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I was able to hear an interview with Alfred Adesk today. If I remember correctly, Alfred used to own/run the Anti-Shyster magazine but finally had to give it up because it couldn't support itself. I subscribed back when and found some very informative articles in it.

Alfred's problem was/is.., he "sees" what is going on in America and isn't fearful to speak out. Well, it finally landed him in jail.., for 11 months. He would not "take a bond", he wouldn't "sign" anything and he wouldn't take a "public defender". The "system" did everything it could to trick/coerce/intimidate him into giving "them" jurisdiction but he never did acquiesce. "They" finally released him. Alfred said that if he knew he was going to learn as much as he did from the experience he would have paid them to put him in jail years ago.

Alfred has tested "the strawman" theory and found it is true.., "they" haven't jurisdiction over the flesh and blood body WITHOUT your written agreement. The price was nearly a year of his life to learn this truth.
(If you can "see" this.., "their system" IS the mimic to The Kingdom of Heaven.., ALL VOLUNTARY.., EXCEPT one does not try to trick you into "volunteering". Can you guess which is which?)

I'll work from the presumption that few of you know about the Uniform COMMERCIAL Code (UCC). In brief, many believe the system IS the UCC. What that means is.., all governments are CORPORATE/COMMERCIAL fictions and they trick everyone into being a "corporate fiction"/"person" (hence the "strawman"). In that world they can operate in "voluntary" "contracts". Example; you get a state issued drivers license.., WILLINGLY. No one twists your arm, "they" test you and issue "their" license to the name of the corporate/ fiction person (an example of that is Robert J. Jones - the "Christian" "given" name to the baby..,the state makes out the license to ROBERT J JONES - all cap letters). When you sign (willingly agree) this "contract" for the drivers license, you become the fiduciary (responsible party) for the fiction operating in their fictional world of contracts and policies/"code"/color-of-law laws. Break a rule/policy/color-of-law law/regulation/etc. and they will trick you into accepting a "bail"/bond (SIGN a "traffic ticket"). You have unwittingly entered into another contract AND agreed to all of the rules/policies/color-of-law laws/regulations/etc. whilst agreeing they have jurisdiction in the matter (hence; "you have no standing in this court".., it's their court born of fiction.., a lie).

Alfred would not willingly sign himself into their jurisdiction so they finally had to release him.

There is a non-moving "movement" in America that believes this UCC/strawman information can be taught to one person at a time (as though once this is taught it is a magic-bullet IF the student can learn how to complete the "strawman process") and if the student will learn all of this and then be willing to spend a year in jail (because Ray K. in Grants Pass, Or. will testify FROM JAIL [as I write this] to the fact that the court "system" WILL ignore your "plea" regardless of the fact that you are right).., we can "right the system".

I can say with certainty.., THAT is NEVER going to happen.

People are walking around in a semi-conscious sleep state. Like "looking through a glass darkly" they are unable to "see" (with spiritual eyes) The Truth, so they believe in the lie. The lie being; the CON-stitution and Bill of Rights were born of Christian principle and God's Law. Because we (collectively) believe the lie, we labor in a system of intended obfuscation that has some 2 and 1/2 million MAN-MADE color-of-law laws/policy/code/regulations/etc. at the federal level ALONE!

ALL man-made CON-stitutions and all of the man-made laws those CON-stitutions have spawned are founded on lies. THAT is why they have ALL failed.., even as the American "revered" CON-stitution HAS (already) failed. It was intended to fail BY DESIGN so we would face ANOTHER revolution thereby keeping the "wheel of revolution" turning for another (approximately) 200 years. History HAS ALWAYS repeated itself BECAUSE we are yet to learn.., this is God's Universe and this is God's planet and we are here to learn His Laws and to OBEY THEM (IF we want to). (This planet is a "rehab school" but unlike publik skools.., THIS school does not "pass" man along until he learns.., if he is going to, hence; "revolution" /repitition/"staying back".) God's Laws are the ONLY lawful/legal laws for the planet and they were given to Moses and then reinforced when Jesus came Who said, "I am not come to destroy the prophets or THE (god's) Law. I am not come to destroy
BUT to FULFILL THE Law." I think that is pretty plain.

So why do patriots (our most aware?) waste their time, energy and money chasing "rabbit trails" like the UCC?? Simple. They have been deceived into looking in all the wrong places for "remedy". If they would understand this one simple fact: GOD'S LAWS = REMEDY AND JUSTICE they would quit their insane behavior. They will NEVER find a remedy anyplace else. IT DOESN'T EXIST!! Patriots keep chasing the same whore (all the endless rabbit trails in the "system") because it is often presented in a different gown. All of them (patriots) want to be the one (egotism/pride - what got all of us here in the first place) to prove the system can be beat. In other words, unconsciously (or consciously) THEY wish to be The Savior when in truth.., they are the next wannabe tyrants.

I hope you find this writing helpful because at this point, I don't know how to make a complex subject like the "strawman", more simple.

Hopefully you can see all of the insanity around AND IN YOU. Hopefully you can see you can't save yourself from the madness and hopefully you realize we are all a part of this madness (either man-made law MAKERS or man-made law OBEYERS.., meaning we are all a part of the problem). There is a time for "learning" about the truth and that is fine but then there comes a time when we must LIVE The Truth (act.., the moment you CHOOSE to commit/surrender to God's WILL). There is no "middle place". You are either IN (and one with) the man-made world system OR you "WAKE UP" and enter IN (and become one with) God's system. Simple.
Once you arrive at that place (if you ever do), there are others out here willing to help you along your way (actually "The Way"). Then we can enforce God's Law with "THE PLAN" at .


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