4th of July message from Roland

To All, I hope this finds you well and in good spirit. I'm sitting here at this computer of mine watching one forward after another go by regarding the CON-stitution and "law" and patriotism and justice and injustice and on and on and on.

This is so very, very simple. You.., me.., everybody ON THIS PLANET.., we are ALL prisoners. Not one of us is free. If this is not true then why did Jesus say, "THE TRUTH shall set you FREE"?

Politically speaking, whether you are aware of this or not.., your/our physical bodies and all of it's energies are slaves to "the system". I believe the term is "nom deguere". We are a "conquered people". Just try and NOT pay taxes (which represents physical energy spent - your lives). "The system" WILL penalize you. "It" will fine you. "It" will imprison you. And if you still won't break..? "It" will kill you. You don't think so? Test "it". http://jahtruth.net/syst.htm

 Spiritually speaking; the reason you/ your soul is here is you/we are imprisoned in the body, on this planet to see if we want to learn God's Universal Laws. We might think of it as "rehab". http://jahtruth.net/prison.htm

Which of us isn't egotistical? Which of us is without pride? Which of us isn't stubborn? Which of us isn't vain? Which of us isn't selfish? I've just named something over 6 billion people haven't I? Think about it. Is this or is this not a prison planet for the criminally insane? Can we suppose the rest of the Universe is the same? Are we to believe there is war and chaos everywhere? Are we to believe we are the ONLY society in the Universe? That in itself would be unbelievably arrogant.

 But let me get back to freedom because today is "Dependence Day".

 Religions divide and conquers.

Politics divide and conquer.

I am in hopes that all of you, at some level, are fighting for truth. In the non-moving freedom movement I see many people fighting on many fronts BUT every battle is within THEIR system. Why are we unable to unite? I know why. They are all prideful and arrogant and Satan loves it. If every "patriot" WOKE UP today and realized he'd (or she'd) been duped, they would drop whatever it is they are doing and work at uniting us under God's Banner.., that is to say.., abolish ALL man-made law and return to the ONLY lawful laws for this planet.., God's Laws. Come on. This is not rocket science. What? Shall we stupidly argue for the U.S CON-stitution? Give me a break. On the one hand we admit there has never been a perfect man-made system while on the other we defend it? How dumb can that be ESPECIALLY in the face of THE FACT that God gave us His perfect system. Why aren't we all DOING something to get us back to what is God's and what is RIGHT? How can we be that COLLECTIVELY STUPID? So with that said..,
I hope you all have a grand "Dependence Day".

 Long live The Fighters for God, Roland
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