From: Roland
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 09:13:21 -0400
To: Gianni D Hayes <giannihayes [at] creative-services [dot] biz>
Subject: NWOdor

Good Morning Gianni,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Having not heard from you in quite some time.., am I correct in assuming you've lost interest in what I have to offer? I'll not be asked onto your radio program?

What provokes me to write today is your latest piece on newswithviews.  Hopefully, not to offend, but your article summarizes what readers of newswithviews already know. In the patriot community at large there is much "preaching to the choir". You've been at this a long time also. Based on your own words, I conclude you "see"; the freedom movement is NON-moving.., yet, the NWOdor elite are moving their agenda forward at political light-speed.  

I offer the following for whatever it may be worth to you.

In my opinion, you do hit the nail on the head when you say, No, we're going to fall and falter the very way they want us to, simply because we don't want interrupted our quiet little lives, with our decent homes, our expensive cars, our children we've indulged, and our pizza before us as we sit watching that big television, with the remote control in one hand and a beer in the other. We don't want to have our comfy lives ruined by people like this author and others who believe as she does who reveal the true plan and urge us-expect us--to take action."

Indeed.., the masses won't take action. The question few ask is WHY? Why can't others "see" what you "see"? Because if they did..? would they not be compelled to action?  

As I "see" it, the masses are like children that have not politically awakened [never-mind spiritually]. They don't read websites like newswithviews. They don't read books like, "Hope of the Wicked - The Master Plan to Rule the World" [by Ted Flynn]. They read adult comic books called newspapers. Instead of watching cartoons.., they watch "reality shows" or Amerikan Idol. In other words.., even though their bodies and brains have "grown-up".., who they really are..? the soul,  has yet to awaken so they have been taught by the Illuminati/Hidden Hand controlled pubik edukashun system and all media to drink from the same wine they have put in a different bottle.

So what is the answer? How do "watchers on the wall" AWAKEN the masses [that don't want to be awakened]?

I submit.., the masses have no intention of awakening [and here is where I lose many because they want to believe I have a defeatist attitude which is absolutely NOT true]. They "love" their illusionary, materialistic comfort and "see" people like you [and me] as wanting to take that away from them. We are perceived as "the enemy" in their brain-thinking [I say brain-thinking because their spiritual mind is yet to awaken - they don't want it to awaken because they "love" material comforts more than they love "Principle"/God.]

"Many are called; FEW are chosen." My job is to help find The Chosen.

"The Chosen" have come some distance and because of their seeking have come to realize the fraud of "sovereignty" and individual nations. Please bear with me.

I hope you know this world is Satan's domain ["THY {meaning God's} WILL be done on Earth as it is in Heaven."].  

Satan has a MIMIC for everything.

We are told to be of One Mind and One Spirit.., that of "The Sovereign"/God.

You know this is God's Universe and therefore God's planet. You know He has laws for the Universe.

God gave His human/spiritual conduct laws to Moses.., the ONLY LEGAL LAWS FOR THIS ENTIRE PLANET [NOT the Amerikan CON-stitution and it's millions of man-made-up, color-of-law, laws that are UNjust and serve the elite].  

"A house divided CANNOT stand."  The world is nothing but divided houses. We are to be One People [God's children] living under God's UNIVERSAL Laws [across the globe].

With that said.., hopefully you can "see" the mimic. Isn't Satan fighting hard to mirror [mirror; an "image" that is backwards and NOT REAL] what God has ordained with his own NWOdor scheme? One world? One government? Global-ism [to go along with every other "ism" Satan has given the world]?

The masses, who live under Satan's materialistic "spell" will embrace the NWOdor scheme. "They" are his/Satan's.

God's Chosen can "see"/have been shown what Satan is up to and are working equally as hard to bring about God's Kingdom [on Earth]. His Global Governance. Time is short. In this [metaphorical] game we call life.., we are WELL into the 4th quarter. Satan's time is running out and he knows it so from this point on..? everything from both sides will accelerate.., ultimately coming to a head-on confrontation. The Bible names it.., ARMAGEDDON. It is inevitable and it is coming SOON.

As above.., I offer this for whatever it may be worth. I know my views are not popular.., even in the "patriot community" but that is because they PREFER to BELIEVE they are "sovereigns" [a lie]. Patriots want to "return to the CON-stitution" which SUPPORTS the lie. I expose that myth. THAT makes me a pariah and that is okay. I remain undaunted in The Work I have been called to.

You did touch on one other point I feel is very valid, "Do you want to be a member of the New World Order? If not, you better get your gloves on and starting fighting. It has started; it is here…we need to do something now."

Hopefully, you will note, from your experiences.., even the patriot community doesn't know what to do. Please see "THE PLAN" @ www.i.am/jah/plan.htm   It is a long presentation but being as the future of the world hangs in the balance.., surely one would agree it is worth a VERY careful study. I am POSITIVE it is the ONLY plan of action that will work.

Long live The Fighters [for God],
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