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From: Roland Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 21:01:10 -0500
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Subject: Re: Old Right Minuteman Project Pushes Back

Dear Lisa and Victor,

I hope this finds you both well and in good spirit.

Roland here. You may remember.., over a year ago [just before I went down to meet Chris Simcox [in Tombstone] , and Jack Foote [of Ranch Rescue in Douglas, AZ], you graciously allowed me a few minutes on your radio program. My issue that night was [and still is]; "it's all about allegiance".

I read Victor's piece and I couldn't agree more.., ACCEPT for one thing. It won't work [the way it is presented].

Victor is condoning violence. One may argue he isn't but once EVERY peaceful form of "pushing back" has been exhausted and one discovers THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN.., one realizes violence is inevitable.

For what it is worth.., I see MANY difficulties with the non-moving, freedom movement. To begin with.., it is fragmented. Different "leaders"/ego's, with a few followers, are fighting on many different fronts. The "leaders"/ego's WILL NOT "lay down their cause" [and who could argue their "cause" isn't righteous?] long enough to get together with other "leaders"/ego's and discuss WHY it is none of them are making any REAL progress [while the NWOdor people and their agenda is MOVING forward at political lightspeed]. THAT, to me, is a huge problem. The freedom community is without funds, is unorganized and have to deal with a logistical nightmare because they are spread out ALL over Amerika [just ask Rick Stanley about his failed attempt to organize those who had, "had enough" and wanted to "push back"].

You may or may not know.., after my fast until death with Bob Schulz in D. C. and our failure to get "government" to respond.., I wrote and submitted my [public] affidavit [to President Shrub and all my congress-critters] and basically [like William Wallace of "Braveheart"] went out to "pick a fight". I'd sooner we just "get it on" because I will live free or die. I spiritually, mentally and physically prepared myself for an IRS siege and death [because I KNEW NO ONE has ever won in a siege situation and I knew I would not be "rescued" "by the people" [it would be another Waco ]. That just about did it for my wife. She could no longer bear the path I'd chosen. I had had enough and was ready to "push back". I understood then and still understand GOVERNMENT IS FORCE.., VIOLENT FORCE.

But, I was shown a better, smarter way. What if there had been a siege., until my death [because I was not about to back down - I KNEW what I was starting]? Would I not be "taken off the battlefield"? What good could I do anyone if my body were killed?

In my opinion.., we must UNDERSTAND our situation.., and what is our situation?

What I am about to say may sound very confusing but please bear with me. It is EXTREMELY important we understand what I will call revolve-olution. There are ALWAYS "two engines" that drive a revolve-olution; the oppressors and the oppressed OR we can call them the "haves and have nots".

This tyrannical whore we call "democracy" is wearing a different gown [as opposed to a monarchy] but it is STILL a wolf in sheep's clothing. Those BEHIND the "social engineering", driving us to violence, understand THERE MUST BE REVOLVE-OLUTION.., the APPEARANCE of "change" between the "haves and have nots". "Order out of chaos." The "have nots" WANNABE the "haves". "They" are also our next set of tyrants/useful idiots and the seeds for the next revolve-olution.

The root word in revolution is REVOLVE. In other words.., we are collectively SO stupid.., WE DON'T LEARN. Have a "revolve-olution" and 200 years from now we will be doing the same thing AND NOTHING WILL HAVE REALLY CHANGED.

It is "human nature". Power corrupts [because "humans" are an insecure, selfish, greedy lot] and absolute power.., corrupts absolutely. It is ALWAYS just a matter of time and we are collectively RIGHT BACK WHERE WE STARTED.

The ultra-rich UNDERSTAND the "human nature" and let us go through this never-ending process of killing each other off whilst they sit and sip tea. They literally pay one half of the "useful idiots" to kill off the other half of the not so useful, "useless eaters". What "stands behind" the ultra-rich is EVIL. "They" play both sides of the chessboard.

IF the "activist"/"patriot"/"freedom fighter" EVER gets around to realizing for him or her "self" the futility of fighting on "their chessboard".., THEN they may be ready to learn a better way of fighting.., EFFECTIVELY. BUT, the activist"/"patriot"/"freedom fighter" MUST awaken to the game and GET OFF THEIR CHESSBOARD.

So how does this tie in with ALLEGIANCE? And here is where many get confused.., BOTH SIDES THINK THEY ARE RIGHT when in actuality BOTH SIDES ARE WRONG. I cannot ally/give my allegiance to either side. I give my allegiance to God and setting up/returning to His Laws and ENFORCING those Laws.., establishing His Kingdom. I am not an oppressor and I certainly don't want to be oppressed BUT.., I have been shown The Way to fight so that I do NOT end up the oppressor.., EVER [the other half of the REVOLVE-OLUTION wheel].

Neither side [oppressive government nor "subject citizens"] UNDERSTANDS the root of our problem. The ROOT IS the human half of the "human + being".

The human, ego driven "god-self" BELIEVES "it" knows better than God how to run this planet [a planet, I might add, that is for the CRIMINALLY INSANE - those who WILL NOT obey God and OBSERVE His Laws - THE ONLY LEGAL LAWS FOR THIS PLANET {so they make up their own under a CON-stitution}]. There are approximately 6.4 BILLION people/egos on this planet ALL believing they are right. As the song rightly states, "Nobody's right when everybody's wrong."

THE ONLY WAY to end REVOLVE-olutions is to OVERCOME/KILL OFF the ego self. BECOME NOTHING before God. This is NOT an EASY THING for it requires submitting the flesh/"human" to a fast [as demonstrated by Jesus], by you/the soul/BEING until you/the being/soul have WILLINGLY overpowered your ego-self and allow God to take control of you/the being/the soul so he can ACT through you and your body into the world. [Jesus said, "I and My Father are One". We must also return to and BECOME One with Them.]

It is written "THY Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven". OBVIOUSLY, we [collectively] are NOT living God's Will [again.., as demonstrated by His Son] or this would be a planet FULL of God's Love and His Peace.

I now understand WHY REVOLVE-olutions are played out. I also understand WHY I KNEW Amerikans would not have "risen up" to "save me" had I come under a governmental "siege".

NO ONE "believes" they are the "bad guy". Are you, the soul, "locked" in a body?? Then you are one of the "bad guys.., NO MATTER what gown you are wearing [oppressor or oppressed]. If one WILL NOT OVERCOME their ego-self OPERATING THROUGH the flesh.., then they remain on the ultra-rich, evil chessboard playing at a game that can NEVER be won and are at enmity with God.

"Patridiots" and just plain idiots are waiting for someone else to do what they themselves must DO. Ruby Ridge has PROVEN John Q. Citizen cannot UNITE. Waco has PROVEN John Q. Citizen cannot UNITE. Oklahoma City has PROVEN John Q. Citizen cannot UNITE and 9-1-1 has PROVEN John Q. Citizen cannot UNITE. Amerikans CANNOT UNITE. "They" are SUBJECT to their "beast within". They are subject to the "survival instinct" of the beast [both within and without]. "They" either "see" government as their god [or gods by THINKING they "elect" their government] or decide they should be government/god [via REVOLVE-olution].

I/We seek those who are at that place of understanding what is written here. I am not alone. Souls around the world are AWAKENING to the no-win game they have been pawns of all their lives and are learning how to "push back" without getting their body killed off [so they can stay on the battlefield and EFFECTIVELY FIGHT EVIL - so God's Kingdom, under God's Laws can be established - a society of VOLUNTEER SOCIALISM {i. e. "Love thy neighbor AT LEAST as much as you love yourself."} ].

So, to me.., it is all about ALLEGIANCE. I have NO DOUBT we are in The End Times. Stupid revolve-olutions are about to be brought to an end by God THROUGH His Chosen [people].., those who have been shown and "see" the revolve-olution game. They/We are the Fighters for God. Jesus said that when He returned if you didn't have a sword you had better sell something and get one. He also said you'd either be with Him or against Him. A FIGHT/WAR is coming but the first war everyone needs to fight and WIN is the battle within.

I cannot and WILL not ally myself to foolish males trying to return us to an already failed, man-made CON-stitution. Evil is rising up. Satan wishes to come out-of-the-closet. His minions call Satan's form of world governance the New World Order. Satan, operating through his ultra-rich and their minions [be they bureaucrats in an office or {man-made} "law enforcement officers"] are "going for it all". A cataclysmic clash is coming between God/good and Satan/evil. It is ALL about allegiance. You may THINK you are on God's/Jesus' side in this, "for all the marbles" contest/war but if you are not WILLING to OVERCOME your ego self and FIGHT to re-establish God's Laws.., the ONLY LEGAL Laws for this entire planet.., then you are mistaken. I'd rather not be this blunt but now is not the time to allow for any misinterpretation/misunderstanding.

For those who read this and think.., hmmm.., maybe there is something to what Roland is saying.., PLEASE go to http://www.i.am/jah/plan.htm and read the entire document - WITHOUT SKIP READING. May I strongly suggest.., DO THE WORK. It's important.

Long live The Fighters [for God], Roland

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