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Good Evening Cliff,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Please see my responses/commentaries below in ( ).

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I see it as you do below,

(Thank you. For anyone who has been at this awhile.., it should, by now, be self-evident. And if it is not.., to those paying attention.., then there are people like me pointing it out. Patriots are trying to fight evil [and win] with evil's rules [which "they"/courts can and will change if they/"courts" don't like the outcome - just ask people like Dick Simkanin] and in evil's courts. It is not going to happen. It is a no-win game for them. Like I said.., how many of our best and brightest have to end up in prison or worse before the rest of the "patriots"/"freedom fighters" start to figure this out? Time to start training for what is coming.., because like it or not.., sooner or later.., this is coming into the streets and into peoples homes.)

and see clearly the gunk lain before our eyes intending to prevent we see it.

(Understood. It is all THEATER/DISTRACTION.., purposely creating the illusion/false impression that there is actually something still salvageable in "the system". What FEW can see is: THE WHOLE THING WAS A CON FROM THE START. Think about it. Isn't that "just a little much" to get your mind around? That would mean your WHOLE LIFE WAS/IS BASED ON A LIE. And that would make you PRETTY STUPID. Who wants to sit down and deal with that truth? FEW, unfortunately.)

Too many are succeptable to abuse of their wonderful natures, especially the love and the trust.

(If I am reading this correctly.., I have to comment. One either BELIEVES The Bible is The Word of God or one does not. One either BELIEVES the Words of Jesus in The New Testament or one does not. Even Jesus asked, "Why call me good?" And.., We are told we are ALL sinners. Point? There isn't anyone good on this planet [save The Master Who is here]. Wonderful natures? Mans nature is MUCH worse than that of a beast. Man is a selfish pig. Beasts do what they do because it is their nature to survive. It is a part of nature. They do no wrong. Man does what he does because he is a selfish, insecure, greedy pig. Love and trust? I have to ask.., what planet are you living on? Man hasn't the Love of Jesus/God. He has carnal, selfish lust. And trust? No one trusts anyone on this planet.., and rightfully so. Locks are on everything. There are 2 1/2 million laws on the books at the federal level alone to make us trustworthy and we are collectively worse now than ever. Trust? Ask children from broken homes about "trust". Ask women who have been married 30 years and one day find out their husband has been cheating for 29 1/2 of them. Ask someone climbing the "corporate ladder" about "trust". Sorry, and not to be offensive but, you are seriously deluded if I am correctly reading what you wrote and you believe it. People "obey" man-made, color-of-law, laws because they FEAR the consequences [i. e fines or jail time]. They voted these lying, conniving, selfish, clever, cunning, shrewd "legislators" into power and they are getting exactly what they deserve for not OBEYING God. People ALWAYS get the government they deserve.)

It's understandable so many eyes have been deceived, when you consider what they mostly see from their first opening upon this world and every day thereafter.

(Scriptures plainly state, "the whole world has been deceived". And indeed we have. Lately, the internet is buzzing with talk about The End Times and aliens and evil/fallen angels coming and blah, blah, blah. No need to wait for them coming. They have been here all along. We ARE the fallen angels spoken of in Revelations [i. e. the war in Heaven]. This is a prison planet for the criminally insane and the best of the worst are running it for Satan and almost everyone is following.., ESPECIALLY "church-goers" and politicians [which makes Bush doubly evil]. Every soul here was in the war. We followed Satan [and MOST still are] and lost. We are ALL guilty of treason against God, have been convicted and are under the death sentence [which is about to be carried out.., SOON]. By God's immeasurable Grace.., we have all been given this chance to be sent to this prison planet to see if we will voluntarily rehabilitate. People/souls want to know "the meaning of life". This is it. Learn to straighten up in God's eyes OR perish in The Fire [hence the name of "the little book", "The Way Home or face The Fire." You can download it free @ ]. Now.., with that said.., most who read this will say, "Roland is a ranting lunatic". And that is fine. But then there will be [hopefully] just one or two who will stop and realize what they just read makes perfect sense. In fact.., it is the most sensible thing they have EVER read. They are aware enough to know.., deep in their heart.., they are not good. They have been guilty of many, selfish, evil acts. They may be aware enough to realize they have been selfish their whole lives and excused themselves because they can "see" everyone else is selfish [which is NO excuse]. I am a convicted convict like the rest of you who has opted for complete rehabilitation so I am sent to help warn the rest of you.., time to straighten out. Time is very short. No time to be lost. Hopefully, you will read "the little book". Everything you need to know, so you can survive what is coming soon, is in that book. It is "the little book" spoken of in Revelations and yes, Malachi 4:5 is upon us. He is here. The party is just about over.)

Early on they see mom or dad lower themselves shamefully before police who've stopped them for "not enough mirrors" or whatever reason, or lie to, rather than confront, "authorities" who come claiming they can fine you for improper wiring the house.

(It is not possible for them to confront "police". It is not in them [they have not The Authority nor Power]. People "love" their police "protectors". Just like they "love" their evil government. It is impossible for men to correct their wives, their children or their governments. Think this is not true? A blind child can "see" the state of the world. It is upside down, backwards and quite insane. Children understand this.., they just lack words to articulate it. WOMEN and GOVERNMENTS definitely UNDERSTAND this principle. You cannot "stand up" to your love-supporters. Men don't "love" their wives. They NEED their wives. They delude themselves into THINKING their lust is love and find it impossible to "correct" what they love/need. Man even loves to hate his government. What a mess.)

Many are tempted and succumb to being made liars and cheats

(How does one make another become a liar and cheat? There is ALWAYS choice.)

as it is impossible by design to "do the whole law,"

(Agreed. NO ONE can know or do all of the man-made-up, color-of-law, laws. NO ONE. And that is insanity on it's face. But the whole country THINKS this is normal and has never even stopped to think about this insanity. Perhaps next year we will have 3 1/2 million laws on the books. Will anyone complain, "this can't be right"? Probably not. People do love their CON-stitutional laws.)

and the spirit nagging that this is somehow all wrong is assuaged with the likes of penciling in a few bogus deductions on a tax form.

(I disagree. People purposely stay in denial. They don't want to wake up. They don't want to get educated. The reason is simple.., they do not want to face the truth about themselves nor do they want to DO the work or take responsibility. EVIL "behind" government understands the selfish, weak, human nature. IT FEEDS and grows itself on that knowledge [actually information].)

I read a beastly thing called "Title 26" in it's entirety once through, I can tell you with certainty it is quite impossible to do even that one drop in the sea of "the whole law."

(Hopefully you are not claiming to have understood that obfuscated blather [in "Title 26"].)

From birth everyone sees that others see the same things, and interpret them much as themselves, naturally.

(Excuse me but I am not following. What exactly do you mean here, please?)

But what then is 'everybody' seeing? The fact of "culture" doesn't automatically make it good for you, indeed that's a dangerous assumption. For instance, today everyone 'just knows' you "need" a lawyer for anything and increasingly everything. Similarly I could rationalize an "oxygen consumption tax" and win converts to the cause, were I of an evil bent. People (quite literally) buy into that everything in life is permission, license or other grant from "authority," and to nail these realities of "life" into the grey matter, even buy manufactured images of "reality" and call it "entertainment." Consuming 'liesure time' with "Law and Order," West wing," Judge Judy" or any from among that particular abundance serves a larger house of mirrors, ad infinitum acculturation to the authority of man.

(Agreed. It has been called "social engineering". Manipulation. "conditioning". BRAIN-WASHING. Hypnosis.., the POWER OF SUGGESTION.)

As a result most have worn "the mark" in their hand all their lives. It's those who wear it in their foreheads, i. e. "the clowns thinking up all this crap,"

(Actually Satan's highest up minions.)

who actively do this evil,

(Useful idiot bureaucrats.)

and they are few.

(At the top [actually bottom in God's eyes] of Satan's "corporate structure" they are few but the useful idiots are in the millions - those administrating and enforcing this Satanic agenda through Satans' color-of-law, laws he got everyone to buy into because of the beautiful wording he used when authoring the U. S. CON-stitution and Bill of Rights. God gives rights. Not some guys supposedly creating a "governemnt" 227 years ago.)

A little more "repentance" (change in the thinking, trying again differently) among those with the mark in their hands and we'll see love breaking out all over rather than death and destruction.

(THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Everyone keeps waiting for everyone else to change. That is wrong thinking. You want to change the world..? then you need to TRULY get humble and sincere before God and ask The Master to guide you through the birthing fast [as Jesus demonstrated] so that you may TRULY be "born again".., whilst killing off your selfish, carnal, animal, ego-self. THAT is how the world changes.)

Meanwhile most don't even "see" newspaper articles containing official statements from government that "it" does and will continue to lie to you at will, whether they have ever read such articles notwithstanding.

(The carnal mind FEEDS on lies provided by Satan THROUGH his minions running the controlled press. They love the lies and consequent carnage. It feeds their beast within. Want to "see" that? Look how many show up to WATCH a fire or a car accident. The worse the fire or worse the accident the more show up to watch. They get a subtle FEELING of excitement that makes them FEEL alive [because they can feel they are dying]. It is akin to their heart racing when the opposite sex "takes notice".)

Likewise I have numerous articles reporting Hollywood "enlists in war on terrorism," what part of "wool over the eyes" hasn't been clearly enunciated by it's practitioners repeatedly?

(EVERYTHING is THEATER.., DESIGNED to "program" the WILLING sheople.)

Cindy (whoever you are) and all, Roland is right on this.

(Thank you. As above. By now it should be self-evident but it is not. Even when people are told what is happening to them [just like the dissidents of Nazi Germany].., they WON'T believe it. Oh well. One is either actively working to help re-establish God's Laws and building His Kingdom on this planet.., or NOT. And God is not about to help those who are not. He is about to extinguish them however.)

It's the same lesson of the Christ, including that the appropriate battlefield is the one within.

(Yes. The first battle to be fought and won is the battle within. If you cannot or will not fight and win that battle there is no chance for you in the Armageddon.)

My long stated worldly desire had been to simplify "truth" for myself and relate it to any and all for comparison with their similar efforts. Alas, few I find are engaged in those efforts, for being steeped in the above. But there it is. Call it what you will, fixed, rigged, a 'mafia' op, ain't no "justice," the Pharisees are at it again, Orwell was right... It is evil whatever else you call such endeavours as we discuss.

(As above.., FEW shall find The Way. But the path to hell is broad indeed.)

I am immensely relieved to finally understand this. The freedom spoken of is the freeing of the soul previously suppressed and ignored by our "superior intellect."

(Yes. The carnal brain is the stumbling block. We must awaken the spiritual mind/child within so we can "see" things as they REALLY are. Then learn true faith and trust in God. Follow.)

It's more a marrying of body and spirit,

(I disagree. It is a matter of separating your spiritual self from the body/ego-self.)

(or "getting ego out of the way" for the 'scientifically' minded)

(Agreed. The ego "sees" itself as God. It wants what it wants, when it wants it. "It" is at enmity with God. "It" believes it has it's own will when in fact.., it is serving "it's" master/father.., Satan.)

and a wedding is always a joyous occasion, and this day doesn't appear to have an end.

(Sorry. This makes no sense to me.)

It's been a splendid day here,

(Glad to hear it.)

hope all is well where you are at.

(I am fine. Thank you.) Long live The Fighters [for God], Roland



--- In oldright [at] yahoogroups [dot] com, Roland wrote: Dear Cindy,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Chances are you have already seen the following [below this post] but felt I should send it anyway because of our recent exchanges.

We've been doing our very best to WARN the tax guru's [like Meredith and Schiff] and unwitting "patriots" since [shortly after] my D. C. experience.

I am NOT saying they should quit fighting. I AM saying they are fighting WRONG [as you are about to learn should you try to win in their courts.., sorry to be so blunt - this is not meant arrogantly.., it is a fact]. Going into their courts [hoping for truth, remedy and justice] is akin to waking up and realizing one has been scammed by the Mafia's "protection racket".., realizing the Mafia is what they need protecting FROM and then confronting the "Don" and "asking"/PETITIONING him to quit extorting and expecting him to agree.., that you are right and he is sorry. THAT is not going to happen in the Mafia world nor the government mafia/protection racket world.

What is it going to take for our most educated and aware to WAKE UP?? How many will "throw themselves on the sword" before they come to understand WHAT they are doing battle with [EVIL]. Schiff, Simkanin, Thompson, Benson, Banister, Rose.., all and more have spent years "poking the beast in it's eye".., and they now have "it's" attention. From the beasts/governments point of view, "how dare they bite the hands that feed them"? The beast is exacting retribution. They will be made an example.

The "little book" is offered for free @ to any who have finally come to realize the reality of their situation. I can only hope you read it, digest it, understand it and take it to heart/live it. In it you will find "THE REMEDY". THERE IS A BETTER, MORE EFFECTIVE WAY TO FIGHT. It is just not what most people think.

Long live The Fighters [for God], Roland



LOS ANGELES (AP) - An anti-tax protester who promoted bogus tax shelters and encouraged people to file phony returns was sentenced Monday to 10 years in federal prison.

Lynne Meredith, 55, leader of the anti-tax group "We The People," was convicted May 2004 of conspiracy, mail fraud, using a false Social Security number, making a false statement in a passport application and failing to file a tax return.

She allegedly earned more than $8.5 million from 1991 until 2002, did not file a federal income tax return during those years, and caused thousands of taxpayers to file fraudulent income tax returns, with some seeking refunds for as much as $32,822.

Meredith, of Sunset Beach, wrote two books - "Vultures In Eagles Clothing" and "How to Cook a Vulture" - and gave seminars to hundreds of people on how to "legally stop paying taxes."

During Monday's hearing, Meredith criticized authorities for her arrest in April 2002, saying it made her the "poster girl" for the Internal Revenue Service's crackdown measures, and again denied responsibility for her clients' unpaid taxes. "I didn't tell anyone, 'Don't file a tax return.' Obviously, people are going to make their own determination," she said.

Also convicted last year were several others connected to her group.

Federal investigators were tipped to Meredith's actions in the mid-

1990s when an unidentified taxpayer used her methods to file a tax return and was penalized by the IRS.

The case is part of the government's strategy to target anti-tax promoters to stem the flow of misinformation.


10 years?!

Oh yeah! Having a lawyer did her a lot of good, didn't it?

I wonder how much he drained out of her pocket book before he helped send her up the river.

Criminal Rapists don't even serve 10 years.


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