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To all,

We hope this finds you well, well-rested, in good spirit and having a good day.

As an update, Muad'Dib conducted a radio interview last night with OYM Ireland Radio, which went very well.

Today the Sovereign Independent and One World Scam have published in its entirety on their websites and Roger Hayes of the BCG has said that he fully supports Muad'Dib's effort and will get BCG to support Muad'Dib in his challenge to E2.

Here are links to the two papers' webpages -

We need everyone's help in spreading this important information to others to increase public awareness and support for Muad'Dib in this upcoming matter.

Please, send the above links and information to everyone you know that cares about freedom, especially if they are in Great Britain. Please do it now to make sure it gets done. You know you've never seen anything like this before. This kind of opportunity to set things right for all knocks only once.

LLTK!!!, LLTF. Prayerful Follower

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Slowsmile's picture

The defence is

The defence is ridiculous.

The "Stone of Destiny" plays no legal part in the coronation of a british sovereign - it is purely symbolic.

John Hill / Muad'dib / Jah is not the messiah - his "proofs" are fairy tales.

Logical's picture

I wonder if "slowsmile" works

I wonder if "slowsmile" works for the establishment, since his post mirrors EXACTLY what THEY said.

Why haven't you made mention of the absolutely binding contract Elizabeth made with the British people, as documented by JAH's submissions?

The Establishment refused to even comment on it because there was absolutely nothing they could say against it. So they just ignored it, exactly as "slowsmile" has done in this comment.

If the look, act, and speak like an establishment troll...... hmmmmmm?

JamesTheJust's picture

I must thank John for

I must thank John for revealing many historical truths concerning the true Israelites (the White Anglo-Saxon race), but beyond that he is terribly misguided.

Some of you have no idea what this battle is really all about. Some of you have no idea what really happened in the Garden of Eden. You haven't got a clue that there are literally two seedlines, one of Adam (the White race) and the other of Cain (whose literal father was the devil).

Yahshua knew all of this but apparently John does not although claiming to be The One.

Some of you even think that the damned jew is Judah! lol.

Still some, as evidenced by this article, sling around the word "Nazi" with all jew haste, as if you even know what a Nazi is past the jew definition of the term.

Some of you still vilify the Germans who are themselves Saxons (Isaac's Sons) and kinsmen! WWI and WWII were jew-instigated wars where we murdered our own kinsmen. We should feel greatly ashamed!

There are only twelve gates into the Kingdom and never have there been more. These are reserved for the White race and the White race alone who are provably the true Israelites of old. The Arab cannot enter, neither the China man nor the Negro or mixed raced bastard, and there is not one among them that I would defend.

There are so many reasons why I can rightfully thank John, but so many others where he should stop trying to teach and start listening!


SayNoToRacism's picture

What you say is ridiculous

What you say is ridiculous hate-speech.

I know for certain that JAH wouldn't support it, I don't support it, and I doubt anyone outside of your racist organization would support it.

The problem with the Identists is that they have been tricked into being racists via fake leaders (just like everyone else is tricked by fake leaders sent into their subculture).

OBVIOUSLY, YYYOOOUUU have NO IDEA what the word "nazi" means or where it came from, so I will explain it to you.

Nazi comes from the name Ashkenaz, and his descendents, the Ashke-nazis, of whom most modern-day people claiming to be jews are descended from.

The TRUE Nazis, are the Synagogue of Satan convert "jews", descended from Ashkenaz, whom the "nazi" nickname comes from.

You haven't a clue about Jesus if you think He supports your ugly racial supremacist attitude.

Grow up.

Anonymous's picture


your just a twisted bitter racist , and the guy above this message doesn't even know what he is chatting about , go back to your lives and worry about feeding your kids and wives in this horrible recession

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