Dear Slaves

Dear slaves,

As you were sold to the Federal Reserve Bank when your birth was registered, then they own you and you are, quite literally, a bought and bonded SLAVE, sold into slavery by your own parents.

Seems like the Civil War didn't outlaw slavery after all. It just sold the whites into slavery too, alongside the blacks. By making everyone a slave they hoped nobody would notice the difference, or their chains.

How does that American song go? Land of the FREE and the home of the brave?

What a sick joke. I'm sure they wrote it specially to deceive all the sheeple into the illusion of the matrix and get the sheeple to brainwash themselves by repeatedly voluntarily singing it with the pride that comes before a fall. Or in this case is it after a fall?

It's well past time to call for Moses and get back to God's Perfect Laws of Liberty.

Are you willing to fight for the Kingdom and your freedom and pass through the "RED" sea? We need to recover The Ark, which is buried in the Hill of Tarah (Torah) in Ireland where it was brought to safety by Jeremiah the prophet via Tanis in Egypt, in 583 BC.

If you want to fight the Holy War (Rev. 17:14) to be free then visit:-

Get to work.


Peace be upon you,


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