Know how to use your energies

If you read the great Book of Living Nature you will realize that, in order to evolve satisfactorily, it is essential to know exactly where one's energies go, what one spends them on, what use one makes of them. This is just one more area in which human+beings do not have the light they need.

They squander their energies frivolously and unthinkingly on whatever takes their fancy. But to live in ignorance of how to use one's energies makes it virually impossible to advance and evolve. We are responsible for our energies; Heaven has not given them to us so that we can waste them, and the use we make of them will be noted on our record. The Book of Living Nature says, "Blessed are those who devote all their physical, emotional and mental energies to working for the good of mankind and for the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness."

A close look at human+beings will show you that they are not really aware of all the energy that has been given to them so that they may live. They have no idea how precious it is, how much the Lord values it, where it comes from or what it has cost nature to manufacture it for them. It is in things like this that one sees that man is not very highly evolved, for he wastes his energies on fits of anger, orgies of sensuality and selfish, criminal activities without realizing that, in this way, all that priceless treasure goes to feed forces of Hell. If I told you that it was human+beings that nourished the forces of Hell you would be astonished, and yet this is the truth. Out of ignorance, most human+beings spend their lives nourishing, sustaining and supporting Hell. They've never been told that they are responsible for the way in which they use their energies - and it is not at University that they are going to learn this.

One of the first tasks of a disciple is to become conscious of how he spends his energies, for they have been carefully counted, weighed and measured.

When Heaven sees someone wasting his energies in harmful activities, it shuts off the supply. It says, "That man is dangerous; he has got to be put out of action." Do you know, for example, why some people are drunkards? It is because the Invisible World chose that way to render them harmless. If they were in full possession of their faculties they would use their destructive energies to create havoc in the world, but their abuse of alcohol chloroforms and stupefies them. They are incapable of doing any harm. This is not true in every case, of course; there are all kinds of reasons why people become alcoholics.

You should continually be aware of how you are using your energies, continually ask yourself to what purpose, in what direction you are using them. There is nothing more important than this, for Heaven watches you and sees what you are doing with all that wealth it has entrusted to you, whether you are using it for purely selfish purposes or for a divine purpose. That is the question. If you ask yourself this question lucidly every day, many things within you will improve unbelievably. To be sure, you will not succeed in bringing everything into line from one day to the next, but at least you will learn to be conscious. Never forget that without this consciousness you will continue to be subject to karma.

As long as you have still not consciously taken control of your life and started to synchronize the vibrations of every particle of your being with the vibrations of the divine world, you will be subject to the blind forces of nature. This is the situation of most human+beings, because no one has ever shown them the importance of working on their inner life. It is of vital importance to realize that, if you oppose Cosmic Intelligence with a way of life contrary to Its design, you will progressively disintegrate until there is nothing left of you. Perhaps you will exclaim at the cruelty of Cosmic Intelligence in destroying those who reject Its laws, but the truth is that it is not Cosmic Intelligence that destroys people. It has never wished to destroy anyone. But if a man is stupid enough to pit himself against Immensity, the forces opposing him are so powerful that he will, inevitably, be torn to pieces. It is only to be expected. If one puny human+being tries to stand up to a whole army, he will soon be wiped out. If an insect batters itself against a window-pane until it knocks itself out, is it the fault of the window? Men behave like insects: they pit their strength against the Divine Law, against the splendour of the universe... they love a good fight! But they are heading straight for destruction and it will not be God Who destroys them, but themselves.

A disciple must seek, first and foremost, to attune himself to Cosmic Intelligence. Every day, he must try to vibrate in harmony with this Immensity, to melt into It, to open himself to It, to let himself be caught up and swept away by It. The only way to do this is by love, for the only way to become one with another being is to love them. This is why Jesus said, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." God does not need our love, He can get along very well without it. He is the source of love and is an inexhaustible supply and it is He Who gives it to us. It is we who need to love Him in order for Him to supply us with love, for us to then give love to others around us; thus it is to our advantage. Jesus did not say, "Think of the Lord, unite yourselves to Him, do His will". He simply said, "You shall love the Lord your God", because only those who love each other can be in tune with each other.

And this is what I am saying, also, when I ask you to attune yourselves every day to that Supreme Intelligence, to act in accordance with His will without even knowing exactly what it is. We often do not know what God's will is, but we should always be ready to do it, whatever it may be. That is what love is. When you love someone you are always in harmony with him; even before you know what he is going to ask of you, you are ready to trust him and do everything in your power to please him.

Amongst all the things I tell you, there are some points that you should think about every day and others that may apply only in certain circumstances. What I am telling you, today, about how you use your energies, is one of the things that you must note down and think about every single day, for I shall not always be there to remind you of it. There are a great many things that you can leave to one side, but this is not one of them. Every day, in all the different circumstances in which you find yourself, you are asked to be conscious of how you are using your energies. You can do this wherever you are: in the street, on the bus, at the dentist's, in your own kitchen - wherever you are you can glance into yourself and ask yourself, "Let's see, if I do this or that, what is it going to cost me? Ah, I can see that I shall be feeding the swine with all that is most pure and divine in me. No, I'm certainly not going to commit myself in that direction. I don't intend to spend my energies on bringing back the dead." As Jesus said, "Follow me and let the dead bury their own dead."

As you see, it is essential to be clear about the work to which we must devote our energies. I cannot insist too much on this point.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

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