Doublespeak is language deliberately constructed to disguise its actual meaning, such as euphemisms.

The word doublespeak was coined in the early 1950s. It is often incorrectly attributed to George Orwell and his dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. The word actually never appears in that novel; Orwell did, however, coin Newspeak, Oldspeak, duckspeak (speaking from the throat without thinking 'like a duck') and doublethink (maintaining a contradiction in mind as one speaks the opposite of one's own belief), and his novel made fashionable composite nouns with speak as the second element, which were previously unknown in English. ....

... Examples

  • aerial ordnance (military): bombs and missiles.
  • agenda: as in the Liberal Agenda or the Homosexual Agenda; used to discredit laws or programs sought after by the left by adding the feel of conspiracy and ill will to the venture.
  • ally: vassal state; colony.
  • asset (CIA term): foreign spy
  • associate: a low-level employee. Being "associated" sounds more dignified than being "employed" (or "used"), but also connotes being more loosely affiliated, i.e. having less job security.

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