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By Ghali Hassan  
03 April, 2006

Like all imperialist forces, the US is heavily relying on misinformation propaganda campaign to promote and enhance its imperialist ideology. Violence and war crimes against defenceless civilians are depicted as “fighting the enemy”. The mass murder of Iraqi civilians by US forces is normalised and welcomed with deafening silence. The purpose is thought control, or as it is called “perception management” designed to enhance US images. The campaign is part of a wider Western strategy to mislead the public, remove historical memory and justify more wars.

According to George Orwell, newspeak is a form of propaganda to cover up criminal actions, especially killing people unjustly and deliberately, with a veneer of justification and reason. In Iraq, the occupying forces are increasingly covering the truth with lies and deception, blame the Iraqi people for the violence they have inflicted on them, and to remove the Occupation as the generator of violence.

The three-year US Occupation of Iraq is becoming increasingly violent and the occupying forces are killing Iraqi civilians with impunity while encouraging Iraqis to fight each other. The atrocity is aided by massive Western propaganda campaign to demonise Iraqis and portray not only Iraqis but also Muslims in general as fanatic and violent. This includes: 1) the Occupation is a benign “peace mission” and necessary “to prevent” civil war; 2) Iraq is a “breeding ground for terrorists”– as if the illegal invasion and Occupation of Iraq are not ! the greatest acts of terrorism; and 3) Iraqis are responsible for what is happening to them. Each of the three is a falsehood Western elites (Left and Right) have adopted these falsehoods to justify their attacks on the Iraqi people and to jump on the misinformation propaganda of Occupation bandwagon......

On Sunday night 26 March 2006, US forces and their Iraqi collaborators attacked Al-Mustapha Mosque in the Ur neighbourhood in east Baghdad and deliberately killed 37 unarmed worshippers including the 80-years old Imam in charge of the Mosque....

Consistent with the US policy of dehumanising and identifying all Iraqis as the “enemy”, US forces aided by the BBC – the mother of all deceptions – and US mass media have falsely and deliberately portrayed the victims of being “insurgents” and “terrorists”, and gave contradictory accounts of the massacre. But careful examination of these acts suggests deliberate acts of state terrorism to promote US interests......

Leading the misinformation propaganda campaign is President George W. Bush. In his news conference at the White House on 21 March 2006, Bush said: “It's -- confidence amongst the Iraqis is what is going to be a vital part of achieving a victory”, he said, “which will then enable the American people to understand that victory is possible. In other words, the American people will -- their opinions, I suspect, will be affected by what they see on their TV screens”......

The Bush’s line of distortion was repeated in Australia by Prime Ministers John Howard and Tony Blair. John Howard used no other media outlet than the ABC to tell Australians that; in Iraq, “I don't think things can be said to be getting worse. I think they can be said to be getting better”. Tony Blair used the Australian Parliament House to promote a relic colonial ideology of changing peoples’ culture and assimilate them into the Anglo-American culture through arms conquest and ultra-violence. “The last time we heard talk like this was from a former army corporal in Germany spea! king about the values of the Aryan race”, writes author Jeff Archer of Three years ago Tony Blair told the biggest lie of the century that Iraq could launch an attack on Britain using chemical and biological weapons within 45 minutes......

All the destruction and bloodshed is the result of a decision agreed upon by the three Anglo-American demagogues, and aided by an offensive misinformation propaganda campaign promoted by the mass media to justify war crimes on massive scale. Blair’s “battle for modernity” is a pretext for attacking Islam, which is identified in the West today as “Islamism”. For the three Anglo-American demagogues, “Islamism” writes, Professor Hamid Dabashi of Columbia University in New York; “is a US-sponsored propaganda gadget manufactured to generate and sustain an illusory enemy to justify warmongering and global domination”. In other words, a diet of distortion, fear and racism is fed to the public in order to provide justification for violent ideology.

The war which the three demagogues continue to promote is responsible for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children. It is responsible for the illegal mass arrest, imprisonment, torture, abuse and murder of thousands of innocents Iraqi men, women and children. The “democracy” and “freedom” that the three demagogues claim to be spreading around the world is the mask of war and ultra-violence. The three demagogues have one thing in common; to continue the current violence against! the Iraqi people.....

The US did not invade and destroyed Iraq for the sake of “democracy” and “freedom”. The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq is part of the US imperialist-Zionist ideology. The current US campaign is to divide Iraqis and prevent an Iraqi government of unity at all coast. As it is the case, there has been no government in Iraq since the invasion and the promotion of “civil war” has increased markedly.

The US-groomed puppet government is a propaganda tool. It is a façade designed to legitimise ongoing Occupation and cover up its associated crimes. It has no power and is unable to provide Iraqis with the minimum services required, let alone security. There is no national sovereignty under foreign occupation. Hence, the Iraqi people are struggling to free themselves from the Anglo-American-orchestrated Occupation and oppression...."


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