Larken Rose Verdict

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Regarding Larken Rose's GUILTY VERDICT.., first, I should like to say I am very sad to hear this news. He and his wife, in my opinion, have gone the distance. They pressed the issue further than most [I call it, "poking the beast in the eye"].

As you know.., Larken has been challenging the infernals to come and "get him" for quite some time. He was sure he had the "magic bullet" and if given even half a chance would win when he finally got his day in court. NOT!!!!

Another of us bites the dust.

So.., what have we learned? What is the message to others out there "fighting the good fight"?? Larken was warned repeatedly regarding his
861 income position that he could not win. How many disappointed patriots will there be this time once they have seen another of their heros has fallen?

As far as I am concerned.., Joe Banister's "win" was an aberration.., and I doubt we will see anything like it again.., and there was no "magic bullet" to kill the beast in his defense. Joe Banister told me personally; there is no "magic bullet".

So what now for Larken? In Larken's obsession he has no doubt alienated former friends and family members. He has no doubt spent tons of money/frn's, time effort and energy. And what about the emotional toll it has take on everyone monitoring his fight and Larken himself? Will he be another Dick Simkanin or Al Thompson who have had their lives ruined?

If you believe for one moment I am suggesting we give up the fight then you don't know me at all. I have yet begun to fight.

No.., what I am saying is; fighting with the "tools" we are given DOESN'T WORK. THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!

A question; WHY do you suppose it is.., when the proof is "in your face".., patridiots CONTINUE to BELIEVE they can find remedy in an OBVIOUSLY, fraudulent, corrupt system? What is that? How many must "throw themselves on the sword" before others will realize, HEY! THERE IS NO REMEDY IN THE SYSTEM.., BY DESIGN?

I ask again; WHY do patridiots hang onto the idea the CON-stitutional system of this country is the answer..? when it is OBVIUOS it is not? Could it be "they can't handle the truth"? Because coming to grips with THE TRUTH means YOUR WHOLE LIFE IS BASED ON A LIE.., and YOU NEVER "GOT IT". Is that it? Can't admit they are STUPID!?!?

Look.., this is one stupid idiot striving to talk sense to the rest of you stupid idiots out there. I'm about as guilty as Larken Rose, Joe Banister, Al Thompson, Dick Simkanin, et al. The ONLY difference is.., I did FINALLY "get it". No.., I did not figure it out all on my own.., I had help from a Friend.., a Friend I KNOW will NEVER BETRAY ME [I have more of a fear I may betray Him like Simon Peter did].

I had searched and searched and searched for remedy and was prepared to confront government in a Waco-like showdown because I WILL NOT live under their tyranny. If you read my affidavit to Bush, et al.., then you know I told them if they wanted to "get me" to COME ARMED because I WILL LIVE FREE OR DIE. But then I was shown.., there is no wisdom in that. They will have won. I would have been removed from the battle field. No.., I had to learn to be smarter and fight more effectively. You can too.., if you will just admit fighting the way you have has gotten you NO WHERE.., in fact.., it has made more of a mess of things.

There is ONLY ONE WAY to bring this to a potentially PEACEFUL resolve and it is laid out in no uncertain terms @

I also highly recommend reading "The Way Home or face The Fire" @ Both works/presentations are FREE. What else to do..? I don't know.

Hopefully Larken will now be ready to read it and discover WHY he could never win [the way he was fighting].

Long live The Fighters (for God), Roland


Larken Rose Verdict
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 2005 10:51:56 -0700

From: Freedom Law School
(760) 868-4271

Larken Rose has been found guilty on all charges. We will e-mail everyone more information as the details come in. Please join us tonight on Freedom Law School's conference call. During this call Peymon, the President and Founder of Freedom Law School, will give a detail account of the verdict being read. The phone number to call is
(702) 835-5000 the access code is 47778257.

Yours in Freedom, Liz C

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