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Couple of questions for everyone:

1. Can a house build itself? With all carpets, heating, furniture and other things? Is it easier to create a house or create a life? Answer these questions for yourself before moving to next ones.

2. Even if you answered that a house can build itself, let's concentrate on scenario MUCH HIGHLY probable, that the house and Life are designed by superintellect. Next question: What is the only NECESSARY condition for intellect to develop? Can one person learn and the other become more intelligent? Not really. The ONLY NECESSARY condition to develop intellect is the INTENT. We have to conclude that intellect can develop ITSELF by direction of its INTENT. Suppose you dont think. Then after some time you will "decay". So the intellect has also a motive to develop by ITSELF. (proof of this development of intellect is in YOU)

3. What are the needs of developed intellect? What about need of feelings? What particular feeling is the most pleasant and always satisfying? Isnt it LOVING and being LOVED? Just by examining yourselves you can find out that any developed intellect has a NEED to LOVE and TO BE LOVED.

4. What is the True Love? How does True Love happen? One thing is for sure - it happens because of exachange of feelings. To experience Love - you need to love and to be loved. Do you want a proof? Imagine that one of above is missing....

5. Exchange of feelings? Exchange with whom? If there is Supreme Intellect (God) ALONE in Nothingness? To make this exchange possible the Intellect needs a company.

6. How to design a system in which the possibility of experiencing Love is maximized?

Can you force anyone to love you? Can you demand being loved? Would you really love someone if there are "conditions" attached? What happens to True Love in such situations?

The moment we force love - that High Feeling - Love stops existing. It is instantly replaced by feeling such as disappointment, bitterness etc as soon as conditions are discovered...

Summary - in order to experience True Love - the autonomy of individuals cannot be in any way compromised. Individuals have to CHOOSE by THEMSEVES to give their Highest Feelings to others.

7. Since the individuals have ultimate autonomy - you have no guarantee that they will choose to love you. What can be done to "inspire" individuals to CHOOSE to Love without intefering with their free will?


.... the Credits of this thoughts are given to Thomas Chalko in his book Freedom of Choice (he wrote most of it at 5th week of fasting)


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