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To All,

I hope this finds you all well and in good spirit.

For some time I have understood what Jesus said regarding His return.., "you are either with Me or against Me".

The "little book" [of Revelations 10 - "The Way Home or face The Fire";] FULLY explains who we are and why we are here. The Seals have been opened.

We are the "fallen angels" that rebelled against God and after losing we agreed to be sent here to this prison planet for the CRIMINALLY INSANE. We can be rehabilitated but we remain creatures/beings with free-will choice.., meaning.., we can STILL choose our errant, DISOBEDIENT ways/behavior. You can CHOOSE to believe this or not.

Everyone here [save JAH, Who has been sent, just as Father/God PROMISED { Malachi 4:5}, to help us in these LAST DAYS {because God is merciful}] is guilty of TREASON against God and is under the death sentence/penalty.

The definition of insanity = BELIEVING lies to be The Truth.

So what is the lie we all believe? We believe we are humans. Even though we parrot back what churches have taught us..? FEW know they are BEINGS/spirits/souls "locked" in human, animal bodies [that will die and be "recycled"] and are here suffering the consequences of their/our WRONG CHOICE [i.e "The Fall"/rebellion to God].

I have been a product of this culture/society and I understand we are the "sum total" of our experiences. I understand I was "programmed" to believe in a god [taught by STATE religions] and country and the U.S. CON-stitution. But I am also a SEEKER and basically.., NOTHING made sense to me in this life. Purpose..? what did that mean? I knew I hadn't found it for all my searching. And just whose god was it being sold to me [that I NEVER bought] wrapped in "christian religion"?

I learned about the fraud of the income tax in the 1990's. After years of petitioning, my journey led me into Washington, D.C. where I engaged in a "fast until death" with Bob Schulz in July of 2001. That exercise was done in an attempt to get government to ANSWER per our First Amendment "guarantee". I learned many things from that exercise. One of the biggest lessons learned was; THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN. For all the eloquent words of the CON-stitution and Bill of Rights..? when tested..? they were/are meaningless. They are just EMPTY words.

With my back up against my own personal "Red Sea" [having no other place to go/turn to] I wrote my affidavit and basically told government they may as well come and kill me quick because I was/am all done trading paperwork with them and I wasn't about to let them send me to one of their prisons because I patiently and intelligently asked them questions they REFUSED to answer.

My affidavit found its way to JAH Who wrote and patiently asked me if He could point something out regarding my affidavit. I didn't know Who He was and thought, why not? JAH pointed out that in my affidavit I said I would live under my God's Laws AND the Constitution and Bill of Rights AS INTENDED [because I felt I was like most other "patriots" out there believing I was a God-fearing, red-blooded American thinking/believing we had drifted away from the founding fathers intent]. JAH wrote back and said, "You can't do both". I was confused. I was taught the founding fathers were spiritual men and had wisely framed up God's Laws within the U.S. CON-stitution. JAH wrote back and said.., "the American, revered constitution was/is a CON". This, of course, took me back but I was open-minded and from experience KNEW.., I/we had been lied to but didn't really understand how slick had been the deception.

JAH asked me to read Deuteronomy 4:2. I did. God is VERY plain about His Laws for this planet. Then JAH asked me to read Matthew 5:17 and 18. There it was again, plain as day for anyone to read. THE Law stands. So what are we doing with 2 and 1/2 million man-made-up, anti-God, color-of-law, laws born of a CON-stitution? I "GOT IT". INDEED.., we have all been lied to. To REMEDY all of our problems we simply have to return to God's Laws and ONLY His Laws.., JUST AS WE WERE/ARE TOLD/COMMANDED.

But what does any of this have to do with "Truth Talk Radio"?

Please be patient.., I am getting there.

I came to see the futility of revolve-olutions and wars. I understood selfishness and greed were/are the driving forces that finally divide the haves and the have-nots. The have-nots will, when they have nothing else to lose, rise up in BLOODY revolve-olution and over-throw the "halves".., BUT HAVE THEY.., REALLY??  

I came to understand, "the more things change; the more they stay the same" and "meet the new boss; same as the old boss" [just like at the end of "The Devil's Advocate" {the devil just changed faces}].

It is all about ego and like a chameleon.., the ego will change to adapt so "it" can survive. The have-nots are the "want-to-be" [wannabes/future] haves. Once in power.., they eventually take on the persona/SAME SPIRIT of the former "haves" [i.e. "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" BECAUSE OF EGOTISM]. So what we end up with is the platform for the NEXT revolve-olution with nothing really changing. IT IS ALL THEATER. IT IS ALL THEATER. IT IS ALL THEATER.

JAH asked me to read "THE PLAN" @   Two pages in I remember thinking, "Who is this man"? It were as though He had lived my life and KNEW my most inner thoughts/feelings. By the time I finished all 80+ pages of "THE PLAN".., I KNEW I had FINALLY FOUND what I was looking for.., TRUE REMEDY. THE ONLY REMEDY that could possibly work. It was/is so COMMON SENSE simple. ENFORCE "THE PLAN" and return to God's Laws.

Once I "GOT IT" I became a FULL-TIME advocate for God. Has this cost me? Absolutely. ALL forsook me. Wife, family and best friends.
King of kings’ Bible - Luke 14:26 If any [man] come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own (human) life also, he can NOT be my disciple.
14:27 And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, can NOT be my disciple.

Now, to digress; for a little while after the D.C. exercise I was being asked to speak at different forums and on "truth talk radio" but I declined. I was confused and felt I had nothing constructive to add. My belief system/world had been shattered.., AGAIN. What could I tell other "concerned citizens"..? we "petitioned" at the highest level with a life and death commitment and discovered THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN?? I certainly didn't have the answer/remedy.., and KNEW IT.

But then, God, THROUGH JAH revealed The Truth to me. NOW I had something of value to say. I got on some "Truth Talk Radio" shows and at one point, on air, Joyce Riley of "The Power Hour" said, " I know who you are.., we have to have you on!"  It never happened. Why, I wondered? It wasn't long and I was no longer being asked onto hardly any "Truth Talk Radio" shows. It were as though I had been "black-balled". Now and then I would get asked but as happened recently.., the host hung up on me when he said, "if you were president..? what would you do?"  I said, "get rid of the CON-stitution and its 2 and 1/2 million color-of-law, laws and return to God's Laws".  Shortly after that.., CLICK - BUZZZ right in mid-sentence. One would have thought I had cursed God or strung a group of four letter expletives together.

So why is that, I wondered?

We know CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, ALL the mainstream press is "spin". But what about Rush Limbaugh or Fox news with Bill O'Rielly or Sean Hannity? Are they telling us THE TRUTH.., really? Okay. So some of you have "seen" through that ploy/distraction/theater and have seen it is a more APPEALING looking package but it is STILL the same wine in a different bottle.

Ah, so now you believe you have arrived at the hard-core truth with "Truth Talk Radio" shows like Alex Jones' infowars or Dave von Kliest and Joyce Reilly's "Power Hour" or Jeff Rense or John Statmiller or whomever? No. It is still the same whore in a different gown. ALL [regardless if it is mainstream or "alternative"] news media outlets on this entire planet BELIEVE they are sincerely fighting for the right side. They are all wrong. ALL!!!  THROW God's Law and "THE PLAN" at them and just watch what happens. No.., DEEP in their hearts they don't WANT REAL change [for it means THEY must TRULY CHANGE.., FIRST]. "They" want to be the next set of "leaders". They want to show everyone they were/are right. "They" want to be the other half that drives the revolve-olution wheel. Why do you suppose NONE of them can unite? Why do you suppose there is all the in-fighting in the "non-moving freedom movement"? It is because they have found their god and it is THEM!! If they "got it".., they would be over here with me PROMOTING God's PLAN.., NOT THEIR OWN [which usually is nothing more than the "let's get back to the CON-stituion" theme]. I tell you there isn't even one that says plainly.., RETURN TO AND ENFORCE GOD'S LAWS AND ONLY HIS LAWS.., not even "pastor" Butch Paugh or "pastor" Daniel Johns or "pastor" Chuck Baldwin, or "pastor" Tex Marrs, etc.., NOT ONE.

Have you not noticed..? ALL "truth talk radio" hosts like to carry on about how bad things are and are getting.., BUT.., NONE offer a TRUE REMEDY? They talk about "petitioning" [which has been PROVEN to NOT WORK]. They talk about "grass roots". They talk about how YOU should run for congress. They talk about fixing the corrupt voting system. They talk about "fixing" the supreme court. They talk about anything and all things that have been PROVEN to NOT WORK over centuries. But talk about them fighting their own beast within [i.e. "cast the beam out of thine own eye"] so they can TRULY FIGHT for God to establish His Kingdom with His Laws..?  and just watch what happens.

I often ask people WHY they think "petitioning" [what they KNOW to be a corrupt government] will work? Isn't it akin to asking "the Don" [of the mafia] to quit extorting you once you realize the protection racket is a racket [one pays for protection FROM those who are claiming to protect you]? Government is the epitome of organized crime. The ULTIMATE "protection" racket.

So with that said.., I see a little of my own insanity. What makes me think "truth talk radio" will want to talk with me? Am I not asking the next [wannabe] tyrants [in the form of "truth talk show hosts"] to expose themselves? Aren't the truth talk show hosts born of the same ego we all suffer with.., trying to be gods/saviors?

Of course there is the argument; "but I am doing God's Work..! I am helping to expose the truth". Really? Then WHY are things getting worse? IT IS ALL THEATER. "Truth Talk Radio" has a different stage and more appealing "actors" for its audience but it is the same whore in a different gown.

My job is so very simple. All I have to do is present what God has given JAH and THROUGH JAH to me. One either recognizes THE SOURCE or one does not. No "close" for me in this "sale".

But then you say.., what about Christ? Is JAH by-passing Christ? I say to you.., study Scripture and ask God because if I tell you.., you won't believe me. As it is.., most of you won't believe we are REALLY in "The End Times". Most of you won't believe me enough to go and READ FOR YOURSELVES, "THE PLAN" or "The Way Home or face The Fire" even though both works are provided now for FREE. What else can God do for you/us?

God gave Moses "THE Law"/ His Laws [if we are to be His people] as a "schoolmaster" to bring us to Christ/His Son/The Light/The Word. He then sent us His Son so we could "see" His Law being lived BY EXAMPLE.., the Spiritual aspect of His Laws. Have we listened, learned and OBEYED? Just look at the world and you have your answer.  

And now we are in "The End Times"..,  just as prophesied. And just as promised.., He has sent us Elijah/JAH. But will we listen to Him? I tell you.., WOE unto this stiff-necked generation. We have been warned over and over but WE WILL NOT LISTEN. That, of course, has to do with your own free-will choice. You are being warned again.., RIGHT NOW. Will you listen? MOST of you won't and for you.., I have NO COMPASSION. You will get what you deserve.., we all will, whether it be reward or punishment.

And last.., you might angrily think, "who does this guy think he is?" Actually.., I am a nobody. I am just like you.., here under the death sentence. But I have chosen to work as hard as I can to find others who can hear The Voice of their Master and want also to help build God's Kingdom here on Earth. What about you? What do you want? God's Kingdom or the anti-God U.S. CON-stitution with its insanity of 2 and 1/2 million anti-God, color-of-law, laws??   CHOICE. It is ALWAYS about and is your choice. I can only hope you are ready to realize you made a STUPID CHOICE long ago and are now ready to own up to it and CHOOSE wisely this time for this is your/our last chance.  

Long live The Fighters (for God),
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