Thank you...

From Roland

Good Day Ernie,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Just a brief thank you for having Us as a guest yesterday. Appreciate the time given.

Hopefully Our message got through to some.

We forwarded a piece regarding "Poverty" today. It is long but there is a very brief summation right at the top that "says it all". {I know your reading time is limited.}

What most fail to realize is this planet has always been intended to be under God's Theocratic rule [but we are given free-will/choice]. The very fact that we have a "two party system" is PROOF we [collectively] "DON'T get it". ("A house divided CANNOT stand".) Even if it were possible for Libertarians to become the "other" major party.., it wouldn't matter. They would then become a "part of the problem".

Abraham was a "friend to God". God was/is His King. From Abraham was to grow a great nation of people who only had God as their King BUT.., as time passed.., THEY wanted a "King" they could "see" with their physical eyes [to be as other nations].

I/We are seekers of men who wish NOT to be ruled by other [unjust] men but by God alone [through His Word.., The Christ].., Theocracy. For this reason Jesus returns [as promised]. Jesus, The Christ, will call in His Own.., those WILLING to live under God's/Father's Laws. EVERYONE else who doesn't "hear His Voice" will reach the end of their death sentence.

I/We are "fishers of men". There is only 2 places to be; A.) working to establish and ENFORCE God's Laws.., or  B.) EVERYONE ELSE [mostly working to return to the CON-stitution IN GOD'S NAME and continue the mess we are in - "same whore; different gown"..., "same nonsense; different day"]. We hope you are one who "gets it" and joins God's men to establish and enforce His Laws. There is only ONE WAY to do that. If interested, please read ALL of "THE PLAN" at and then, if We may suggest.., re-watch Michael Collins.

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