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By: Alan Stang
feedback [at] stangbooks [dot] com

As I write, the situation for our beloved country looks considerably bleaker than it did for the defenders at the Alamo or Valley Forge. By far, the biggest single factor in the worldwide advance of Communism and other forms of totalitarianism for almost a century-”bigger even than the Communists and Nazis themselves-”has been the United States government; more specifically, the conspiracy for totalitarian socialist world government that controls it.

We stand at the threshold of totalitarian outrage that will make what we have seen so far look like a Patrick Henry utopia. Soon, President Smirk will receive instructions via the bug in his ear to expand the perpetual, illegal war to include Iran and maybe Syria. The Prostitute National Press is presently preparing our minds for Smirk to revive the draft.

This time, the victims will be not just the nation's young men, but also the women, proving that we are every bit as corrupt, as degenerate, as utterly worthless, as our enemies say we are. And it looks as if the upper age will be 34 not 25. Meanwhile, Smirk is making the draft "inevitable" by threatening the best of the best in the military with court martial for killing, even for scaring, the enemy; with the predictable result that recruitment-”even in the Marine Corps-”is far below quota.

As I write, the U.S. Senate has just unanimously endorsed the so-called "Real ID" legislation, which will federalize drivers' licenses, and constitute the "internal passport" that has been a feature of every totalitarian dictatorship. It will tell the federal government almost everything about you and control your movements around the country. You will not be able to board an airline flight or open a bank account without it. Your papers please!

Soon, technology will tell the District of Criminals where you are and what you are doing at all times. Chips will be inserted under your skin for the purpose, voluntarily at first, then before your newborn leaves the hospital. Complaints will be proof that you have something to hide. Financial privacy-”any privacy-”is gone. What could be the biggest financial debacle in history approaches with the coming collapse of the monster real estate bubble, which will trigger even more controls as the "solution." Favored corporations, not the people, run the government.

Most Americans will acquiesce because by now they have been utterly dumbed down in the nation's Communist government schools, deceived by the nation's Communist media and spiritually corrupted by the celebrity churches who worship President Smirk. If Caligula apocryphally could make his horse a consul of Rome, today's celebrity churches apparently can make a horse's rear end a god, while mouthing meaningless homilies about Jesus.

It now appears that a homosexual ring is operating in the White House itself, including at least one sodomite prostitute who advertises his expertise in buggery online. Is it the same homosexual ring that was operating in the administration of President Smirk senior? Who are the participants? Do they include the President? According to the Secret Service logs, the prostitute could have spent hours in the White House on some days; maybe he even slept there. With whom?

Now that the courts have killed Terri Schindler in Florida, the Nazi principle that the government alone has the right to decide who deserves to live will metastasize. The scheme to reduce the world population to manageable numbers, already under way, will intensify, by means of outright killing in war, in hospitals and hospices, maybe even in manufactured weather disasters, along with food and water engineered to reduce the sperm count, etc., so that the victims never know they are under attack.

Private property no longer exists. More and more people will come to know that when they are kicked off their land. With the help of the utterly fraudulent environmental movement, the federal government will take over, implementing Plank One of the Communist Manifesto. You will live and work where the government says you should. The government already owns outright almost half the nation's land. It indirectly controls the rest via property taxes.

Of course, these are just a few examples. If you were writing this piece, maybe you would have chosen others. As always, the last chapter will be written by a small group on one side or the other. The cattle in the middle will know nothing is amiss until the Jet-Skis in the driveway are repossessed. Which reminds me of the two Jews standing on line to get into Auschwitz. Izzy complained loudly because the line was so long. Moe silenced him. "Izzy! Shush! You'll get us into trouble!" Hello, fellow Jews.

The President of the United States has said that every few years the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. As far as I know, he was thereby advising us to rebel once in a while just to keep our servants nervous. "(Il)liberals" in this country agree that at some point in Nazi Germany, when it became obvious that Hitler-”who became Chancellor legally-”had created a totalitarian dictatorship, rebellion, however illegal, became a moral imperative.

That point is now approaching here. Of course no one, including me, wants to talk about that, which is like not talking about the hyena that is chewing on (or off) your leg. The mantra many commentators mindlessly repeat says the problem can be solved with the ballot. But notice that when the people cast their ballots for something the conspiracy for world government disapproves, one of its whores on the bench simply cancels it. Proposition 187 in California is just one example. And the Republicruds are as bad as their Democrud counterparts.

Yes, your vote counts-”if you vote the right way! Democracy means rubber stamping decisions made far above. Yes, there is Ron Paul. Yes, there is Tom Tancredo. Not exactly a majority. Needless to say, the national Republicrud Party hates them. If there is any chance others like them could become numerous enough to make a difference, the conspiracy for world government would sweep the newcomers into the dustbin of history, if you get my drift. The time has come to mention the unmentionable.

To demoralize their targets, the Communists preach that their victory is "inevitable." What is inevitable is that at some point presently unknown to me, millions of Americans-”including many combat veterans who have already killed the enemy, Navy SEALS, Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers, etc.-”will realize what is happening and resist it. How? When? What form will such resistance take? What must happen before such Americans take action?

What follows is complete speculation, the same kind the conspiracy for world government conducts when it gauges the opposition it will provoke. The conspirators know much more than I do about this. I base my speculations solely on what appears possible, not on anything specific I know; they spring from logic, not from experience.

When the feces hit the fan, what will patriots do? One kind of resistance would be guerrilla warfare. But such warfare requires a secure base elsewhere, some other country that supports, supplies, protects and encourages it, where fighters can go to rest and re-equip. The United States itself has sponsored guerrilla warfare in many countries. It always looks for a secure base in another country near the target. But there is no such base American warriors could use. So guerrilla warfare is impossible.

There is also the historical fact that large organizations with charismatic leaders instantly make themselves targets for infiltration, subversion and perversion, by the conspiracy for world government's expert practitioners of dialectical materialism, who almost invented the art. The target organization, sufficiently compromised, soon peters into nothingness. Leaders, however charismatic, can be neutralized, framed, even killed if necessary. The conspirators have killed many.

So what should we expect patriot leaders to do? Logic tells us that the only kind of resistance with any chance of success would have to be both leaderless and unorganized. There would be nothing to infiltrate and no charismatic leader to kill. The government's spies would be useless because there would be nothing to uncover. There would be no way for the totalitarians to know what will happen because there would be nothing more than what the Vietnam War called "targets of opportunity."

The warriors would not even know who their counterparts are. The only thing binding the participants together would be a shared belief-”in the God of the Bible and our Christian civilization, in these United States, in strictly limited government and Free Enterprise, in the country that minded its own business; that walked softly but carried a big stick, where private property is sacrosanct.

Such activity would not be terrorism. Remember that terrorism is a technique invented in modern times by Lenin, developed by the gang that became the KGB and conducted ever since by governments, not by individuals acting alone. Lenin once said that "terrorism" is Communism. Governments secretly inspire most of the terrorism that afflicts the world today.

One of the hallmarks of terrorism is that it kills indiscriminately, the innocent as well as the guilty, usually in large numbers, as on Nine Eleven. What we are talking about instead are individual acts, the targets of which are culpable individuals and organizations. You will find a fictionalized example of this in my novel, Perestroika Sunset, about the POWS we faithlessly left behind in Vietnam. Go to my website, to see the cover, the story, the reviews and the first chapter.

A recent example would be the case of Marine Corps veteran Mike Smith, who doesn't chew tobacco, but did for the occasion, bought a book, which qualified him to wait on line in Kansas City, all so that when he got to the head of it he was able to spit a large gob of tobacco juice and saliva into the face of traitor slut Jane Fonda, there to market her degenerate memoirs.

By itself, the incident does not amount to much. Imagine forays like it and much more, multiplied thousands of times. Mike Smith says it was worth doing. One can only salivate about the wholesome, unadulterated joy he must have felt seeing the gob of contaminated saliva splat the slut's face and drip down its neck into its brassiere.

Some gentlemen may shrink from the idea of spitting on a lady. So do I. But of course Fonda is not a lady. She is a Communist, a traitor and a slut, directly responsible for the torture and killing of our men. Remember also that cowards on a university campus recently plastered Republicrud front woman Ann Coulter-”who is a lady-”with a pie. So it must be all right.

Another target already under individual attack is the nation's Communist public schools. The reason the totalitarians get away with so much is very simply that the inmates of those schools are taught totalitarianism starting at age five, and never hear anything else, with the result that if, as adults, they accidentally stumble on the truth, it sounds bizarre. That is why most Americans saw nothing untoward in Miss Monica's knee prints on the Oval Office carpet.

Many patriots say they are discouraged. But more and more parents now are pulling their kiddos out and teaching them at home. The day they do so, they experience the inspiring, intoxicating flush of victory. They have saved one child-”their own-”rescued him or her from the lifelong grip of Communist brainwashing. Yes, the Communists control the government schools, but their Achilles heel is the presence of the children in the buildings, which the parents still control.

In a truly delicious irony, one reason for the present exodus is the illegal alien invasion conducted by Communist world government traitor George W. Smirk. Because the illegal children of those criminals soak up so much school money to teach them English, etc., there is not enough money left for music, art, sports and drama, etc.

One of the last reasons legal, American parents and their children have remained in the government schools was that, at least, they were "free," paid for by property tax. Now, often, that reason is gone, because the schools are asking those parents to pay-”pay in effect twice-”for the programs they want. More and more parents are "voting with their feet" and not coming back.

By now, so many have departed that the Communist government schools are starting to show cracks. The fewer the students, the less the money that comes from the state, and money is what those Communist schools are all about. The lawyers, administrators, etc.-”who preposterously are paid more than the teachers-”who feast on the living flesh of the parents are worried. A tipping point could arrive at which school districts would need to close down. Such a glorious victory could be achieved as the total of many individual efforts and would be legal and peaceful.

Certainly one of the easiest, least risky and yet most effective means of resistance is jury nullification, in which a juror uses the power he has had all along-”power the judge is told to lie about-”to decide both the law and the facts. Juries repealed Prohibition by refusing to convict. Today, juries could nullify by refusing to convict anyone in an income tax case, or a firearms rights case and more. In a criminal case, only one juror could do it, and he doesn't need to tell anyone why. He does it, does't say a word and goes home. The court can't do anything about it.

There are giants in the earth today. My prayer is that such peaceful methods could persuade the totalitarians to back off before they arouse the deadliest creature that ever stalked the earth, thousands of whom are solemnly watching as the dictatorship is imposed: the retired Marine Corps sniper, who still can stick it in your eye; the Navy SEAL who can still eat your lunch, the Screaming Eagles who bring death from the sky. Alan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.

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Published in the May 17, 2005 issue of Ether Zone.
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