Useful Idiots

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Useful  Idiots
by John Otis   
January 2006 Voice of the  Real America No. 222   

Political correctness, perceived by many as a silly, ineffective shield meant to protect minorities from chauvinistic Western Man, is  more accurately a deadly noose around the neck of the entire Western  Gentile civilization. Gentiles who engage in PC are being “useful  idiots,” as they assist their enemies whose primary goal is to  totally wipe them out. Would a utopian world order prevent this from  happening? Not when the world order planners define “utopia” as a  place where Western Gentile civilization no longer exists.  It is commonly believed that the benefits, and indeed the purpose  of a world order is to prevent nations from warring against each other so as to bring peace, prosperity, freedom and harmony to the world. How nice.  The historical facts are in total variance. For hundreds of years, the same alliance, its descendants and allies – the prime aspirants who would control the world order – have also been the prime instigators of multi-millions of deaths and all the major wars. They regard these conflicts to be of such importance that, after setting them up, they often fund not just one but also the opposing forces. The logic behind this fact is linked to the same reason that political leaders seem to unreasonably never learn from history. In other words – many so-called “downfalls,” passed off as  unintended consequences have been deliberately planned.  Why? Because perpetual rule by the same alliance of power-elites requires “insurgencies” which must be financed. Revolutions generate blinded loyalists – or, “useful idiots,” of whom the increasingly greater part of the elite-controlled multitudes are comprised. The more “useful idiots” there are, the more powerful the alliance becomes, ensuring its continuous, ever-intensifying control.  It costs money, lots of money, to organize and manipulate  “successful” rebellions. The Russian proletariat did not suddenly  rise up in mob-like fury against the czars, as some pedagogues would  have their students believe. The Bolshevik Revolution was plotted.  It was in the works for years and fueled by the heirs, and some allies, of the Rothschild financial empire.

The Rockefeller financial empire, a subsidiary of, although dwarfed by, the House of  Rothschild, was (is) part of the alliance. The following are  excerpts from the book “Murder by Injection” by Eustace Mullins,  chapter 10:  “The involvement of the Rockefellers in promoting the world  Communist Revolution also developed from their business interests. .  . Congressional testimony revealed that [John D.] Rockefeller had sent large sums to Lenin and Trotsky to instigate the Communist Revolution of 1905. His banker, Jacob Schiff [agent of the House of  Rothschild]. . . had sent a personal emissary, George Kennan, to Russia to spend some twenty years in promoting revolutionary activity against the Czar.  “When the Czar abdicated, Trotsky was placed on a ship with three  hundred Communist revolutionaries from the Lower East Side of New York. Rockefeller obtained a special passport for Trotsky from Woodrow Wilson and sent Lincoln Steffens with him to make sure he was returned safely to Russia. For travelling expenses, Rockefeller placed a purse containing $10,000 in Trotsky’s pocket. . . Although  Communism, like other isms, had originated with Marx’s association with the House of Rothschild, it enlisted the reverent support of  John D. Rockefeller because he saw Communism for what it is, the ultimate monopoly, not only controlling the government, the monetary system and all property, but also a monopoly which, like the corporation it emulates, is self-perpetuating and eternal.”  But, there have been temporary setbacks, as follows. After  Lenin’s death, Stalin, a ruthless pragmatist, sensing the Bolsheviks’ plot to subsequently undermine his power as well as his nation’s sovereignty, attempted to get rid of the Bolsheviks. Many were purged but some escaped, among them his most influential threat and rival, Leon Trotsky, an obsessive adherent of a totalitarian socialist world government. While exiled in Mexico, Trotsky was  assassinated by one of Stalin’s henchmen who drove an ice pick into his skull. Some of the remaining Bolsheviks and their protégés, who  venerated the martyred Marxist, came to be known as Trotskyites.  Their contemporary counterparts have amended that label,  paradoxically, from Trotskyites to “neo-conservatives.”  Neo-conservatives are alien internationalists, disloyal to  America, and they are backed by the same sources who sponsored the Bolsheviks. Unlike the wicked but nationally loyal Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, America’s top leaders have betrayed the U.S., either allowing themselves to be extorted, or having been hand-picked from the extortionists’ own ranks.

The ‘60s and ‘70s revolution served as a continuation in the spread of a cultural form of Bolshevik Marxism. Only the names, places, time, and some lines of attack had changed. This designed cultural upheaval in America – whose victims were conditioned to believe it to be their own unique struggle for freedom – is adeptly exposed by William Lind  (  As Lind states, the progressive, enlightened way of being a “useful idiot” – as the Bolshevik leaders privately dubbed their  duped Gentile subordinates – is to be politically correct.

To  communicate using political correctness is to spread lies. To be politically correct, one conveys ideas that he knows to be false, expresses opinions with which he privately disagrees, and avers to so-called facts that he knows in his heart are unreal.

Tragically, many Americans – unable to recognize the deception – actually “believe” this nonsense, others at best treating PC as a joke. It is not funny. It is deadly. So, are not these American Gentiles behaving as “useful idiots,” the circulators of damaging lies? Is this not, as it was intended, a particularly useful aid to the alien impostors who are firmly entrenched in America’s institutions and government? How can a patriotic American feel comfortable while indulging in political correctness? Why would he even tolerate it?  Well, he tolerates it, no doubt for a variety of reasons, but  first and foremost, due to the most rudimentary of instincts: fear –  perhaps fear of a hate-crime indictment – often, by PC’s guiding  principles, a consequence of merely being honest. Woe to those who  defy PC criteria. For journalists, media personalities and politicians, to be PC is obligatory for those who value their careers, or, if high enough in profile, their lives.  What may be erroneously interpreted as not being politically correct, as expressed by some so-called partisan talk show hosts, is a very cleverly controlled pretext of opposition. As for the man on the street who does not wish to encounter this modern pillory of ridicule and demonization from his peers as well as his detractors, to practice PC is the easier, softer way. This act of self-preservation via PC, while supposedly “enlightening” the individual is, nevertheless, a lie that, rather than enlightening, is victimizing all of Western civilization.  History clearly affirms that “The suppression of all ‘great’ civilizations has occurred from within.” And, in accordance with the elitists’ plans, useful-idiot-conservatives, the flag-waving  neo-con/Zionist supporters, are fanning flames that are cooking the  goose that laid the golden egg. Meanwhile, useful-idiot-liberals, equipped with Orwellian Newspeak conditioning, which replaces “liberty” with “license,” have become slaves to their passions, or hedonistic “freedoms,” affecting the breakdown of the American family.  The family unit has been the backbone of all successful civilizations. This is merely another revolutionary click of the ratchet toward a world order, sponsored by the House of Rothschild and its allied subsidiaries. Alien impostors, agents of the alliance, have been working tirelessly, training America’s “useful  idiots” to fashion the USA into an overcooked, spineless remnant –  the ashes of what it had once been.  

John Otis can be contacted at:  jotis [at] sover [dot] net.

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