Something VERY important to be aware of

Greetings to All,

I hope you are well and in good sprit.
I should like to share with you something that took years for me to understand. I present this in hopes that having this information you should avoid this very devastating pitfall on your path towards The Father/Light.
To begin with, I hope you all understand that you are a soul/spiritual-being locked inside a human body that is expendable. We are to learn lessons for rehabilitation whilst in the body, through life experiences. Different from "public skool".., if we don't learn the lessons.., we don't get passed on. And this semester (on planet earth) is just about to close (we think of them as "The End Times").

What I present is knowledge of truth.
Who you really are is a "being" whose consciousness has been diminished to a sleep-state (for lack of better words) because of sin - (not obeying Father) and that unaware consciousness/soul is woven into every fiber and molecule of the human animal body you are inside of. You/we have been lost and our awareness has been so low.., we didn't even know it.
Satan has you believing you are human (the animal/ego-self) and even has us mouthing the "words" that we are souls that will one day leave the body, but those are just words being repeated that were taught to us (the ego/brain-self) that we don't understand.
All animals have brains and they learn. Our bodies have brains and they learn. Put your body's hand on a hot stove and it gets burned.., chances are it won't do that again. Animals do what they are programmed to do (fight or flight = survival). When they kill they have done nothing wrong. They are just surviving. Whilst "lost"/unconscious in the human animal self we respond like animals. We respond to pleasure and pain. We struggle to survive in a "dog-eat-dog world". We are as animals, in a "rat-race". But we are taught we are more than that. Do we really understand what "more" means?
We blunder along in life. We try everything we can to "try and be somebody". We dive into experience.., anything to "feel alive". We are emotion-driven and we will do anything for that ego-high. We NEED to get ABOVE that "dog" next to us, if we are to survive (or so we are taught to think by the Deceiver/Devil who uses this tactic to divide and conquer us).
Finally, after enough years of "experience" and trying everything ONLY TO DISCOVER nothing satisfies.., nothing fulfills.., many of us reach out for "religion". Now it starts getting really tricky.
The ego is still looking to be "superior", even if it is in its own, intellectual/ brain thinking ( you know, " a legend in its own mind?"). So it goes to "church" and finds other "like-minded" people. (The alcoholic often goes to bars.) They tell you you must be "born again" and accept Christ into your heart. You're ready. It makes sense. So you study and study and go to church like a good little boy or girl and then one day you have an emotional/religious experience. You break down in tears. You can see what a sinner you've been.., you ask Jesus into your heart AND "YOU ARE SAVED".     NOT!!!!!
That is the mimic and merely another layer of deception. Satan has used religions for centuries to suck you into believing you have "found God".
He uses knowledge OF truths to do the same thing.
The ego-self operates through your animal brain thinking. It "reasons" (actually excuses and justifies) for you and gives you answers. If you are one of those "emotional/religious born-again people", your ego-self will study "The Word" of God/Bible non-stop and probably get very good at repeating/parroting verse and chapter. Without you realizing it AGAIN.., you become further deceived and a greater fool and hypocrite. To maintain hypnotic "christianity" you will need to continue reading The Bible (for your daily "fix") and/or continue in your "church" affiliation (to support your very shaky "belief system". Take those things away and once again.., the truth about who you really are (actually this should probably read, "aren't") surfaces AGAIN.
If you have been through and survived that stage of deception.., hopefully, you are still seeking.
One day you will have a "moment of truth". If you are really a seeker your ego will see that brush with truth as devastating, but the real you recognizes The Real. If you are still locked into your ego-self.., you will run like hell from the truth of ego-self and work very hard at distracting yourself, so as to drown out any possibility of experiencing that again. Many people become "christian patriots". From that lofty ego-perch they can sit and judge all the wrong in the world. They blather a lot and even appear to be doing good .., BUT so do bureaucrats. They are "the same whore in a different gown".
But WHEN you have that first conscious "moment of truth".., if you will not (spiritually) run away and instead bear the pain of "seeing".., Father via The Light (His Son/Sun) will show you more. Slowly but surely He will feed you, until He knows you can bear being repented without it killing you right off.
If you survive that, you will be led to another level. You will come to see you have been lost in your human animal brain thinking and have been tricked all of your life by Satan. If you see that and just admit the truth you will see that the ego/pride self has "got to go". It is arrogant, full of self and truly believes "it" is God.
Your awareness (Light in you) hopefully continues to grow and you realize just how powerful and deceptive is the ego-self as a "change-agent for Satan". It is a spiritual war that you can't win on your own for you see that "of yourself you can do nothing". Your soul cries out to Father for help but what you get back is not what the ego-self was hoping for (some easy way out of its self-induced pain). The ego-self; living in the animal brain of the human animal you are inside of; acting through the animal body "sees" physical food as life.., required for its survival. "It" has had control of you through the physical/animal/emotional self (notice your relationship to food) and tells you you have to eat at least 3 times a day (big meals or relatively smaller amounts more frequently to survive, for those of you who think.., "that's not me").., the liar.
At this point, hopefully, your real self (the spirit-being) is shown how to reverse the situation so you can get control of "it" rather than "it" of you. The knowledge of how to do that is the 40 day water fast Jesus taught by example. The hard part is in the doing because the ego-self will do EVERYTHING in its power to prevent you from taking that next crucial step. But if you become determined and DO (and you will feel the birthing pains).., out the other side.., the real spirit you can be born.
The spirit you has "spiritual" eyes and ears to hear AND a spiritual mind. We were told, that "Lest a man be born again in spirit, in no wise can he enter the Kingdom of Heaven". We are also told that, "Your minds (not your human brains) shall be renewed from WITHIN".
The ego-brain self is VERY clever as a change-agent for Satan. So long as you are in that state, Satan will use everything to keep you asleep to the truth. It can and will use "words of truth" to deceive. Often they are right out of The Bible. "It" will appear as an angel of light. But now you have been warned and know what to look for and how sneaky your enemy is. Your enemy is Satan and he is using your animal/ego/brain-self body against you making your body your own enemy and weapon of choice ("The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak."), which is why Jesus told you to crucify it daily, until it is dead.
Understand.., if you love this life.., you WILL lose the other (eternal life). If you love that body you are walking around in, (more than God and Truth) then your ego-self makes it your god and you lose sight of The Great Commandment.
Males and females work at putting off the inevitable.., age. They take vitamins, they run off to gymnasiums and spas. They color their hair. They go on diets. They get face-lifts. They put on more and more make-up. They buy clothes to try and cover/hide their fat drooping bodies. Vanity. All vanity. But he, the liar takes a truth and twists it and tells you it is a temple for God, so you are justified in your vanity. That is Satan talking to you through that dumb animal human brain of yours.
Stop distracting yourselves. Stop being workaholics thinking and buying into the lie that you will be successful. All you are doing is fueling the beast/system that is killing you.
"Be Still and KNOW He is God." The words in the Bible were meant to be words about God and how to find Him. They are the teacher BUT they are not God. What you seek is on the other side of written or verbally spoken words. Paul warned, "The letter killeth but the Spirit giveth life." It is critical we come to UNDERSTAND what those "words" mean.
So beware of your animal/ego/intellectual brain-self from "learning these words". If your ego tries to absorb/use them.., they will eventually make your lives worse.., much worse. But if you just realize what these words mean.., they will help lead towards The Light and Understanding. They are merely intended to help point the way to "The Way".

All of this and so much more is explained in "The Way home or face The Fire", which is why I am doing my best to get you to get one from me, or JAH's website and study it, because your well-being and immortal life depends upon doing so and fully understanding this message.
I hope you find this helpful.
Roland, full-time students of JAH.
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