There is a new website called dedicated to promoting the book "The Way home or face The Fire".

"People are saying this is the most important book on Earth.

Is it?

You decide."

The Way home or face The Fire - The survival-plan for all human+beings

Below are a few reviews / testimonials taken from the site. If you havn't already read "The Way home or face The Fire", why not read some of these reviews to see how life-changing it has been to others.



...I kept looking and looking for something without ever really realizing what it was that I was looking for. When I had exhausted virtually every remedy in our system, only to realize there wasn't a remedy (truth/justice), I was presented with "The Way Home or face The Fire". THERE I found what I had searched and searched for...all laid out in everyday, plain language, easy-to-understand English. TRUTH AT LAST!...


Ray's Testimony

...I read every document and finally ordered "The Way Home or face The Fire".

The best decision I ever made...


A holy scriptural foundation

...The disclosing, by the TWH, of the telepathic communication of my Father (my Ever Living Creator) and me had a tremendous impact on me, more so because of the trials and tribulations I have been through...


Labor of love

...Many theological scholars have indicated that the Bible is a road map to the Universe. This being the case, then the book, "The Way Home or face The Fire" is the index to that road map...


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