The Meatrix

"A sharp parody" -USA Today

"Fighting back in a way you might not expect…You don't want to miss it" -CNN Headline News

"We swear you'll never look at pigs the same" -Los Angeles Times

"The Meatrix manages to be both funny, clever and informative" -The Guardian (U.K.)

"Get ready for the Meatrix" -Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada)

"A brilliant, thought-provoking, little flash movie about factory farming" -Toronto Star (Canada)

"The Meatrix achieves something we didn't think possible- a pretty funny expose on the evils of factory farming" -Seattle Post Intelligencer

"As more people question the safety and nutritional value of the meat they buy, tools such as 'The Meatrix' present some alternatives" -San Antonio Express-News

"The little film that did…The revolution will not be televised. It will be emailed” -Adbusters

"Brilliant" -E! Online

"A cult Internet hit" -The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"Hilarious...a comic spin on an uncomfortable issue"

"The hottest online hit"

" beats the original hands down. Watch, Wachowski brothers, and learn." [The Wachowki brothers are the directors of The Matrix.] -Sunday Star-Times in New Zealand