Your Best Friend

He's with you in the morning, He's there all through the day, He
Love's us in the evening, He's never far away
He lights a little candle, to illuminate The Way, even when you're
feeling down, His Love will always stay
You wake up with a smile, you start to wonder why, reading words of
comfort, the Kingdom's all inside
So when you lay your head to rest, at the end of a tiring day, be
alone and share the Love, He hears us when we pray

With every word so special, that's there to help you grow, no one bad
can stop you now, the Good you will always know
Never shut the door to Love, He's there with open arms, wondering
when you'll be back Home, so forget your worldly charms
As time goes by and children cry and friends grow old together, only
He can help you now - we're in for stormy weather
So fear not child, you're in safe hands, but you must accept this
gift, choose your side, learn to abide and Love the one you're with

Remember that you've got a friend, but He longs for our return,
elevate - set your spirit free, now the earth will surely burn
His Love and words are a shining through, He's singing in your soul,
remember what you must achieve, salvation is the goal
The path may now seem rocky, but keep up with the pace, the prize is
there for the taking, live in His secret place
Now time is short and the trail is long, fight with the Force alone,
do this with His Love in your heart and you'll be on your Way Home

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