The Affirmative Will

Dear All,


I hope this finds each of you well and in good spirit.

 We have already learned that Prayer is the very essence of the Life Force that pervades the Universe and obeys God’s Laws. His Law of Retribution then, is infallible and cannot be broken – So love Him and then love Him some more. The more you love Him, the more He will love you back, pure and simple. The Force feeds off Love and will grow. Then you will feel His Presence.

 The following - “The Affirmative Will” is another prayer lesson from the Great Heavenly Teacher. It is also attached as a printer friendly Word document. I hope it will transform all of you into stronger Prayer Warriors for the sake of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

 While I have your attention, I want pass along a link that will make mailing the 440 members of Congress a little easier. You can print these mailing addresses on Avery 5160 labels (1” x 2 5/8”) (30 per sheet)

 I have also attached a copy of the Proclamation Letter with a cover letter for your convenience. Realizing that these elected officials have already seen the Proclamation Letter and will be tempted to trash another one, I thought I would grab their attention first and sneak the Proclamation in through the back door. I will pray to God that each of them will read the cover letter and then be enticed to read the Proclamation Letter (again?). When you do yours, maybe a similar cover letter with a different flavor will suffice.





The Affirmative Will (Confirming “Self” Discipline)

 The “Force of Love” lesson online at revealed to us “The Nature of ‘The Force’ of The Father and how to use it to repel (and defeat) the (d)evil in man.”

 We got further insight into God’s Force of Divine Power with Prayer Warriors (Know God’s Voice), a lesson also online at that revealed the domains of the ‘two’ voices. We learned that The Eye of the Soul is the mind’s eye where the Spirit of Christ dwells and controls the lives of those who invite Him in and do God’s will as required to keep Him in (control). Hopefully this lesson will teach you how to do just that – keep Christ in control. We begin this lesson from context taken from God Calling on September 12.

 The Eye of the Soul is the WILL. If your one desire is My Kingdom, to find that Kingdom, to serve that Kingdom, then truly shall your whole body be full of Light. This pretty much says it all. In other words, this powerful life-changing lesson is derived totally out of this one passage. What then, does it mean?

 To have “one desire” for God’s Kingdom means just that – staying focused 24 hours a day, every day on whatever it takes to find and serve and build God’s Kingdom on Earth. We have already learned from the previous lesson that we must pray to ONE GOD in SPIRIT and from OUR SPIRIT BEING.

  Now that we understand that the Eye of the Soul is the WILL and knowing that WILL simply means self-control or self-discipline, the Eleventh Commandment of the New Song makes perfect sense. - YOU shall love one another as much as I love you and in the same way - spiritually not physically - John 15 v 13. IF you DO this, ALL men will KNOW that you ARE my disciples and are exercising and learning "Self" discipline – Discipleship. The New Song can be studied online at

 So there you have it - exercising and learning “Self” discipline is in fact the same thing as confirming the Will of the Soul in a continual manner. Prayer then, should include our Affirmative Will along with our thanks that we offer to God. Furthermore, we should also include everything in prayer, per the Master, and according to the following -


8:98 Praying MEANS, talking to God, mentally (telepathically), 24 hours a day, EVERY day, and CONSULTING Him on EVERYTHING, and getting His guidance and help, to enable you to be able to DO His Will (Sura 42:38)(Ephesians 6:18 & 1st. Thess. 5:17).

 8.99 Initially, it will be a conscious effort, but eventually, when you have had enough practice, it will become as natural and unconscious an effort, as breathing.

8:100 If you are not actually talking, you must still continue to listen, and acknowledge His presence, and the contact, keeping the line open. The moment you break, or allow the contact to be broken, you are allowing an opening for Satan to use, and he will “jump straight-in with both feet.” From The Way home or face The Fire, by JAH, free download online at,

 The following is my Affirmative Will. Feel free to add to them or tweak them to suit your own personal needs and goals. Enjoy and God bless.


 My Affirmative Will (All is Well)

The Eye of the Soul is the mind’s eye where man “sees” (not imagines) and understands all that is right, from all that is wrong. This then, is where the Spirit of Christ dwells and controls the lives of those who invite Him in and do God’s Will, as required to keep Him in (control).

 The Eye of the Soul is the WILL. If your one desire is My Kingdom, to find that Kingdom, to serve that Kingdom, then truly shall your whole body be full of Light.

 I will do the will of God. I will obey and recite twice daily, God’s 12 Commandments. I will learn the New Song. I will rise above the death and destruction of Earth’s final cleansing and return home with Christ to my true family and friends.

All is well. I will continue to enjoy Peace and Joy in Jesus, by praying continuously. I will seek to dwell evermore in His presence. Faith is too priceless a possession to be sacrificed in order to dwell elsewhere. I will find Perfect Love knowing that The Lord is my Comforter and Refuge

I will not fear anybody or anything. I will not fear that neither my Faith nor Christ will ever fail me. I will not fear of poverty or loneliness. I will not fear of not knowing the way. I will not fear the misunderstanding of others.

I will not judge nor will I comment on the actions of others. I will not seek the babble of the world lest my Guide flees, and the protective Force around me dissipates. It is crucial therefore, that I will not complain to anyone about anything.

I will deny the “Self” continuously while staying focused on The Force and thanking God for His Light, His Wisdom, His Grace, and His Righteousness.

I will seek to rest and live in God’s secret place. I will keep time apart with Him as necessary for renewal. I will be quiet. I will be still, and in that very stillness, my strength will come and be maintained. It is not the hearing as much as being in His Presence and knowing that all is well.




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