Police State Product Placement

I just saw an episode of the popular TV-series "24" starring Kiefer Sutherland and was amazed how filled with brainwashing/propaganda contents it was. Googled around for some articles about this, and below is an article I´ve found...

Oh, and hey, it´s called TV-programming... of the mind.

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Police State Product Placement


Alex Jones January 6 2003

Five years ago I would talk about a New World Order, a global government, an international criminal court, a world taxation system, a pan-American union. About half the callers to my radio show didn't believe me and said that I was making it all up. Now we don't get those callers and my show is conservatively a hundred times larger. Along with a massive expansion of affiliates that cover 35 states, I also have one of the biggest Internet listening audiences out there.

Now that the show has grown, you don't hear people calling in and saying 'the UN isn't going to take over' or 'there is no international criminal court' or 'there is no plan to destroy America from within'. I got on the air with the documents year after year along with many other great broadcasters and writers and told people what was going to happen. Now they've seen it happen on the nightly news, albeit with the Globalist spin on it saying it's all a good idea and we should just accept it. People still aren't taking enough action against the agenda because they feel as though they don't have any power. Believe me, you do have power. This global plantation will not succeed unless you forget your responsibility and don't get involved.

One of the most prominent and overriding factors that threatens us is distraction.

I was doing a broadcast in which we had a lot of callers from all over the country. Several of them would call in and bring up issues that we could not prove, issues that are speculative. I don't do that. I know the overall Globalist plan, what they're putting out, what their propaganda is and what their training is for their minions, so I will communicate to you what their long-term strategic goals are. They have said that they're going to use terrorism to convince us to accept this tyranny. It's all out in the open, so all I really do is project what's going to happen in the future from the voluminous data that suggests the future itself is set in stone unless we resist it.

The Globalists have a tactic whereby they will bind with a poison pill and piggyback kooky things with real factual evidence. They have a plethora of overnight nationally syndicated talk show hosts on air all week and every weekend, television and movie scripts, which discuss thing like
FEMA taking over and putting us all in camps and tyrannical world government. But then it will be followed with something like 'it's run from the South Pole by aliens' or 'it's run out of Area 51 by demons' - just incredibly ridiculous stuff. Then you have popular authors who will write about how the Federal Reserve is private and run for profit or how there is a Bilderberg group but will then go on to say 'oh, by the way, it's blood-drinking reptoid lizards from the 4th dimension, they run the whole show'. This kind of drivel is promoted and given airtime by the establishment. You can see it on shows like The X-Files - FEMA's in control, there's a secret government, but it's the aliens. So then when I get on the air and read out of UPI about FEMA's plans for mass round-ups, the average person listening has been inoculated against what I'm saying. They automatically say 'oh you mean space aliens, ha ha ha'.

I was getting a haircut by a new employee and the lady says 'well what do you do?' and I respond by telling her about my radio and television show. She retorts 'well what do you talk about?' and I say 'I talk about government corruption and how both parties are controlled' and she goes 'oh you mean kooky space alien stuff?' and starts laughing. I tried to explain to her that world history shows governments are corrupt and they always seek to centralize power in order to build empires. Still convinced that only kooks talked about government corruption, the lady said she listened to overnight talk show hosts for the purposes of entertainment. I said 'if you'll just go to
Infowars.com, you can read Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, Washington Post, Houston Chronicle, you can see this stuff every day'. I only talk about real things that are actually happening - but she'd been inoculated against me. She'd heard all these technicians, these willing servants (useful idiots in some cases), all over talk radio, the news and television shows, which merge fantasy with cold reality. I want people to recognize and understand this paradigm. On my show we cover real things, real legislation, real public statements, real reports of what's happening.

There are many other facets to the propaganda. I've been talking a lot lately about Kiefer Sutherland and the Fox show, 24. I've now seen two episodes and ads for several others. Every time I tune in, the militia works with Al-Qaeda and they're going to nuke major cities. Kiefer Sutherland has to torture people and put guns to their heads, but he's a hero because he's saving America from the terrorists. Then I tune in to local talk radio and hear the host saying 'you know, I bet the militia works with Al-Qaeda, I've just got a feeling'. So you see that the general public cannot differentiate reality from fiction, truth from theatre. The television shows and the movies are all about how the right wing's going to kill everybody at any minute or about how the evil woman who beats her kids believes that the IMF and World Bank are bad, therefore CPS has to take her kids (ER's Judging Amy). Every time I turn the TV on I see this. I can't even watch more than an hour or two a week, most of which is news; it's just too painful.

I just want listeners of my show to be aware of this. For people passively tuning in for the first time, I just want them to think about how they're being bombarded, conditioned and acclimated. They should be angry that this is taking place. It's not my opinion that the Pentagon and the White House are involved with product placement in radio, television and print. If you don't know what product placement is, just watch a modern day movie. You will see a Taco Bell meal and a Pepsi being consumed by the star of the film. Somebody's going to be drinking Budweiser, somebody's going to be smoking Marlboro. This is the 50-year-old format of product placement. Starting about nine years ago during the Clinton administration, there began product placement anti-drug messages. The government began spending tens of millions a year just in Hollywood movies and television, paying for product placement. At the time, conservatives rightfully decried this. The product placement was of a police state brand, mainly anti-gun (semantically mixing it in with anti-drug for manipulation).

Under Bush, product placement has moved on to pro-war, pro-empire, anti-patriot, and anti-gun. Product placement has been boosted up to $80 million a year just in Hollywood alone. $80 million buys a lot of product placement. If you want to have your product mentioned on a show like Friends, it will cost you about $100,000 per line. In a movie it costs $300-400,000. But these are not ads for Coca-Cola, Taco Bell, PepsiCo, Budweiser or Marlboro. The new brand is 100% police state.

From my research I was able to conclude that there was indeed government funding of the show 24.

So when someone mentions FEMA and then ties it in with space aliens, you're witnessing a neutralization process. There have been payments made to broker this manipulation. This is serious business. I had one of the top individuals running all this, Lionel Chetwynd, threaten me before the nationwide television show Conspiracy Zone on TNN. The reason for his appearance on that show was blatantly to shill for FEMA.

Corporations pay television and movie producers tens of millions a year for product placement but it's a little different when government do it. We really should call it propaganda placement. The technicians of propaganda know that, whereas someone will critically watch the news for a slant, they will not enact the same filter when viewing a fictional television show. You will suspend your disbelief, you're there at the theatre to be entertained, you're there to forget about your bills and day-to-day troubles. You're there to enter into a different world for two hours. You're there for a little R and R. Meanwhile, you're being bombarded with anti-American propaganda - not just the advertising garbage being pumped in by the major sponsors.

So how many of you were aware of this? How many of you were shocked to hear this? How many of you don't believe this simple fact? Just type 'product placement' into a search engine and prepare yourself. It's one of the fastest growing media developments of the last 12-15 years. Now government has got its hand in the cookie jar of almost every type of media production.

The propaganda is absolutely everywhere, it is omnipresent. So when you see all these plots over the last decade of how the militia launches anthrax attacks on the people and how they're all evil and beat their wives and children, chances are that was paid for. That's not just the agenda of the socialistic Hollywood director. You're talking about $80 million just being paid for movies and television by the federal government (set up by Clinton, doubled by Bush).

Remember the shows on CBS and ABC being decried by conservatives? Hour-long Christmas specials filled with anti-gun, anti-American propaganda - remember that back in the nineties and the outrage that came as fallout? Well it's much worse now; it's at least doubled in size. There is also a multi-million dollar facility that 'helps write the scripts'.
The Pentagon works with Fox, Paramount and Viacom out in Los Angeles. They help the producers 'give reality to the scripts'.

This is just another example of the control and the wall of lies we face. I'm interested in gauging how many people were aware of this, how many had picked up on propaganda placement in fictional dramas and movies. Are you just going to sit there and be wilfully manipulated?

If we can adequately educate a sizeable group of people and then have those people educate others, this whole house of cards is going to crumble. The average conservative is convinced that there is a liberal bias; the average liberal is convinced that there is a conservative bias in media. The technicians of propaganda and mind control - also known as perception management - have developed catch pockets. They know that a lot of thinking Americans are going to figure out that there's a slant in the nightly news so they convince people that 'it's a conservative bias' or 'it's a liberal bias'. Then you'll just conclude that the whole spectrum is just a process of jockeying for political power at the party level. It is a military industrial complex bias, it controls the left and the right in America, and it's accelerating us towards an Orwellian state.

If we are not aware of police state product placement, we are subject to the subtlest form of brainwashing currently in known existence.

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