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From: Roland Croteau rolandcro[at]
Sent: Thursday, January 15, 2004 10:31 PM

Good Morning to All,

We hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Rather than send you another "Forward" regarding another aggressive move against our liberties by the evil forces behind the NWOdor, I thought I would "think out loud", present it for your consideration and see if there is anyone out there who would like to offer back some input.

Most of you know I was the "other fellow" that joined Bob Schulz in the "fast until death" in Washington, DC in July of 2001 but not as many of you know that during that 20 day fast I was given the opportunity to offer my thoughts on Bob's site..,

We were told hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people were monitoring Bob's site to track our progress. I considered those people, that audience if you will.., to be the most "AWARE" in this country. With that in mind, over that 20 day period, I posted a request at least twice (possibly 3 times - I can't remember) for other "patriots" to drop whatever they were doing and come join Bob and I on this "fast until death".

We are like lemmings. I could envision perhaps 5 or 10 patriots coming to DC. We could post that on Bob's site and if 5 or 10 would come then perhaps 100 would come and if 100 would come then 1,000 would come and if 1,000 would come then the proverbial dam would burst and we could potentially have MILLIONS come join us on a fast until death and THAT would attract international media and THAT would have to get the government's attention.

What Bob started could have been an historic "window of opportunity" for "patriots to ACT. WHAT could possibly be more important? Because WHEN we COMPLETELY lose this country.., NO ONE will have a "life" as we know it today. "Patriots"/dissenters to survive will have to go "underground" just like the "early Christians".

Do you know how many came to DC to join Bob and I? NONE! ZERO!! ZILCH!!! So, for all their whining and (intellectual) complaining (sitting behind their computers researching countless sites about conspiracy theories and what-have-you).., NOT ONE would ACT even when there was a public forum with 2 others already standing up ready to die for freedom (their freedom also). "Patriots" were given an EXAMPLE and an opportunity.., but failed to ACT!

What did that tell me about the "God-fearing, 'patriotic heart' "of this country ? It was all talk. Just show. Blather.

I had entered DC looking for three things. I was looking for THE truth regarding the income tax. If We the People (of which I, at that time, considered myself one) could get the truth about the income tax into a public forum then we should have been able to get rid of that evil leech (if not rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve) and arrive at REMEDY and REMEDY from evil IS Justice. So, I was looking for THE Truth, Remedy and Justice. What did I discover? None of the three exist in Washington, DC (the government, the "system") BY DESIGN. But worse.., for all the "patriots" talking about loving God and country..? when it came right to it.., that "moment of truth"..? where, if you want to be in this fight you have to "take the pledge" (to lay your life, your fortune and your honor on the line).., they were all blather.., EMPTY WORDS.., just like that FRAUD CON-stitution we all hold up as our "banner of truth"/"protector" and "savior". EMPTY, HOLLOW, meaningless BLATHER. Just words.

Let me ask you; HOW can we, who claim we are God-fearing, Christians who love our children and this country NOT ACT?? It is our watch. How can we sit behind our computers KNOWING that if we DON'T ACT to make things right.., our children will inherit a world WORSE than Nazi-Germany?

As you know, Bob and I broke our fasts when we were given a WRITTEN PROMISE from government to meet in a public forum. The PUBLIC meetings were to take place in late September 2001. Because of 9-1-1.., they were postponed until February 2002. I had "guarded optimism" they would ever take place and they DIDN'T.

Bob decided to continue to chase the rabbit trail of petitioning (even though the founding fathers were the "model"/proof that petitioning a tyrannical government NEVER works). I didn't know what to do. NO ONE seemed to have the answer and I had to quit "chasing my tail/rabbit-trails". I now deeply realized the lie (none of us are free - spiritually, politically or economically) and KNEW.., I had to LIVE FREE or DIE.

Not knowing what else to do, I sat down and wrote a 7 page affidavit (in "law" this instrument is to stand as TRUTH if not rebutted within 30 days). I broke it into 3 parts. Part A; my personal list of grievances (which applies to most everyone in the country). Part B; my personal "Declaration of Independence" (because I have a God-given DUTY to throw off an evil, oppressive government) and Part C; my "Rules of Engagement" because I understood "government IS force" and if I didn't acquiesce to their "might"/extortion.., they would eventually kill me. WHY WAIT!?!

I'm not one to be politically/economically tortured to death so I sent that affidavit to (KNOWING we should be pretty close to "top of the mind awareness" because only a few months earlier all of the following were receiving letters and e-mails regarding Bob and I) President Bush, Speaker Hastert, then Leader Daschle and all my congress-critters down to the local level in my state.

In my affidavit I warned if government were to try and harm me (with their "color of law") or my family or take my property they needed to come armed because I have a God given right to defend myself. I knew THEY were/are the terrorists and accused them of that FACT. I posted the affidavit on the internet and then settled in knowing NO ONE has ever won when put under siege (Waco being a good example). Now that I look back I was acting a bit like William Wallace of "Braverheart" when the "nobles" wanted to "negotiate" before engaging the British. When asked where he (Wallace) was going (as he was riding out to that meeting) he said, "to pick a fight". I had had enough of government torture (waiting for the next "registered mail" from the IRS or for them to come kick in my door - THAT is no way to live). My attitude was/is.., "let's get it on".

My affidavit found it's way overseas. JAH wrote me and said he had read my affidavit and if it were okay with me he would like to point something out. I was open-minded (not knowing what to do next) so I said sure (not having a clue as to who this man was/is). In my affidavit I said I would live under my God's Laws AND the constitution and bill of rights AS INTENDED (because I was taught and believed this country was founded by "christian men" and they had "framed up" God's Laws inside the constitution). JAH wrote back and said I couldn't do both. I couldn't live under God's Laws AND the constitution as ALL man-made constitutions are CON's. Realizing I am a "product" (indoctrinated/brainwashed) of this "culture".., I remained open-minded.

JAH asked that I read Deuteronomy 4:2 where it states plainly we are not to add or detract from "THE Law", God's Laws and then JAH pointed out that when Jesus came He said, "I am not come to destroy the prophets or the Law. I am not come to destroy BUT FULFILL the law." ("fulfill" properly translated = FULLY PREACH). THAT was/is very plain. In a very short time the last of the lie I was taught to believe unravelled. The Truth, Remedy and Justice I had been seeking had been laying on my night-stand for years but it had never occurred to look there (in the Bible), I had been taught to "look" for truth, remedy and justice in our man-made system of laws and it cannot be found there BY DESIGN.

In 1979 I had a very powerful spiritual experience that changed my life. Early on.., I intuitively KNEW I needed to do an extended fast but I didn't know what that meant so I eventually forgot about it. As my conversations continued with JAH, somehow (I've forgotten) the exchange got around to fasting and the moment I connected the dots in my mind I began a forty day water only fast (that turned out to be 47 days). Once completed I UNDERSTOOD WHY Jesus had shown us "The Way" by example. He said, "I am "The Way", The Truth and The Life". I FINALLY "got it" (after 23 years of half-heartedly searching). My commitment to God/Truth/The Son finally manifested in my life. I was being "called". I had to take my stand, lay down my "other life", pick up my cross and "follow Him".

I finally had been given what I had been searching for for so many years. BUT.., NO ONE else saw what I saw and counted me as a nut. My wife of nearly 10 years left me. Her family, my family, "friends", associates quit talking to me. This time I had "gone to far". Up until then.., my political antics/rantings/activities had at least been "tolerable" but this was too much. So, from a worldly point of view.., I stood alone again BUT I was no longer alone. I had finally connected to my Father in heaven. With JAH's guidance I was being shown "The Way".

Since that time I have left all behind. My job is to serve as an example of THE EXAMPLE.., Christ. We are to be Christ-like.., SELFLESS (lay down our lives for our loved ones). To emulate Christ we must DO what He did and that starts with a (at least) 40 day WATER ONLY fast so we can "kill off" the SELFISH ego-self. Once we get our will out of the way.., then and ONLY then can we live Father's (God's) Will.

My job also consists of helping to "spread The Word" and help other males THROUGH their fasts so they may be spiritually born.

For the performance of The Work, I've been given a number of "tools". Because "The Way" is so profoundly contrasting to the ways of the world, we offer "THE Law" as an audio presentation first. If folks can "stomach" that, it is strongly suggested they obtain "The Way Home or face The Fire" book as soon as possible. That book IS the spiritual survival guide for what is coming. NO ONE will survive without knowing and LIVING what is in that book for it is the "little book" that is spoken of in Revelations.

Now to talk a little bit about what I "see" regarding getting this information out.

Needless to say.., you will never see Us on mainstream media. Why? Satan controls it. It's all about the money and the information We offer is a huge threat to "the system". It destroys their selfish based, greedy, money driven, angry, evil system (of which we have ALL been a part of). We/I work to establish God's PERFECT system of Laws and governance.., the only lawful/legal laws for this planet (and the Universe).

With that said, We've had an awful time striving to get onto "truth talk radio" programs. Can anyone offer any ideas as to why that might be?

Recently, I was having a chat with Linda Kennedy. Linda is very active and knows many folks that are hosting these internet/radio "truth talk shows". I was telling Linda I was having a very hard time getting on any of these shows. She suggested the subject matter might be unacceptable to their audiences. After all.., they do have to have an audience to buy products so they can stay "on the air" - can't alienate the "consumer". So what does that suggest..? that even "truth talk radio" is subject to the beast's laws of commerce? Really. So do they REALLY pursue The Truth? OR do they stir the pot JUST ENOUGH to get disgruntled people to listen BUT NEVER offer any REAL REMEDY?

The information We offer is JUST WORDS. BUT.., I am being discriminated against by the talk radio community. I just heard Dave Von Kliest say they allow anyone to speak yet that was/is right on the heels of NOT letting John Kaminski speak on "The Power Hour" after they reportedly sought him out as a guest.

What..? no First Amendment even from the "patriot community"?

My job is to point others to INFORMATION. Whether or not they care to consume and ACT on the information is THEIR CHOICE. BUT, even those who CLAIM they seek "The Truth" stop short for fear of "losing audience". Sounds like a "money driven job" to me whilst allowing themselves to "feel noble" because they APPEAR to be fighting the NWOdor beast.., BUT I suggest "THEY" are the other half of the revolutionary wheel so I guess We will have to continue "The Work" the "old-fashioned way". Didn't the original colonial patriots use flyers? We offer a written flyer (to direct souls to more information) and a "verbal flyer" (CD/audio-tape of "THE Law") for free for anyone who cares to learn more about REMEDY.., not just "talk" about what is wrong.

With all that said.., can anyone offer another point of view regarding Our inability to get onto "truth radio talk shows"? Are we doing something wrong? Why am I perceived as "going too far" or being a nut-job? Don't they (truth talk radio hosts) ALL claim to be God-fearing Christians? Isn't what We are given to talk about the very thing they claim they are about? Doesn't make sense.., does it?

Shouldn't the "audience" have the right to hear what we have to say so they can CHOOSE for themselves. I suggest "truth talk radio" is the "same wine in a different bottle". "They" are no different than the mainstream press. "They" also "edit" what their audience will hear. Why? To protect their show/job/income/"purpose".

We/I welcome a contrary point of view.


P.S. When in DC I knew we ("the patriot community") were/are splintered. I knew that had to do with EGO's. I also KNEW we were without a "PLAN". Want to get on the ONLY right side (God's) in this fight? Do the fast. Kill off your own ego-self. Then, read God's PLAN at

We have been missing several things; A: The TRUE Leader, B: "The Way" to TRULY unite, C: a viable PLAN (The ONLY TRUE PLAN) of action and last and just as important.., God's timing. We now have all of the ingredients. Question is; can you "see" it and will you ACT?

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