BONDED SLAVES OR FREEMEN AND WOMEN: What do these words signify? And what are they doing on my Birth Certificate?

BONDED SLAVES OR FREEMEN AND WOMEN: What do these words signify? And what are they doing on my Birth Certificate?

By Anita Karczewski

What do these Words Signify? And What are they Doing on My Birth Certificate??

I was recently putting some important papers in order and ran across my Birth Certificates. I have three Birth Certificates.

I was Born on January 13, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois.

Birth certificate one was issued by Roseland Community Hospital, the Chicago hospital in which I was born in 1938. It is written in ink in upper case and lower case script, contains the name of the attending physician and the hospital superintendent (two different handwritings, and a gold seal with the name of the hospital along with the word "corporate" with a number embossed on it. I am unable to decipher the number.

Birth certificate two was issued by the City of Chicago where I was born. It reads "Notification of Birth Registration" in upper and lower case printed letters This birth certificate has a file number and a gold seal which has "Board of Health" and "City of Chicago" embossed on it and two tiny pink pieces of ribbon sticking out from under the seal. All information on it is filled out in upper and lower case typewriting.

The third birth certificate was issued by the State of Illinois and reads "CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION OF BIRTH", all in upper case
(capital letters). It also contains a file number but no seal of any kind. All the information regarding my birth is typed in all upper case lettters. At the bottom of the certificate is what appears to be an embellishment. Upon examining this "embellishment" with a magnifying glass, I was stunned to find that it also contains the words "Columbian Bank Note". What does this signify? Should I attempt to "cash in" this Birth Certificate, would I then redeem my status as a living, breathing, flesh-and-blood natural Sovereign Child of God in the eyes of our government?

I am well aware that much has been said regarding the 1933 bankruptcy of our nation and that the Registration of Birth Certificates with our government did not occur till then, The Family Bible was the "official record of births, deaths, marriages" up till then, and each family kept its own records therein.." I have heard, but not yet seen proof, that our government pledges its citizens (through Registration of Birth) as Collateral to secure loans from various sources (other nations, World Bank, etc.). Have I just come across confirmation of this practise through my own Birth Certificate? Can I "cash in" this Bank Note? Should I do so, would I then gain the monitary amount I have been used as collateral for? What would be the proper procedure for doing so?

Perhaps those of you who are my age and younger will want to check out your own Birth Certificates to discover what our government has used us for and has never told us about. I do not consider myself to be "Chattel" to be traded by my government, and I doubt very much that any of you are willing "Chatttel" too.

Isn't it about time we find out what has really been going on in this nation since 1933, and how our government views us? Are we really merely "Human Resources" -- property to be pledged and used for government's nefarious purposes?? Or shall we just keep on "whistleing in the dark" and "hoping" that our government would not do such a thing to us and really has our best interests at heart??

Are we SLAVES (chattel)?? Or are we Sovereign Children of God??

Anita Karczewski

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