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To All,
  I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirit.

  Another fellow is looking to find "The Way". I've not included his name but the following is an exchange between he and I, I hope youwill find helpful.

  Wittingly or unwittingly we have encouraged each other in wrong behavior. The very thought of a (target date) 40 day fast TERRIFIES the ego-self. Observe your own thinking at the mere mention (in your brain) you might one day want to do it. WATCH  for all of the excuses that pop up. Doesn't it make sense to encourage one another to get past the doubt stages.., encouraging a behavior to emulate The Christ?? The following is my encouragement to a fellow seeker. I hope that in some way he finds these words helpful and you do to.


Dear Everybody,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Thank you for your kind message below and update.

Having read "The Way Home or face The Fire" (and witnessed by your own common-sense observations in life), you are aware the soul in a woman's body does not do very well spiritually. Actually, it is very simple. In the order to things (as they are supposed to be) God is Almighty (The Fountain head), then The Christ/Word/Light, then man was created and AFTER that.., the woman. In The Garden, the COMMANDment (not a "request") was given to Adam, from Adam to the woman. She failed to OBEY her "higher authority".., AND Adam (you and me) FAILED to obey his/our "Higher Authority".

We are here for voluntary rehab. The soul in the male body must learn to obey Father..., willingly (no griping.., ever.., really) and the woman must learn to obey (willingly, no griping.., ever.., really) themale authority in her life whether it be husband or son (or whomever).If the soul in the female body won't learn that lesson of humility..,(will she be CORRECTED?) how can it progress? Is the opposite of humility arrogance?? Can we possibly believe there is ANY ego-arrogance in The Kingdom? How many souls in either male or female bodies do you know who are WILLING to give up their ego-selves?  Exactly.  That is most unfortunate but that IS the way it IS. We all have free-will choice. I realize you love your mom but I am wondering if you are spiritually looking PAST the female body/mom trappings? As you know.., she gave your physical body birth but that is it. She is NOT your (the REAL spirit-being you) creator (I believe you know that).

I'm glad to hear you have not given up on your fast. Perhaps you are now (or will soon be) ready. We must make haste slowly. There isn't much time left. I also believe you understand the importance of the fast. It IS the bridge we must cross (Rite of Passage - as some may want to call it) to get to the "other side". There is no other bridge over. Had there been some other way.., Jesus would have shown us. When you/we enter the fast with the right attitude.., The Force will be with you/us until the end.

I hope you find this helpful.

P.S. I hope you don't mind.., I'll cc this to Richard.

On Saturday, October 18, 2003

Dear Roland.   
Thank you for your continuousinspiring
messages. Please keep onsending them.
As for my mom she is feelingfine physically
but not doing well spiritually. I know that I
will need to do the Fast inthe near future.
I will need the help of the Force and the
prayers of the Master and yourself and
also all the brothers in the Lord.
      Your brother in the Lord
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