A Message of Love

I saw you one day when I opened my eyes, your message was loud and clear
Work only for me, be as good as can be, sing a song of Love to keep me near

I read your message for the day, seems simple when we say, there's more than enough to go round
Think of me when you talk, have Faith when you walk, Ignore the imposter's great sound

First he'll be kind, to help you unwind, giving earthly wealth in good measure
See through the lies, because the only surprise, is that his presents have no lasting pleasure

I thought to myself, why did it take me so long, to find you and be in Love again?
To rise up and see, what's waiting for me, should I choose to give Love and not Pain

I walked through the trees and I fell to my knees, I knew I had now lost my Way
You said, to avoid this next time, don't dance to his chime, and listen to each word I say

Always with a smile, keep laughter in your heart, though sometimes your path is uneasy
Walk with me now, don't be tempted to stray, a guide I will be when you need Me

A blanket of Faith, to protect us all day, we must all ignore our desire
Now we have been shown, there's just one Way Home, to pass through we must first quench the Fire

Always with Me, Always with Love



Dearest Master/Friends,

Father spoke to me today (Thank you). A message I believe He wanted me to pass on. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Please could you check this for me Jah,

Thank you very much,


Love, James