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Registered users can now post articles. I am still experimenting with this, and changing this and many other things on the site quite often. If you do not feel like registering then please email the article using the form above, or the email address next to it. I'm not sure I like the user/account system for many reasons.

I've also enabled commenting, so you can write a comment/addition/link to an article.

Here is a short list of some nifty functions that will help you navigate our contents.

You can view a complete list of articles on by entering this url:

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You can also use the Search by entering an URL like this: to find

Again I wish to remind you readers, that the main purpose of this site is to attract readers to The Plan against the New World Order at, mirrored locally at It is The ONLY Way to defeat the NWO, you cannot for instance vote them out.  All these documents gathered here; not only form a strong base of proof of what the NWO is all about, but should hopefully attract hits from Google and other search-engines as I work to add more articles.