Securing "rights"

From: Roland Croteau
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 7:19 AM

To whom it may concern,

For sometime I've observed conversations going on in this group and found myself provoked to speak to this issue..."securing rights".

Let me be frank, bold and cut to the chase. You and I don't have any rights. Whatever that is in Washington, DC (and all it's attendant "governments" down through the state and local levels), THAT IS NOT YOUR/OUR GOVERNMENT. What we call "our" government is already (and has been for a long time) an extension of "global governance".

All anyone need do to know the truth is to get out from behind the computer, go out into the real world and test it.

Most of you speak of governmental laws and think you have "con-stitutional protections". Okay, show me where it says (in the con-stitution) where you are required to have a drivers license or "tags" on your vehicle. How about property taxes? (in the state of Oklahoma, in the county of my residence, "they" claim they can tax my personal property, right down to my watch and lawnmower).

Rights? You think you have rights under that system? Take the "tags" off your cars and trucks and throw out your "driver's license". Then to make sure of your test, quit paying those property taxes and see what happens. You (we) have a right all right...the right to remain silent when they arrest us and take what we think is "our" property away from us.

You have no rights. Government IS your master and you ARE the slave (whether you are aware of it or not). All are living in an illusion of being free. You think you are free because you pay your taxes (fair share), you get your licenses (permission) to drive and/or work. Free? What's free about that?

Infract a "corporate plantation" rule and you will discover your "con-stitutional guarantees" aren't worth the paper they are written on. How can I say this with such surety? I've tested the "system". As far as they (government) are concerned "you have no standing". Ever heard that before? YOU DON'T OWN ANYTHING - EVEN IF IT'S "PAID FOR" (with fiat currency/FRN's/debt notes). All your "property" has is a "color of title". The state is the highest title holder. That is why they are able to come and "take" your property from you. But when everything is said and done, it really is as simple as what Mao said, "political power comes out of the end of a gun barrel".

Let us be plain about our situation. Every con-stitution on this planet is invalid...including our "sacred document". Because of con-stitutions, governments have been able (for centuries), to fool it's "people". Here in the states, at the federal level alone there are over 2 MILLION "laws" and one of the "laws" says, "ignorance of the law is no excuse". How long will you buy into that? Consider the insanity. "Ignorance of the law is no excuse"! Do you think ANYONE can know 2 million laws? And what about all the "laws" at the state and local level. You could study their laws from now until you die and you could never read them all.

We are supposedly a "Christian nation". We claim we are Christians (at least, so profess the majority, still...I think), followers of Christ and therefore God's children. Yes or No? If yes, then we are to understand this is God's universe, God's planet and we are supposed to be God's people. If you profess that then what laws should you live under? God's or man's? God's are simple, whilst man's are meant to be obscure and confusing so they can steal from us under the "color of law". Actually it's very simple once you see this for yourself.

I've spent years and thousands of dollars studying the income tax issue alone. I joined Bob Schulz in a fast until death (if need be) to discover the truth about that one issue last year only to discover our "con-stitution" is dead letter. How can that be? You/we have all been tricked/ conned.

What have I done with all my accumulated knowledge on the income tax and the law? I've thrown it out the window and walked away from it for IT IS A WASTE OF TIME. The system is evil to it's core yet I see people continuing to throw their lives away studying that junk and arguing endlessly on who's right and who's wrong and this court case says this and that court case says that. It's all gibberish and hooblygop. I've met with Joe Banister on more than one occasion and he said it exactly, "there is no magic bullet". Now why is that if we have the "rule of law"? Oh sure, they (government) have rules all right but those rules stay in a state of flux...ever changing so you/we can't possibly win in the long run. With all of the huffing and puffing...where are we at? Is America getting better or worse? How much longer before we have an out-of-the-closet police state? Posse commitatus? Joke. Habeas corpus? Joke. Police/BTF/ ATF/IRS busting in our doors without warrants...very real. Children being grabbed by the state? Land being grabbed by the state? Assaults from every conceivable angle on it's citizenry? ALL VERY REAL. And yet you continue to smart-alec back and forth to one another about "the law" (as though your blather is changing anything for the better).

Sorry to be so straight forward but you need to WAKE UP!! You think what is happening in America is new? Hardly (or are you even aware of how fast and bad it is getting). If you can see what is happening, tell me, do you really, really think your conversations/arguments are going to get any of us anywhere? Why do you hang on? Because it's all you know and you have too much time, money and energy invested? Guess what? If you learn from's a good investment but if you hang onto that (like holding on to bad stock in a bear market)...bad investment.

What you have learned is only valuable if you can see it is a stepping stone to the next level. To further your education I would recommend There is much to learn and precious little time. God has blessed me with that understanding and I share it with you. May you discover that next level and share it with others. It is much later than lost everyone thinks (for America).


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