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The Call to Arms


Greetings Truth Seeker,

Good day.

I hope this finds you well and in good spirit.

I cordially invite you to join The Call To Arms Yahoo! Group @

As you know.., Amerika is in great peril. Everyone [who has any awareness] is talking about it but NOBODY is DOing anything to stop the insanity. SOON.., our country will be completely gone and what will rise in its place WILL BE much worse than a Nazi Germany.

Time is of the essence for there to be The Call To Arms.., Now!

That is what this Yahoo! group is all about. There is "THE PLAN" of action of which we are 100% certain is the ONLY possible, potentially NON-violent course of action left for any of us. Please find "THE PLAN" @

"THE PLAN" is a FREE download and is 83 pages long. I hope you will study it VERY carefully regardless of how much you believe you already know for each sentence has been carefully constructed to lay a foundation for the next allowing for best comprehension by the reader the first time through.

I hope you do not take this lightly and once having fully read and understood "THE PLAN" will come and join us in our forum.

It is our watch. The future of this country and that of our children and grandchildren rests squarely on what we DO or do not.., right now.

Thank you for your time.

May peace be upon you,

Moderator, The Call To Arms Yahoo! Group

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