less money back to the states, the states are sinking deeper into debt as well.

But that is not why we are damned.

They Thought They Were Free / Germany 1938

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

Time is running out:-


"What no one seemed to notice. . . was the ever widening gap. . .between the government and the people. . . And it became always wider. . . the whole process of its coming into being, was above all diverting, it provided an excuse not to think for people who did not want to think anyway . . . (it) gave us some dreadful, fundamental things to think about . . .and kept us so busy with continuous changes and 'crises' and so fascinated . . . by the machinations of the 'national enemies,' without and within, that we had no time to think about these dreadful things that were growing, little by little, all around us. . .

Each step was so small, so inconsequential, so well explained or, on occasion, 'regretted,' that unless one understood what the whole thing was in principle, what all these 'little measures'. . . must some day lead to, one no more saw it developing from day to day than a farmer in his field sees the corn growing. . . .Each act. . . is worse than the last, but only a little worse*. You wait for the next and the next. You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join you in resisting somehow.

* Fabianism.

You don't want to act, or even talk, alone. . . you don't want to 'go out of your way to make trouble.' . . .But the one great shocking occasion, when tens or hundreds or thousands will join with you, never comes. That's the difficulty. The forms are all there, all untouched, all reassuring, the houses, the shops, the jobs, the mealtimes, the visits, the concerts, the cinema, the holidays. But the spirit, which you never noticed because you made the lifelong mistake of identifying it with the forms, is changed. Now you live in a world of hate and fear, and the people who hate and fear do not even know it themselves, when everyone is transformed, no one is transformed. . . .You have accepted things you would not have accepted five years ago, a year ago, things your father. . . could never have imagined."

From Milton Mayer, They Thought They Were Free, The Germans, 1938-45 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1955)

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The Coming Resistance No Organizations, No Leaders

More evidence from Alan Stang as to why the ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N.W.O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror and reinstate God's Perfect Laws of Liberty:-

Time is running out:-

Be sure to check out the information at the links JAH has inserted.

Alan Stang should like:-


By: Alan Stang
feedback [at] stangbooks [dot] com

As I write, the situation for our beloved country looks considerably bleaker than it did for the defenders at the Alamo or Valley Forge. By far, the biggest single factor in the worldwide advance of Communism and other forms of totalitarianism for almost a century-”bigger even than the Communists and Nazis themselves-”has been the United States government; more specifically, the conspiracy for totalitarian socialist world government that controls it.

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Galloway v The US Senate

British MP George Galloway has told US senators who accused him of profiting from Iraq oil dealings their claims were the "mother of all smokescreens". A 40 minute video clip (realvideo) on cspan

The "Fair and Balanced" version on Foxnews:,2933,156854,00.html

"Galloway is a loudmouthed Scot who has a troublesome resemblance in his voice to Sean Connery. Listening to him lambaste the Iraq war is a little like getting chewed out by 007 — not that great an experience."

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