The Bird Flu Pandemic Fiction

            Another Case of  the CIA Disinformation Program

Today's Top Story contains the  statement “Scientists say H5N1 is mutating steadily and may eventually acquire the changes it needs to be easily transmitted from human to human.”

That part of the news story is complete fiction. Viruses are NOT alive and do not mutate. Bird Flu only infects birds, not humans. All  influenza comes only from birds, and from the ancient bird precursors, the dinosaurs.  It is very easy for viruses to be generated among   “cold-blooded” animals such as reptiles and birds.  Since, they cannot  produce fevers to stop viral replication in their bodies.  Sometimes pigs  can "catch" the bird viruses if they are raised living together. Humans can  "catch" pig influenza, because of the extreme similarity in the cell tissue  types.  But that process is NOT mutation of the virus, only a change in the outer coating of the virus.  What keeps mammals from getting reptile or bird viruses is the difference in the outer coating of the  virus.

The greatest danger of the current prevalent H5N1 virus is it  gets changed to have an outer coating of a human or pig virus. The creation of  the pig virus is very rare.  If a pig sick with pig influenza is sneezed on by a bird sick with bird virus, then the bird virus can enter a damaged lung cell caused by the pig influenza. With millions of pigs and ducks raised together in eastern China this still only occurs several times each year. It is extremely rare.

The current "pandemic" of H5N1 among birds is properly called an Epizootic or Panzootic since it only occurs among animals.  For it to be a Pandemic among humans the outer coating of the H5N1 would need to be changed to the human form. Will that ever happen? It has already happened months ago in the Labs of the CDC.

The CDC has already made samples of the "live" human form of the H5N1. The CDC said they did this to help in the manufacture and testing of a future H5N1 vaccine. See: The recent statements by CDC head Dr. Gerberding. If there is a human pandemic of the  H5N1 Bird Flu, it will not come from birds. It will come straight from the Labs at the CDC.

The CDC has already sent "live" samples of the man-made Human H5N1 virus to many labs around the world for testing. The virus could escape from anywhere. This is biological and economic warfare and terrorism at its worst. The human samples were manufactured and man-made in  the US. What the Chinese, or terrorist groups, decide to do with their samples is up to them. (See: “The Tamiflu Myth,” on the BroJon front page)  

    Marshall Smith
    Editor, Brother  Jonathan Gazette
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