Why wars?

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

Just received this quote below today. In my opinion.., it pretty much sums it up. Why wars?

"We are each one of us responsible for every war because
 of the aggressiveness of our own lives, because of
 - our nationalism,- our selfishness,- our gods,
 - our prejudices, - our ideals, all of which divide us.
 And only when we realise, not intellectually but actually,
 as actually as we would recognise that we are hungry or in pain,
 that you and I are responsible for all this existing chaos,
 for all the misery throughout the entire world because
 we have contributed to it in our daily lives and are part
 of this monstrous society with its wars, divisions,
 its ugliness, brutality and greed — only then will we act."

                                          ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

In my view; if we will not figure this out; if we will not SEE and admit our own selfishness [and repent of it and help build God's Kingdom here on Earth rather than our own petty little worlds]; if we will not learn and understand from what Jesus said ["I and My Father are One"]; if we STUBBORNLY and ARROGANTLY will not be of One Mind and of One Spirit [that says, "Love thy neighbor AT LEAST as much as you love yourself"].., then we will suffer ALL of WWIII and Armageddon. And each one of us individually will have chosen it. We bring the suffering on ourselves.


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