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To All,

I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirit.

No one is writing about the "programming" (and it is "PROGRAMMING" for the mind) on television. It's been years since I've watched the major networks because the "programming" was an insult to my intelligence..., horrible mind-mush.

I am in a place where I can watch "free TV" (off-air) so I thought I would "tune in" and see what the enemy was/is up to. Oh, my.

Have any of you seen "Threat Matrix", "JAG", "CSI", "Hack", "West Wing", "Dragnet", "The Practice", "The District", "NYPD Blue", "Karen Cisco" or "Cold Case File"? WOW!!

I have had a sampling of each of these programs. Perhaps it is I have been away from this kind of programming for so long that it left me in awe of just how far "they" have come and how out-of-the-closet is "their" agenda. "Diversity" is in everything. Homosexual "characters" are almost completely accepted as "normal" and are in most of the "programs". White (inept) males or often "tolerated" under their black female bosses. Scenarios of central governmental covert agencies are laced into many shows.., they ruin "innocent" people lives and if it is discovered the "victim" is innocent.., they arrogantly won't even apologize.

More often than not.., females are the "action heros" saving their bumbling male sidekicks.

"Threat Matrix" basically condones and promotes "black bag" operations by our government and is getting us to accept any behavior (including torture) so long as "they" keep us "safe". Shows like CSI and Cold Case File will have us believe Big Brother law enforcement technologies are infallible. With cracking the DNA code they can solve cases that are 25 years old. Very impressive. But what is the underlying message?

I watched this tripe to see what the enemy is up to. Apparently they have been VERY busy over these past years and their attempt at mind-control would be laughable except for the fact that it must obviously be working. The masses are being sold on the notion that government is almighty, all-knowing and everywhere at all times.., in other words.., God. AND if you will trust this "god".., it/government will protect you.

I can only hope you are able to "see through" this "PROGRAMMING" also because if you aren't.., you will accept the insanity as normal.

For what it's worth,

P.S. Please feel free to pass this on to see if others "see" the same things I (and hopefully you) "see".

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