The Ark of God's Law, back by popular demand!

Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionDo you want to be able to live free and be prosperous, or do you want yourself and your children to soon live your lives as slaves, or be killed?

Fight back now, whilst you still can, against a coming total global enslavement under the planned global bankster one world government (New World Order). The New World Order are planning to take away ALL of your God-given rights, and have already partially succeeded in doing so.

They have stolen what rightfully belongs to you and made you poor.

They have killed tens of millions of innocent people, in pre-planned worldwide wars.

They have taken the share of the poor for themselves.

They are rapidly eroding the last of your God-given freedoms that God’s Law protects.

They are destroying everything that your ancestors have fought and died for.

They are planning to kill billions of people, including you, your family and friends, with worldwide population-reduction programs, soon.

THEY* are only a few people, and they must be stopped now, before it is too late.


* THEY = The Hierarchy Enslaving You.

You can help to fight back against them and get back what they have stolen from you.

The ONLY solution, is to abolish all current man-made governmental systems and legislation, under which they steal from you and make your life a misery, which were all created by the New World Order’s evil puppet-politicians, and which are all illegal under God’s Law, and revert to using only God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty, which are contained in the first five Books of The Bible. God gave you His Law to protect you from these evil people and being oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, abused and killed by these would-be tyrants.

The New World Order’s system thrives on its worldwide banking system’s unlawful charging of usury (charging of interest) and its fiat currencies and fractional-lending - making money out of thin air – fraud. They use your hard earned money; that they steal from you, in taxes, interest and fines; against you and your loved ones, to pay the puppet-politicians to forge the metaphorical chains (legislation) with which they impoverish and enslave you.

Under God’s Laws, the charging of interest is illegal, as also are fiat currencies and fractional-lending and when everyone goes back to living only under God’s Law, then the New World Order’s system will crumble.

God’s Laws are fair and just for everyone, and He does not have one set of laws for the rich, and another set of laws for the poor, like the New World Order does.

Please sign the online petition, to the Irish Minister for the Environment, to grant a license to JAH to dig 2m x 2m (6ft x 6 ft) of flat rough grass, at the Hill of Tara, in County Meath, Ireland, to recover the world famous ‘lost Ark of The Covenant’.

The Ark of the Covenant contains the original copies of the first five books of the Bible, which in turn contain God’s Laws, which are fair and just for everyone, and do not favor the rich at the expense/cost of the poor. 

Your help is needed to recover it, and with it, your God-given rights, to a life of freedom and prosperity, free from the clutches of a tyrannical and evil New World Order.

Sign the Petition

Please sign the online petition, and visit this site:

Please also download, print and fill-out the request form and mail it to the address on it.

Thank-you, and may peace be upon you.

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From my research and

From my research and studying it seems more likely that the real ARK OF THE COVENANT was taken into the possession of the illuminati a long time ago. This was one of the many reasons for the Crusades done by the knights templer. They went to Solomon's temple to get it before anyone else could. It was then hidden by them and remains protected by them to this day.They did this to ensure that the truth never comes out because they know the massive effect this could have on the world and their agenda.

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the ark

the ark, is in ireland

in a book called "SUN AND CROSS"
by jakob streit on megalithic culture to early christianity
in ireland.
chapter 4
sons of milidh ,ellayoung quotes the legendary journey of the milesians.

"How got you knowledge of ireland" asked Ogma(the irishman)

O Champion, answered amergin(the milesian) from the centre of the great plain there rises a tower of crystal. its top
pierces the heavens, and from its ramparts of it
the wisest one
among us got sight of this land, .when he saw it , his heart
was filled with longing.... therefore we set out to seek that land, and behold , we have come to it.

when i read this , i knew in my heart what he said,
the mountian is a mointian of crystle that is in the clouds
in westeren ireland, it has what looks like a large stairway
and it is 2500 feet high ,

it where patrick threw out all the brass snakes on poles
into the ocean,

there was an attempt to find gold there by the phonicians/dannites but it was abbandoned with no gold to be found. leaving a mine shaft halfway up the mountian stairway.
i read a news paper article, that asked the question.
mount saint patric, did patrick make the mountian or did the mountian make patrick? SAINT PATRICKS MOUNTIAN THE MOST VISITED MOUNTIAN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!

this line jumped off the page at me.
i was there in july, but the lord , stopped me at the base of the mountian,
i have a round trip ticket to return with the next 6months.

my grand father, told me it was crystle, many years ago
,he was born there and came to america in 1925
in mayo
and there seem to appear a cloud out of no where, to hover
at it s triangle peak.

near the pillars of hercules, really the pillars of samson,
is cadats anciant gades, an ancient phonician city
in southeren spain, samson, moses, and david ar all burried ther.

and patrick mountian , used to be called LUGH' S
MPONTIAN, well lugh is really samson, they have the same story, just as herculees and melqart also have the same life story as samson.
samson means-- one who is like the sun
lugh- means -- the brite one
a lot of messed of translations
and so many historians think that. the people were
worshipping the sun, when really the wanted to be
like thier dannite hero , the wanted to be like samson

any way
much love

michael from phila

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love on another as i have loved you, (the new command)

we have nothing to fear

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