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From: Roland Croteau

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To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Many of you have been with me for some time now. I hope the messages and forwards I send have been and are helpful.

Today I would like to share with you some of my thoughts regarding The Work I do.

As most of you know, I have taken the road less travelled but I should like to report.., it has been more than worth it. I have finally been shown "The Way" and because I have been willing to FOLLOW "The Way", I've been given The Work. What is that Work? To help you to find "The Way" so that you may help others to find "The Way".

In your minds eye.., see if you can't a community of 100 souls all loving each other AT LEAST as much as they love themselves. Now "see" yourself in trouble and your other 99 spiritual brothers and sisters coming to your aid BECAUSE they love you AT LEAST as much as they love themselves. Would they not do for you "willingly" AT LEAST what they would do for themselves to help get themselves "back on their feet"? What kind of world would that be? How advanced would we be? Hard to fathom in this world isn't it? BUT, THAT is the Kingdom of Heaven.., "SELFLESS-NESS".

see "The Divine in Me"

I have forsaken ALL my former relationships who would not or could not come forward with me into this yet, unseen world. I have walked away from a pretty much idyllic life and have put all that I (supposedly) own on the line to come find you. I have either lost my mind or have willingly accepted The Love, Light and Correction of my Father in Heaven and am learning to let His will live through me. I say it is the latter for it is not I who do this Work but The Spirit of The Son, given by my Father that is Living and Growing in me that does The Work.

The hour is late. I seek my other spiritual brothers and sisters. Are you one? If not.., do you want to be one?

"See" if you can't "see" a world where EVERYONE loves Father (God) ABOVE all and consequently, having Father's love in them, love their neighbor AT LEAST as much as themselves. Can you honestly say you could lay your life down for a loved one? But go one step further.., did not Jesus lay His life down for us.., His enemies? He came into this world of sin and hate to show us "The Way" out. And He did it BY EXAMPLE. We MUST become ONE with Him and be an EXTENSION of that example life. Indeed, we must learn to lay down our burdens and pick up our own cross and learn WHAT that means. I have traded ALL in this world because I have finally found "The Real".., God. I do not wish to lose my soul. THAT is REAL also.

If you were in The Presence of Christ this very moment, how would you treat Him? He was/is the example of HOW we must be. Did He not wash the feet of His disciples to be as an EXAMPLE? I should like to treat you as I would treat Christ.., with love, respect, total honesty, graciousness, patience, courtesy and gladness (to name a few attitudes). Should you not be the same way with me and ALL you come in contact with? Are we all not neighbors on this planet?

If we all treated each other this way.., would we need guns to "defend" ourselves from each other? Would we even need locks on our doors? Can you not "see" that world? I can. I can "see" "THY Will be done on EARTH as it is in Heaven."

A fellow recently said to me he could never see a world without egotistical men and women. He lives in this hell and is an unwitting extension of this hell we call planet Earth. His personal hell will continue because he can't or won't see his own egotism. Pride.

Another on this list has decided he has had enough of his own selfishness and wishes to become a Brother in Christ with me. He has begun his fast.., the beginning of the end for his ego-self. I know the peace and joy that waits for him. A peace and joy no man can describe with words. I know what he is going through is hard but have you EVER appreciated anything that came to you easy? Didn't it have much more value when you earned it? And that is just in the material realm.

FEW ever look past the material. They have their reward. Too bad they can never see it is VERY temporary.

The "patriot, non-moving freedom movement" can't or won't see their egotism. "THEY" ARE the enemy (as well as government). "Same whore; different gown." They cannot unite under God's Banner. Their BIG, FAT EGO's keep them divided. EVERY ego "sees" itself as a god.., and "gods" can never be wrong. Right? Is that not the case in the "patriot community"? EVERY "patriot leader" is SURE he/she has the right way to fight. Their particular battle IS the MOST important.., we should all JOIN them. WRONG! Unwittingly they are the other half of the revolution wheel (all the while BELIEVING they are doing God's work). And that is too bad in my opinion because most of them are intelligent organizers and could be really helpful.., BUT, not with their PRIDE in the way.

So I continue to search. You are out there like I was.., suffocating under the insanity of it all.., trying to understand. If you are like me.., you will recognize sanity when you see it (remember.., most of the world thought Jesus was insane). There is sanity and because I am willing to FOLLOW "The Way" as taught by The Christ, incarnated into a flesh and blood body (Jesus), I am becoming sane.., and I'm liking it. :-)

So I am in hopes you are getting ready to find and then FOLLOW "The Way". When Jesus said, "I am THE Way".., He wasn't kidding. There is ONLY One Way (if there was another He would have shown us by LIVING it). I know.., I believe I tried about a kabillion other "ways" (oh, okay.., that number is probably a LITTLE exaggerated :-).

Again, I hope these thoughts have been helpful. Do not be afraid. Learn "The Way". It won't kill you. It will kill off the "not you".., ego-selfish you and lead the real spiritual, light-being you to TRUE, Eternal Life.

Long live The Fighters,


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