True Protection vs Protection Racket

From: Roland

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

It is my hope, most, if not all of you, realize God is the Source/Originator of EVERYTHING. Evil has no real life so the best it can hope to do is MIMIC EVERYTHING.

We are creatures of belief (we can either believe the truth or lies] and we are fear motivated (keeping in mind there is a MIMIC to a good, healthy "fear" ["The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom."].

With that said, I hope you realize you are a "soul/spiritual light being" locked inside a human/animal body. Churches tell us this but few truly understand. People mimic back/"parrot" what they have been taught.

"Lost" in our animal brain thinking, we believe the "human" body we are locked in IS life and from that place of belief we will activate the animal "survival instinct" (which is VERY powerful) when "threatened". Evil understands this and preys on that lack of understanding by "humans". Our belief (not realizing we are believing in the lie that the animal human body is life.., [TRUE life is spiritual/ETERNAL] in the lie is the foundational weakness for evil to "offer", by contract, "protection".

Do we not fear "loss of life", "loss of property", "loss of family"? From this "fear" we install our own man-made systems of protection we call "government" (secretly inspired by Satan). But EVERY man-made "CON-stitutional" government has failed. Why? From its very beginning it was/is born of the lie/liar/Satan. We (collectively) are a prideful, arrogant, selfish, lying, betraying lot that think "we" know best. (If we know best.., how come the world is in such a mess?) So how can we, who are evil, "create" something "good" (i.e. CON-stitution and Bill of Rights, government) or "elect" "good" leaders. The "leaders" we elect THINK they know best. They are the most prideful, ambitious, selfish [look at their salaries and pension systems.., better than yours??] and egotistical and therefore "the best of the worst".

Our man-made CON-stitution in America (as are ALL CON-stitutions) IS the "broad path" (into hell). From these "foundational documents" we now labor under approximately 2 and 1/2 MILLION federal "color of law", laws (never-mind state and local "color of law", laws and one of those "color of law", laws is "ignorance of the law is no excuse" (as a "city-zen" it is your DUTY to know and observe the "color of law", laws). Let me ask.., who could even read and UNDERSTAND 2 and 1/2 million "color of law", laws in one life-time?

This man-made, CON-stitutional "color of law" system IS the MIMIC "protection racket".

We all know about the mafia. They offer "protection" but, from whom? They offer protection from them harming you, your property and your family.

We (collectively and unwittingly) pay "taxes". Let us pull back that veil and call a spade a spade. We don't pay taxes as much as we pay/contribute protection racket/extortion fees. If you don't think that is true.., STOP paying your income taxes. STOP paying your property taxes. STOP paying for the license plates on your vehicle(s) (another tax). STOP paying these "protection fees" to government and SEE who comes and takes your property from you.

Can you see the man-made (Satanically inspired CON-stitutional) system is a "protection racket"? And we get what we deserve for believing the lie and supporting that "protection system". You literally pay for your own demise. This will soon become self-evident for those of you still SLEEPING.

Now, may I suggest.., read your Bible. In the first 5 Books you will find the ONLY legal Laws and the ONLY perfect form of government for the entire planet (NOT "nation states"). If we will return to God's Laws/government and ENFORCE His Laws.., we fall under His protection.

Are you happy living under the lie/CON-stitutional "protection racket" system? I'm not. I've realized I've been just like everyone else. I was indoctrinated into the lie but I've been awakened and "SEE" the lie with clarity.

If we want TRUE protection from God, we must willingly return to His system of law and government. Simple. Not so easy to do. Why? Most people are still selfishly wanting to believe the lie that "they know best" and can "create" a better system.

The time is at hand to choose. Do you choose to live under God's Laws or do you prefer the status quo? If you choose God's Laws it is not enough to say "yes, I want to return to God's Laws". You MUST willingly/actively work toward that end. If you do nothing.., YOU allow evil to flourish and remain on the WRONG side. Your actions are what count. NOT your lip-service.

If you are actively involved in work that supports the beast system.., you have to disengage and "come out". You may say.., but what will I do? If you are sincere and believe God.., HE will show you "The Way". If you FEAR monetary loss..? your god is mammon. If you fear what others will think of you.., your god is vanity. If you fear taking up your own cross (whatever you need to sacrifice to find "The Way").., you are not worthy of Father's mercy. Whatever you fear losing here, holds you here and is your god. You can "love" nothing more than God. Again.., SIMPLE.., but HARD to do.

I hope you find this helpful because I know how confusing all this is. Reading this may induce a "panicky feeling". THAT is your selfish, ego-self telling you you can't do it. "It" will tell you, "what for"? "I live a good life". "Surely this doesn't apply to me." If you believe that "voice in your head".., you continue to believe the lie/liar/Satan that you are okay and "good". None of us are "good". Jesus said (paraphrased), "why call me good.., ONLY God is good".

Do you believe you are "serving time" in this hell because you are good? Time to "wake up". You, me, everybody was/is bad. We are here to see if we are wanting to be WILLINGLY rehabbed. Part of the rehab process is becoming truly humble and learning to OBEY God. He knows best. He (hopefully) is your Father. If you love him, as you claim..? you must OBEY Him. And if you will PROVE with your actions you are ready to OBEY Him.., He will "Love"/CORRECT you so you can go home (to Heaven). SIMPLE. :-)


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