A Message from Roland

To All,

I hope you are all well and in good spirit.

When I came back on-line I said I would not be blasting you with current events forwards. Why? Because anyone left on my list has enough awareness to know things are bad, getting worse and ultimately, like a run-away train.., it will eventually crash. No sense wasting anymore time on that.

Many, many times I have said to you; "the CON-stitution is a CON". Many many times I have said to you, "Man cannot serve two master." It is IMPOSSIBLE to be under God's Laws AND man-made laws.

I don't know what is up with some of you. It's as though you've never heard a word of this because some of you are still sending me "stuff" about the con-stitution or the founding fathers or some "remedy" in Satan's system of laws.., namely every single one that has sprung out of government. You are still wasting time, effort, energy and money on researching "their" laws. Don't you get it? If you claim to be one of God's children/.., then go to Deuteronomy and learn His Laws. Forget all that legalese garbage/nonsense you've been studying.

For those of you sending that stuff.., do us both a favor.., ask to be taken off my list because if you don't.., the next time you send me something about the "founding fathers.., you are gone. Not only have you been at the back of the class but you have been sound asleep. You are not doing either one of us any good.

With that said; I have a mission for y'all should you decide to accept it. Go to www.anycities.com/jahtruth/cuofch.htm and read the entire page. It isn't very long but it will give you a feel to the correct order.., how we are supposed to be living. Understand, you may not be able to live it at first but at least you will have the knowledge. For you males that are married.., The Law does not give you license to be an iron-fisted jerk with your wives. May I suggest learning how to obey Father first because if you don't, you will not have any ground of authority from which to come (and your wives and children will KNOW it). You will be a bag-of-hot-air-hypocrite. For you women, may I suggest NOT supporting the wrong in your man but support the good as you see him striving to grow in Love. Be a good helpmeet. May you both learn patience to truly Love.

May your training begin. Time is short and we must move on. Please, no more blather about the state of things or how or why we got there/here. If you want to stay back in that class.., that is fine but for the rest of us.., we must move on.

All aboard. This trains movin' out.

Long live The Fighters,

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