Theater.., it is all theater

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

I will strive to make this brief.

We find ourselves being attacked on every conceivable front. It is ALL theater. These political, amoral and physical assaults are intended to keep us distracted (and divided), hacking at branches. When you prune a tree (which is what patridiots are doing by fighting all their myriad "causes") does not the trunk and root grow stronger?

The root we all need to get to and tear out is the world-wide, man-made-up, color of law, laws born of EVERY failed CON-stitution ever devised/inspired by Satan - temporary prince of planet Earth. Satan's MANY CON-stitutions need to be replaced with God's PERFECT Royal Laws of Liberty and His PERFECT system of government. To effectively do this, please see http://www.i am/jah/plan htm

Gentlemen, ladies.., the battles we are fighting are within. They are principalities.., spiritual wickedness in high places.

You are purposely being distracted with the battles from without and taught to believe you are fighting evil. You are "seeing" it all backwards as Satan would have you "see" it. Patridiots aren't killing evil [we now have more government/oppressive, man-made-up, color-of-law, laws and a bigger, more ruthless police-state than ever]. You/they/patridiots are FEEDING evil.

The first battle to be fought and won is the battle within your "self". You have a personal Armageddon to get through first. If you cannot or WILL not fight and win the battle within, to VANQUISH the enemy within.., the ego-self.., it will not be possible for you to move to or "see" the greater, overall/macrocosm spiritual battle being waged globally. You will stay stuck "hacking at branches" [i. e. FEEDING EVIL] and not join those who have been shown the root and HOW to root it out.

The world is about to explode around you and you stay focused on what has offended/touched you personally [whether it be the IRS issue, Child Protective Services, publik edukashun, ownership of property, right to travel, veterans "rights"/benefits or whatever]. Soon, you will see through the veil of deceit (because once Amerika is completely destroyed.., what will any of your "causes" have mattered?). Soon, you will see how you have been wasting your time, effort, energy and money but for most of you.., it will be too late.

Please.., to get a grasp of our bleak situation.., see It is "the little book" of Revelations 10. The seals have been broken. What we all need to know is explained in depth in plain, very understandable English. It is free. Time is short. I hope you will read it.

LLTF, Roland

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