American's Held Hostage

To All,

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

For whatever it may be worth to the reader I should like to offer some thoughts regarding the post below.

Before saying anything I would like to preface by saying, in my mind, there is no doubt this is a prison planet for the criminally insane [meaning virtually all of us.., some of us are just worse than others] and the "best of the worst" are running it and MOST everyone is following.

Imagine God, Who is everywhere and knows everything all the time, is looking down and observing the behavior on this planet. Can you look at us [and yourself] the same way..? as an objective, outside observer? Imagine you are a "visitor" from a sane planet where EVERYONE truly loves their fellow man and is ALWAYS courteous and respectful and would NEVER harm another. Can you even get a picture of that to come into your mind? Or are you so conditioned to wars and hate you cannot envision that?

Regarding the views offered by the author below.., I quote: "Maybe you are a pacifist, I don't care, but I say, America right or wrong, as long as we have troops on the ground. If you are unwilling to take a stand for what's rightfully yours, then why worry about the text in our Constitution?"

The first sentence in that paragraph makes no sense to me. "America right or wrong..."? How do we justify supporting or rationalizing what we know is wrong? Because our troops/children are there? How did we let that happen in the first place [if we are the supposed sovereigns?] and why didn't we put our "sovereign" individual and collective foot/feet down and not let them intimidate, brainwash, seduce [with money or other incentives/promises] or coerce our children into going?? We are supposed to be older and wiser and we are supposed to PROTECT our children from evil [and getting sucked into this regime's wars is EVIL]. It is our fault and then we get angry in our justifications and compound matters by saying we should support Amerika right or wrong? Am I missing something or is this not insane thinking? Why aren't we LOOKING AT OURSELVES????? There are millions of us and 537 of them [the CONgress, president and vice-president]. What is wrong with us? Why aren't we in there [Washington, D.C. and our state capitals and local town halls] and physically removing these greedy, selfish thugs from office? We KNOW voting is valueless.

Bobby Darren wrote in his 1960's hit [Come And Sing A] "Simple Song of Freedom": "No doubt some folks enjoy doing battle, like presidents,
prime ministers and kings. So let's ALL build them shelves so they can fight among themselves and leave the people be who want to sing."

So why don't we collectively say NO? Do you really believe your "congress-critters" care about you? Do you really believe other people like you and me want to invade us? Do you really believe wars are good for us? Do you really believe this is a government "of, by and for the people"? And even if it were.., is that in accordance with God's Law [please see Deuteronomy 4:2 and Matthew 5:17 and 18]?

We are an evil, arrogant, prideful STUBBORN people that WILL NOT obey God.., world-wide. That is the reason we are in the mess we are and that is EXACTLY why we are reaping what we have sown and why other nations children and our children are suffering the sins of the parents [our SELFISH failure to SEE The Truth and STAND UP FOR WHAT IS RIGHT]. If they [our children] ever figure this out.., I doubt God will help any of us. And all I see below is the author in denial about his own sins.

Regarding the author's second sentence; "take a stand for what is rightfully yours"? What is he even talking about? NOBODY "owns" anything on this planet. From God's point of view.., He has set us on this planet and is ALLOWING us the use of everything in hopes we will learn from the experience of this hell [hell = DOUBTING God and listening to Satan; what got us here living in his temporary, hellish "kingdom" that Satan is temporarily running]. From the globalists [Satan's minions] point of view.., they THINK they own everything, are letting you "use" it [while letting you BELIEVE you own it]. Either way.., you OWN NOTHING.

How about taking a stand for what is RIGHT?? Do we even know what RIGHT is?? Doesn't look like it? Ask globalists if they think they are doing the wrong thing. Ask bureaucrats and police if they think they are doing wrong. Ask "patriots" if they think what they are doing is wrong. Ask uninformed, could-care-less people if they think what they are doing is wrong. NOBODY THINKS or believes they are wrong and I submit to you.., WE ARE ALL WRONG. THAT is our problem. EVERYBODY BELIEVES it is somebody else and NOT them. There is a word for that. DENIAL. The entire world is collectively in denial.

There is a book on the net that is free. All one needs to do is go to and download it. Anyone having read that book.., their world and how they view this world changes forever. This whole mess is revealed. To the egotist.., they typically get angry. To the seeker.., it is water to the dying man in the desert. Ever wonder which you are?



Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist
Phone: 303-329-0481
E-mail: rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org

OPINION RELEASE: Re: [Scooplist] OPINION RELEASE: American's Held Hostage.

STANLEY NOTE: I personally respect Rick Biesada. I also support most of his views. I support most of his views made in this article. However, I believe the United States should get out of Afghanistan and Iraq NOW, and release the prisoners of war immediately to the countries we invaded. I support our troops, but do not support the wars. Either of them. I support our troops by calling for the immediate withdrawal of the American troops back to America. By the way, I publish many, many articles without comment. Sometimes I do comment. It is my right to comment or not. My lack of comment is not to be construed in a particular way, as many times I am just passing on information, for the reader to make up his own mind regarding the information forwarded. Please check out and the website at: and my own website at

God bless.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley

From: Beesba [at] aol [dot] com
Subject: Re: [Scooplist] OPINION RELEASE: American's Held Hostage.

Is Mr. Stanley allowing his Scoop column to promote anti American ideas? How do you explain the anti- Durbin remarks and by indirection, your support of what we are doing in Iraq?

As the author of this piece, I would like to explain something to you Mr. Hinckley, because by the sounds of your message, you obviously didn't read beyond the Durbin remarks.

It's all in the perception of what you consider anti- American. As a resident of Illinois, I consider Senator Durbin an anti American hypocrite. I have studied his Marxist philosophy for years while he held public office as a U.S. Senator, and U.S. Representative, and I can assure you that he slobbers out of the same public trough with the rest of the other anti American, globalist pigs.

Whether you like it or not, we are at war and those are our children and neighbors securing our liberty right now, beyond their, or your control. The least we can do is support them and try to bring them home. I do not support this war as I alluded to in the article, but I do support our American troops.

Durbin's remarks were repugnant. He is a panderer, not fit to hold public office. Most of these detainees were brought over from Afghanistan right off of the battle field. They are enemy combatants, not entitled to any special privileges or Geneva Convention Accords, they are detainees, prisoners of war. The Islamic Terrorists would, and have decapitated our prisoners of war, so I don't think that these detainees have it so bad.

I happen to love American's, my grandson is presently serving in the Marines. What Durbin did was an act of aiding and abetting the enemy. I believe the correct legal term is "Adhering The Enemy," seeing that you like to quote the Constitution and tell us about Congress Declaring an act of war. There are many things that the Constitution says, but nobody enforces any more. That is our fault for not being vigilant, shame on us.

Maybe you are a pacifist, I don't care, but I say, America right or wrong, as long as we have troops on the ground. If you are unwilling to take a stand for what's rightfully yours, then why worry about the text in our Constitution?

The fighting started now lets get our troops home and straighten out who started it, here at home, and hang the bastards who were wrong. Would you agree with this statement Mr. Hinckley, or is this a little too harsh or anti- American too?

What is anti- American, is the usurptation of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, by the very same despots as Durbin, McCain ,and Bush, as I tried to illustrate in my article, which you consider anti- American. Now if you are a Communist, Marxist, Fascist, or Socialist, I can indeed see where you are coming from, and being that you are such a Durbin lover, maybe you subscribe to all of the philosophy above?

My scorn wasn't directed at the citizens, it was directed at the subversionists holding public office, usurping our rights. This is what's anti-American, and this Mr. Hinckley, is the prime reason for a constitutional third party.

I hope I shed some light on this for you Mr. Hinckley, tune in again next week my column is going to be about Abe Lincoln and HIV. Rick B.

Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
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