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from JAH:

The young man who wrote the letter to Rick Stanley below needs to study The Plan and then promote it and its enforcement to his friends and generation in order to help set things right for everyone.

Well said Chris. Please study The Plan and the links I've added in your letter, including about your healing, and then I hope to hear from you.

Long live the Fighters (for God),



We the People Scoop 05/08/05 ** Special Edition **


STANLEY NOTE: Chris, I am forwarding your letter to thousands of people who NEED to see it. I honestly shed tears when I read it. Probably one of the first times I have cried since my grandmother died some thirty years ago. Many people think I am a hard man. I try and comport myself with honor and integrity. None of us is perfect, yet we must try. Your letter touched me because I was becoming so cynical, as America's cowardice continues to be the norm, while the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA continues to advance. Your age, your sincerity, your story of the education you received from a Patriot has touched me in a way to give me hope for this country. If your generation can indeed understand the concepts that you have learned, in spite of the conditioning and propaganda you have been fed each day of your life, perhaps there is hope after all. I will also read this on my radio program this evening. You are truly an inspiration to an old patriot of 50. I hope that I can inspire others as you have just inpired me. God bless you Chris.

By the way: Yes, all of my activities are monitored, probably like no other Patriot in America. They, (the government) are frightened by what I represent: Freedom and liberty. The real thing, not the illusion. They are afraid I am infecting people and because of this, I must be put away and destroyed. That still remains to be seen. I remain defiant. The twists and turns of the future are not known to us. Only the Lord Jesus Christ KNOWS what is going to happen. Our defiance is all we have left in the POLICE STATE OF AMERICA. Where that leads us, also remains to be seen.

LIVE FREE or Die! Rick Stanley

Quoting Chris Fry - christopherfry84 at

Mr. Stanley,

I am an insignificant spec in the grand scheme of things, and I truly hope this letter is intercepted by the police state's "carnivore" or "eschelon" programs, and I truly hope it's read by "big brother" so that they too will know that I am behind you 150%.

I am now only 21 years old, and have just now stumbled on your website which I've been reading and studying for the past three days, and I find it a shame that I hadn't come across it sooner (pre-July 4, 2003), as I would have shown up to the million gun march not only as a participant, but a heavily armed and active one. Honestly, I don't know why anyone would have showed unarmed, but I sure would have.

I am from the generation engineered by the government to be weak and powerless and accepting of all of the injustices they impose. At every turn throughout my short life, through the public education system, which has been heavily influenced by the government to only teach that which is beneficial to their ultimate objective, through the legal system for crimes that common-sense would hardly justify as crimes i. e. "Possession of tobacco" at age 15, I've had conformity (to their standards of living) crammed down my throat. Even my own parents and grandparents with their infamous saying "don't try to buck the system, it will only end up bucking you".

All the while, knowing full well that this wasn't the way things were supposed to be. Luckily, I was one of the "troubled youth" who slept through today's version of a history class, hence avoiding the brain-washing that was taking place there. Several charges filed prior to my sixteenth birthday for truancy, more than a hundred hours of community service served in a nursing-home in Marysville, Washington which as it happens, was the best thing I could have done, not realising that at the time of course, I met a man there, nintey-seven years of age who classified himself as a patriot, not a republican or democrat or any other political alignment, but a patriot.

I remember asking him one day as he was in the common area of the facility ranting his usual patriotic rant, "Why go against the grain? Why draw attention to yourself?" and just then it was as a bomb went off in the man's chest, and he practically took me under his wing and showed me exactly why he does and I should go against the grain and draw attention to ourselves. Over the course of the next three months, well after my community service had been served, but opted to stay anyway, the man and I conversed daily about the foundation of our country and the the state of emergency it's in and how not to sit idly by and watch it deteriorate when I have the power and ability to take a stand, and defend the rights that we were given by God, and secured by brave and selfless men who died to solidify them and my responsibility was simply to stand and uphold them.

The man died three months after I had met him, and I set to learning as much as possible about the roots of this nation and my role in the preservation of it. I didn't exactly paint myself as being a model youth, and maybe I factually wasn't, but a little background, despite my rebellion against school and my refusal to do homework, I received exemplary marks on the tests they gave me and the school psychologist had deemed it necessary that I submit to an I. Q audit my 8th grade year and it was determined by the state of Washington, that I was a genius with an I. Q of 152 (which doesn't mean a thing in my opinion), and literally rejected an invitation to join M. E. N. S. A.

I have never been known for being violent or mischievous, nor committed any act that would prove otherwise, so although non-conformant, I am not a thug. At seventeen, I began my fight with testicular cancer which I'm proud to say I won, and all the while, striken down by the side-effects of radiation treatments, I studied away relentlessly with my laptop, everything I could learn about TRUE AND UNEDITED AMERICAN HISTORY.

It was not the radiation that cured your testicles, but your search for God's Truth and the balls to stand up for what is right - God. This is explained in detail in "The Way home or face The Fire":-

I finally came to an understanding of who I was, and why I was here. You referenced the second revolutionary militia, if it costs my freedom, my assets, my life to preserve what it is I and my children and grandchilden are rightfully entitled, count me in, please add this e-mail address to your list, when the time comes that "We the people" rise up and take down the machine that is America's meat-grinder, I will be there. Benjamin Franklin once said, "The scriptures assure me that at the last day we shall not be examined on what we thought but what we did." There's more to being a patriot than self-proclaimation, and when my nation calls upon me to demonstrate this fact, I will be there.

- Christopher Fry

Dallas, Texas

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