Site Rebuilt!

As you can see - Truthseekers has finally been completely reconstructed!
After alot of searching and experimenting I decided to use a system called Drupal to build a database driven site. Drupal is an excellent piece of software. It uses PHP and MySQL which aren't that hard to install and handle even for the averagely computer sawy. To build a site like this instead of the old HTML way is, once you've got everything up and running is infinitely more flexible and alot less time consuming. Once you understand the basic philosophy there is no stopping you.

What about all the articles?
The same articles as before still exist, however they have all been moved.... For instance The Plan against the New World Order which existed at now lives at

If you are looking for a particular article you can try going to for a complete list of nodes (articles and other contents) or followed by the name of the article, or parts of the name to narrow down the list. For instance; shows you two articles:

Targets of the Illuminati and the Committee of 300
The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations

Also note that the articles under their categories are not at the moment manually sorted by relevance (by me) as they used to be, but by when they where added. I will hopefully be able to change this in the future.

The most important articles on this site remain the same:
·The Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations
·The Plan against the New World Order
·Benjamin Freedman Speaks: A Jewish Defector Warns America
·911 The Road To Tyranny
·The Truth about The Ark of The Covenant

Cool - Are there any other new features?
Plenty. However, I've not yet activated most of them before I've done more important tasks and have everything up and running.

For instance, I am still not sure if a Discussion Forum is needed since the main purpose of this site is to attract people to another site which contains a VERY important book, The Armageddon Survival-kit, and The Plan against the New World Order. Less talk - more action. Either you are with Father and Christ, opposing the New World Order, The Way you should be, or your not.


Hopefully everything will go smoothly.


yours sincerely,