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Dear JAH,

I am doing very well and my spirit has awakened even further after having read your book. I am about two-thirds through the second reading and I must say I love what I learned from it.

Especially fascinating for me was the treatise on women. Much of what you wrote about I had put together in my own mind, as conjecture and theory, because of my own empirical observations and, of course, my own experiences. However, it was very, very rare for me to encounter another that had thought through the walls of their minds to begin to see a reality behind those walls. "The Way home or face The Fire" supplied a holy scriptural foundation for me as I have, for many years, theorized that Satan just had to be behind the inherent betrayals that women imposed upon men. Frankly, it was the only logical place left. A bit like the expression, "if you don't know what it is, find out what it isn't".

The disclosing, by the TWH, of the telepathic communication of my Father (my Ever Living Creator) and me had a tremendous impact on me, more so because of the trials and tribulations I have been through (I fought the US feds, toe-to-toe from May 1997 through February 2000 in a criminal matter based solely on fraudulent US GRAND JURY INDICTMENT. Of course the story I have is a long one, but the end result was a dismissal after having spent approx. five de-briefing sessions with the Asst. US Attorney, the FBI and an investigator for the Veterans Administration right in the middle of a US District Court building. Was I in the middle of one of Satan's Temples of Worship, regardless of others' ignorant opinions, my answer was and is, yes. As I stated above, I ended up with a dismissal, but not before I had absolutely infuriated the Asst. US Attorney and was screamed to leave the building, all the way, being the object of further threats and repercussions. But, you see, after all my emotions, apprehensions and fears had subsided I knew that my Father's promise had come, I realized "The Truth had set me free"! The truth was always the only thing I said I was going to give UNITED STATES Inc., and, to US Inc.'s chagrin, I knew the Truth with skill, alacrity and I was articulate enough so that even an US Jury could understand. No, the experience was ever so fearful, but I know God was there, because He had sent me the help I needed, a black man, who had been a preacher and was now in the calling of, well, fighting Satan with the pen. But I digress, the telepathic communication is now something I understand and can accept more. I have for years, been subject to insights and revelations and since the US Inc.'s witchhunt of me and four others (by the way three of the other four went to federal prison, the fourth pled out to a misdemeanor) the insights seem to have picked-up in frequency and, because of the TWH, I am training myself to pray always. So far my success, however, is I am only able to pray often.

My goodness this is a long email, but Your comment of my fight with the Hidden Hand prompted this reply. I want to thank you and bless you (?? is it possible for me to bestow a blessing, or blessings? Seems to be the bestowing of blessings is on the Father) for The Way Home. My desire is to find the way Home with you. The hardships I have faced, endured and overcome are too numerous to enumerate and articulate here (I also was, many years ago, a multi-millionaire, but when I learned the Truth, and began to make a stand, I lost everything, including, but not limited to, my family). The wife's worship of mammon and the dark side was too great for even the love of a real man.

TWH goes on to state that I will be given more and harder trials in order to test my mettle. I have to honestly say I am wondering how much harder can things get, after what I have already learned from, but thanks to you, I have an additional armament in my arsenal, The Way Home.

Michael George Fritch


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