Virus in the Network

Hello Friends,

I hope this finds you well and in fine spirit,

After reading The Way home or face The Fire again, the thought came to me today (Thank you) of God being an all-powerful server/mainframe. (TWHOFTF - Chapter 3 Verse 31-34) The server (God) has the most powerful, up-to-date software (Love, Energy, Force). The server also has the most powerful firewall imaginable, impenetrable by ANY attack. Unfortunately there is a Virus (Satan - amongst the workstations/terminals (Human + Beings) connected to the server/mainframe. Not all of the workstations/terminals have switched on their firewalls (Faith in God ONLY + Desire to do ONLY His Will) and the Virus has hacked in and hidden itself on the hard drive (Soul) of the workstations/terminals. In some cases, many workstations/terminals have completely disconnected themselves from the server. Fortunately, there is a powerful piece of Anti-Virus software available (The King of Kings Bible - This software will explain how to 'flush' the Virus from the Hard Drive (Fasting/Defeating the 'Self' Daily). Some of the workstation/terminals have not yet had this installed and are continuing to run, with the Virus hacking away at the vital files (Love/Faith in God) on the hard drives, unaware that whilst they continue to run with the virus, all of the other workstations/terminals on the network (Earth) are being corrupted. There is a piece of software available, which can be installed and will tell you if the workstation/terminal is corrupted by this Virus (The Way Home of Face the Fire - It will also explain how to install the Anti-Virus software (KofK Bible). The Service Provider/IT Dept (Christ/Jah) is aware of the problem and has been working tirelessly for many many years to remove the Virus.

Our Systems Administrator (Jesus Christ) came in to help remove the Virus, but sadly his work was not appreciated and He went Home. Thankfully, He (Christ/Jah) came back and really is doing a wonderful job, but there are so many workstations/terminals and we all need to work together to keep everyone online. So lets all make sure we switch on our firewalls everyday (YODA + Learn to be like Father/Christ -, regularly update our Anti-Virus software (KofK Bible) and make sure The Way Home or Face the Fire is installed on as many of the other workstations/terminals as possible.

The similarities in this metaphor end here though. When Judgment Day arrives, the computers will go up in the Fire. But it doesn't have to be like that for us! Do G(o)od or do (D)evil, there is no in-between.


Love, James

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