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Dear Rose [and to all whom share a cocern for their children's future],

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

We offer the following thoughts for whatever it may be worth to the reader.

Thank you Rose for your continued work. I know you have been at it a long time.

Particularly, in the past few months, I am starting to hear the word "ego" more and more within the "patriot community" and on "truth talk radio shows".., including Alex Jones and "The Power Hour". I am glad to at least hear the subject coming to the fore.

For years I have been calling it "the non-moving freedom movement". I believe the reason it is non-moving is; NO ONE can unite. I believe the reason for that is.., or should be.., self-evident but it apparently isn't. It is/are the egos that keep us divided [we are instructed to be of One Mind and One Spirit].

Alex Jones recently said he "needed some ego" to be able to do his show. I just wrote to him yesterday and said.., that is not true.

Everyone on this planet [save JAH] has an ego. The ego, in its state of delusion, "sees" it-self as a god and a god cannot be wrong. "It"/the ego-self is at enmity with God.

The problem, as I "see" it, is simple. EVERYONE, "believes" they are right which, by taking that position, by definition, means your ego, my ego, Alex Jones' ego, etc. "sees" everyone else as WRONG. No wonder we can't all get together on the same page at the same time. There can only be One Leader. And NONE OF YOU ARE IT.

For purposes of this conversation and to help make my point.., would it be fair to say THE EGO-SELF has got to go/be killed off in all of us?

How can man "serve" his ego-self [Satan really, the father of lies -who has deluded all of us ego-selfs on this prison planet for the criminally insane into believing we are gods {i. e. Genesis 3:5}] and God? Man cannot serve two masters. But everyone acts as though they can.

So what is the root of our collective and individual problems on this nut-house, warring planet? What keeps us locked onto the wheel of countless revolve-olutions - NEVER learning from our mistakes - if not the ego?

It matters not what man devises for his systems [i. e fascism, communism, "democracy", etc. - actually ALL inspired by Satan]. He/man is a disobedient liar who has for centuries listened to his lying father, Satan and OBEYED him. And that.., in a nutshell is WHY we are in this mess and WHY God is stepping in now, in this End Time, to put an end to our collective madness.

If Alex Jones, or anyone else wishing to be a true channel for God.., wishing to be an effective spokesman to spread God's last warning to ALL of mankind.., want that job..? then the EGO HAS TO GO. [Can you "choose that job" or does God choose you?]

Just like "talking about" what to do to stop the political insanity in this country.., what are "supposed", God-fearing patriots going to DO about their egos? Talk about that also?

If we are FINALLY [at least some of us] WILLING to admit WE ARE THE ENEMY..? and REALIZE we must defeat the enemy within first [i. e. the ego-self].., what are they/we/YOU going to DO about getting rid of the/YOUR ego? TALKING is just talk and will get the same results the patridiot movement has been getting for decades.., NOTHING.., or perhaps better said.., more of the same [madness].

Hopefully you can see.., "cleaning house" in congress and all the legislatures is NOT the answer. All we will end up with is MORE ego nut-case "leaders".

Returning to the "CON-stitution" cannot be the answer either. More "hacking at branches".

If anyone wants to change the world.., they must learn HOW to TRULY change "self" [as Jesus taught]. Because once the [ego]-self is "delivered/killed off" , meaning you have TRULY changed.., then the world DID just change.., didn't it?

For the past three + years [since my Washington, D. C eye-opening experience] I have been given to beat on this same drum. I have said it in a number of different ways but it has always been the same basic message.

"Patriots" aren't patriots. They are egotistical PATRIDIOTS. They are the next set of WANNABE tyrants. Everyone of them believes THEY KNOW BEST. All have "insights" but they ALL have egos - and most of them are HUGE. Do I wish to trade them for the thugs in Washington and elsewhere? Absolutely not. Let us work to help God end this ego/playing-God-madness and build His Kingdom under His Laws and ONLY His Laws - the ONLY LEGAL LAWS for this entire planet. "THY Kingdom come ON EARTH as it is in Heaven". Surely you can't believe all the "christian" churches have been building God's Kingdom here in the past 2,000 years. Look at this planet!

Where are the rest of you that "see" this? I KNOW you are out there. Are you ready to awaken yet or are you still playing the stupid idiot believing the lie "we have to get back to the CON-stitution"?

The Way home or face The FireThere are approximately 4,000 souls a month downloading "the little book" spoken of in Revelation 10 . It is a free download and can be found at: Please be patient when downloading. It is a small book and will require a few minutes to download depending on your server. More than likely you will get a blank page while the download is happening.

Four thousand souls a month is nice but it is not enough. Time is growing VERY short so, hopefully the rest of you [God's children] will start waking up SOON so you can learn how to get rid of your ego-self and UNITE under God's banner so We can get about His business and REALLY start building His Kingdom. There is THE PLAN/God's PLAN to help us get going. It can be found at Study these works carefully, please. All the Biblical cross-references are there.

Additionally.., Our Leader is here. But EGOS cannot "see" Him.

So there you have it. Check it out for yourselves or not. Either way..? it is your choice. From this moment on however.., you will not be able to say you weren't told.

Hope you decide wisely.

Long live The Fighters (for God), Roland



On Nov 4, 2005, at 5:39 PM, ROSE KING wrote:


Who wants to be told they need anything? We hear this "YOU NEED" to from every direction there is these days. Who needs? Is it you, or is "it" ego? You are right Alex. It needs because it is ego. And the ego thinks it needs and that everyone else needs also because some how, we have been conditioned to believe this in our insecure states of mind.

It's OK bro. The knowledge is the Light of God and you are a bearer of Light! Ego was not a creation of God but rather, a creation of the dark side to divide and use for easily conquering whole civilizations. Divided we fall remember! God did not create ego in Man, man created ego in Man. Ego divides! Division is the dis-ease of man/woman/etc and was created by the same said man/woman/etc. If we are not at ease, then we are dis-eased. Is this what we choose to be, or is it the ego that keeps us from being at ease?

"There is no time for partisanship" ---Alex Jones

You are right again - good one. We must all come together as one in unified teamwork to save the country and what America stands for. FREEDOM! We all Love our freedom!! Freedom does not require corruption or ego.

This ego thing is the spiritual dis-empowering energy that is created by the dark side to keep humanity off balance and in constant pursuit of the materiality of life. It has served well dividing the children of God's creation for each are seeking everything but the kingdom of God outside instead of finding it first inside. We are never divided in God's view. Did we somehow collectively forget that we are a creation of something far greater then we are? Since when does "all is one" not have absolute proof? The very make up of the human body is the proof that you are all of one source materially. The water that all bodies contain is absolute proof that my water is the same as your water and the same as all other water thus making us all One intimately connected via the water everywhere. What divides water in God's Kingdom? Man/woman/etc because it thinks it "needs to."

We are all victim to thinking "we need" because we won't grasp onto the reality that we don't need anything. God created us all inclusive. We have all "we need" when we are first born remember? What we learned, or were conditioned to believe in growing up from childhood is that the ego "needs" and the ego turns "I need" into "you need" and "we need" because "IT needs." The ego thinks because it needs everyone "needs" also and that all our "needs" are to be found in the material world. This begins the lifelong endless pursuit of all the material falsities that never satisfy. Like with heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and dysfunctional sex addictions, the conditioned being is never satisfied and the bio-bot spends the rest of its days, confused, wondering, and ever seeking after what you can never really have or take with you after you cease to breath. Satisfaction begins within first. Have we forgotten God created Man/woman/etc whole?

Ego has taught man/woman/etc-kind what "we need" is outside of ourselves and not how easy it is to find within first. What we find is simply Love! Love allows all understanding, compassion, compromise, salvation, and provides all we really need after all is searched through. Love is the Law! Once the Law is allowed, the ego is put into "its" proper place by the mind of the heart, and then all that we "need" is provided. Grace is the force that turns the wheel of good fortune day after day.

Now let it be known, there is a difference between what we need and what is necessary: It is necessary to eat, but we don't "need to" over eat. It is necessary to earn wages and to properly use the tool money; we don't "need to" be greedy. It is necessary to be righteous for this brings us salvation; we don't "need to" be evil. It is necessary to distribute the news and vital information to the public; we don't "need to" lie and purposely distort the Truth.

What is necessary is necessary for the substance of substance and the substance is Truth!

Please understand, we don't "need" anything but Love. To need is to admit to being dependant. Oh, the ego hates to admit that huh satan! How is a Nation Independent if it "needs" and is therefore dependant? Is Independent now Orwellian for dependant? Hummmm. And are we dependant on ego? How can there be individuality and diversity if we are not independent? Does an Independent Nation "need to" be dependant? Or is it necessary that this Nation be dependant on the common Knowledge that WE are a Nation founded on common Law and that WE have everything we need to be Independent. We also have all we need for the needy, no ego required. Can you say Share?

When we are constantly told "we need", "you need", "I need", "they need", "ego needs", we are being hurled into the material world to seek after what ever the ego thinks "it needs" or what "we need" at the time. This is the life long conditioning and you are taught this from childhood. Is it is wrong to go seek within one's self, or our spiritual world to find what we need first? On the contrary, it is necessary that we go there primarily to find what "we need" to understand a truly Independent Nation does not need at all! It is self evident that WE have everything that is necessary.

It's necessary to 'know' we are all spiritual beings and we don't "need to" continue to walk daily spiritually disempowered and befuddled by the material world everyday.

It is necessary to 'know' we are all God's creation and a well loved children of a compassionate Creator.

It is necessary to 'know', not just believe, the reality is the spiritual being we are. We are the reality! The body is just the material vessel
(container) of what we are, the spiritual being. It therefore stands to reason that everything outside our spiritual self is the un-reality, or for a better word, the illusion. Being master is learning to master the illusion and not it you. The master of the material world is none other than ol hokie pokie mr satanic energy and its manifestations. You can only serve one master. Is it the master of the material world, or the Master of the spiritual One? Trying to serve both a la' ego is why so many are unbalanced, unhappy, and never satisfied. Ponder this.

Now do we "need to" be confused, befuddled, and tilted in our daily walk by the un-reality every day? Do we "need to" be spiritually dis-empowered by the material world and the "need to" chase after what we think we "need to" have every day?

Do we need to? Only if we choose to. If you "need to" be "dependant" on being "dis-empowered" by the constant "pursuit" of what you "need to" have, find, seek, desire, want, or lust in the material Matrix, then God the Creator loves you so much you can! It is allowed to learn from and then the question becomes, have we learned? Have we?

Maybe we can learn to start re-directing the negative energy by saying things like: May I advise you toŠ May I suggest you tryŠ Possibly you could look atŠ You might likeŠ

And there can be constructive creations of more such redirections of the "you need to" energy. No one wants to be told they "need" anything. This is the beginning of the conflict with spirit for it knows it is complete. Serve your heart the spirit part, or the body's material "needs."

So this be said; choose well whippersnapper and think to your self the heart, do "I" the ego like to "need to" be confused and off balance in my daily walk every day? Or, is contentment Peace? Do "I" find peace within, or do "I" find it without? Do I need to?

Christ or chaos, you choose, I walk in Love,



Addendum: And last, let us give pause to thank two of Gods great arms of truth RBNlive. com, and GCNlive. com who have been sending out God's truth everyday. Soon hopefully, more on Saturdays and Sundays. Neither of these great bastions of truth can merely be called the right or the left. Together they are centered, and this is in the true spirit of brotherhood and the American family way. These two voices in the wilderness should be working closely to better the communications network and to further the common goal of spreading truth. We are all fighting for our freedoms, the one common bonding element that we all deeply love. God knows no division between those that fight for freedom so why would we? Let the communications networks communicate to help each other for the sakes of America. America is far too great to let small egos divide her. Remember, All for One, and one for all. United we Stand, and divided we fall. Let Love guide.

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