Live free or die, Rick said.

From JAH

Today you can finally see clearly, I hope, that Rick Stanley's strategy is absolutely useless against the Beast System, just as I repeatedly told him and, through him, all of you who joined his Pact.

Rick's arrogance blinded him and prevented him from seeing that this was the obvious outcome, just as I told him. He also blindly wanted you all to wear one of his patches, so that the enemy would know who you are and who to arrest.

He said repeatedly that he would live free, or die. He wrote it at the bottom of every one of his messages, including the one below and his SCOOPS. Did he back up his fine words with actions? No, of course he didn't. He was outgunned and surrendered, which is why his strategy could never work. They were just nice-sounding words to make himself feel important, and like a "some-body".

Rick wrote:-

"October 10, 2003 

Do not go to the site until an EMERGENCY Pact Alert is called by
Stanley.  If attacked, Stanley will arrange for a message to go out.  
If Stanley is attacked,guerrilla warfare tactics by all of the
individuals in the Pact is to commence.

Do not negotiate at this time.  There will be no central meeting
place for the Pact.  Come as an individual, defend as an individual.
Surround the building as far out as must be done and begin to attack
the individuals attacking Stanley in position  around his building.  
There are 8 industrial buildings around Stanley's building.  Obviously,
high ground position would be important in this endeavor.  Do not try
and come into Stanley's property, unless the police and government
agents have been driven off.  Stanley will be defending
with force of arms.  Guaranteed.  We do not want this to happen, that is
why, the politicians are listed below to contact to demand that these
unlawful convictions be overturned."

"October 6, 2003

A new PRELIMINARY ALERT may be announced soon for Rick Stanley and the
unconstitutional actions by Denver and Thornton Colorado, regarding their
attempts to jail Stanley for exercising his constitutional right, to
keep and bear arms on his person, anywhere he wishes in Colorado,
including Denver and Thornton, per the State and National Constitution's
protection and guarantee of Stanley's rights.  More on this situation later
this week.Stanley will not accept the government violation of his God given,
protected andguaranteed Constitutional rights for anything, much less the
right to keep and bear arms anywhere he wishes.  Stanley refuses to be jailed
for exercising those same rights in Colorado.  The Pact has promised to back
up Stanley, should he decide to defend himself, from any attack, or attempt
to jail him in the future."

Now his wife is telling people to leave him in jail, where she figures he won't be killed, and is therefore safe and might learn to obey the beast system and be rehabilitated into society.

Rick said that if anyone was attacked by the "powers-that-be" that the Pact would attack the judges who issued the warrant/s, the sheriffs, etc. who enforced the warrants, to free the attacked member and make the "powers-that-be" back down. Now his wife is saying he says NOT to do that.

So where is the sense in that and whose side is she really on? What did Eve do in the Garden of Eden? Same answer. To fully understand that statement, read "The Way home or face The Fire", available from:-

Rick wrote:-
"September 23, 2003


Subject: Militia Information:   Pact Guerilla Freedom Fighters

STANLEY NOTE:  I believe that the judge, DA, sheriff, or any other
police agency that do not back off, should be made a part of the
action EMERGENCY ALERT in the future.  I believe all government
agencies that have anything to do with the local area such as social
worker offices,  vehicle parking lots and garages(motor pools),  
county government offices, city offices,etc.  should be "visited"
by Pact guerilla freedom fighters.  I believe all infrastructure such
as phone, electricity, water, fire stations,  television and radio
station and their towers should be "visited" by  Pact guerilla freedom
fighters.  I believe the police department and sheriffs department
should be "visited" by the Pact guerilla freedom fighters.  I believe
the Courthouse for the City,County, and District should all be "visited"
by the Pact guerilla freedom fighters. I believe that every road into
the ACTION EMERGENCY ALERT area be visited with a welcome commitee a
half mile out from all of the police roadblocks, with our own Pact guerilla
freedom fighters, to personally welcome anyone coming into the area.  
Citizens and residents are nice people, but a special welcome for all
government employees converging on the area for miles, by the Pact
guerilla freedom fighters, would be especially nice.  Visit them
everywhere, and really show em that we love to "visit" government that
will violate a Pact members life, liberty,  freedom, and persuit of
happiness with unconstitutional acts against a Pact member in regard
to person, family, property and guns, with a personal special "visit"
from the Pact guerilla freedom fighters. All of these visits will be made
"after" a Pact member is attacked by government in an unconstitutional
manner.  We will have a Judge in the area to mediate these unconstitutional
predations by government, have a jury of their peers, a constitutional
trial, sentencing, etc...  The Pact will bring a whole new look and attitude
to government,  in any area that decides to attack a Pact member."

Today is a really good day, because at least Rick is still alive and his strategy has been PROVED to be useless, just as I told him repeatedly. Now we have indisputable proof that he was wrong. Will his ego allow him to see it too? Probably not.

So where do you go from here you might be asking?

Well, that's a straight-forward enough question to ask and the answer is just as straight-forward as the question. Every single one of the uniformed cowardly thugs; who ganged-up, like all cowards do, on and arrested Rick Stanley; is a traitor. There is no doubt whatsoever about that. They all swore to uphold the CON-stitution that Rick loves so much, and the Second Amendment is part of that CON-stitution they each swore to uphold. They are therefore without doubt traitors, committing treason against Rick Stanley and therefore against the people of the united states and definitely against all Pact members. All for one and one for all.

The punishment for treason is death, according to God's Law.

They can and no doubt would say that they were acting under orders, just as the Nazis claimed at Nuremberg, and just like at Nuremberg it has no validity. They are traitors pure and simple, as are the corrupt traitorous judges who issued the warrants and by so doing also committed treason against the people of the united states of America.

Rick told them that the Pact would hunt them down, and deal with them to let others like them know that the people would not accept treason, in order to deter others from committing similar acts against Law-abiding people.

I told Rick that enforcing The Plan is the ONLY solution and to watch the film "Michael Collins", which he did and said was very good and food for thought.

Now it is up to you.

Are you going to live free or die to uphold God's Law, or kneel down and cower in fear before the beast in Washington that calls itself your government?

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan and execute traitors in accordance with God's Law, but YOU will have to do it, as God COMMANDS you to in His Law. What are you waiting for? Xmas?



Like I told him, REPEATEDLY, there is ONLY one solution and that is to
enforce The Plan:-

But he thought he knew better.



From: Stanley Scoop <webmaster [at] stanley2002 [dot] org>

To: rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org

Subject: Media Release: Rick Stanley arrested today at
gunpoint in Denver

Date: Sun, Oct 19, 2003, 3:56 am

October 18, 2003

Rick Stanley
Constitutional Activist
Phone: 303-329-0481
E-mail: rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org


Stanley Scoop 10/18/03 ** Special Edition **


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Subject: Rick Stanley arrested today at gunpoint in Denver

Rick Stanley, Constitutional Activist, former U.S. Senate candidate, Enemy
of the State, and self avowed extremist on the order of our forefathers of
America, gave the following media release for your use:

This is a notification that Rick Stanley was arrested today, at gunpoint, by at
least 30 Denver police, SWAT, and FBI agents. This occurred at approximately
12 pm Saturday 10/18/03. He is currently being held at Denver County Jail without
bond and will probably be transferred to Thornton or Adams County Jail within the
next 24 hours.

This is not a militia alert, because it does not meet the criteria for a militia action.
Any supporters that feel they can help in Rick's case in some way should
proceed on an individual basis, guided by their own conscience. I will continue to
provide updates as new information becomes available.

Pam Stanley

Information and application to join the Pact is at Rick Stanley's
Constitutional Activism website at We are
746 strong now.  Rick'semail address is rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org, and
can be reached by phone at 303-329-0481 or by fax at 303-329-0498.

Long live the fighters.


Luke 22:36 "But now one who has a money bag should take it, and likewise
a sack, and one who does not have a sword should sell his cloak and buy
one." Jesus Christ.

Luke 11:21  "When a strong man (a man of superior physical strength) armed
(to furnish fully with arms; weapons) keepth his palace, his goods are in
peace." Jesus Christ

Jeremiah 48:10  "Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully,
and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood."  The word of God
to Jeremiah



Live Free or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
The Stanley Scoop
Reply to: rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org

What Rick is now suggesting is part of what I told Rick Stanley and EVERYONE three years ago - before 911.

He arrogantly rejected The Plan in favour of his own stupid methods that have got him imprisoned, as I knew they would and now he is saying to do what The Plan entails without actually mentioning The Plan:-

Has Rick finally seen the Light? I doubt it, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't see it.

Time is running out:-

------ Forwarded Message From: rick [at] stanley2002 [dot] org
scoop [at] stanley2002 [dot] org Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 11:07:24 -0600 To:

 Stanley Scoop 04 August 2004 Morning Edition

The time is NOW: Take this action

STANLEY NOTE: With the raid on me last month, the raid on Sherry Peel Jackson yesterday, (she is one of the ex-IRS agents who is fighting the fraud of the IRS income tax for Americans in the 50 states of America), I am suggesting the following to PATRIOTS everywhere. IGNORE AT YOUR OWN PERIL. Your indifference to what has been going on in America will be your downfall. You think you will be under the radar. They just haven't come for you YET. There are five things that must be done NOW!

Get your guns & ammunition, your precious metals, your cash, your passports, and all records of "anything", OUT OF YOUR HOUSE and office, to a SAFE place. You decide where that is. You do it now, or face the consequences.

Don't take all of your guns and ammo and leave yourself unarmed as a sitting duck, otherwise they'll just grab you in the middle of the night at home, out of your bed, whilst you are unarmed - JAH.

The attacks upon Larken Rose, Rick Stanley, Sherry Peel Jackson, Joe Bannister, and others are indicative of the future. The war on America is NOW. You decide your actions. No one else does*. The time for action is now. Unintended Consequences has begun. Each of you must decide what you should do. Take action and take your country back, any way you see fit. The WAR is on now. The government is declaring war on individual Americans for speaking out. What are you going to do? Wait for the time when they come for you and your property? If you do, DAMN you.

* (Visibly) leaderless resistance - JAH.

I have been in contact with other indivdiuals across the country. I am hearing of MANY, MANY Patriots who are being followed a great deal of the time at this point. What does that mean? That is for you to decide. It has been going on for a few weeks now, at a higher degree than in the past.

The time for the individuals in the PACT to reactivate is now. Do not come to the aid of individuals at this time. Do what must be done to protect yourselves and your families. Do what you feel is the best thing to return America back to a Constitutional government. You are an army of one.

Enforcing The Plan is the ONLY solution:-

You are under attack as is every American in this country. Your own judgement must be followed. Follow your conscience. Do not contact me. Contact your local Patriots and decide what can and will be done for America. Take the steps above FIRST, before you do anything else. God bless the American Patriot. God bless you. Don't OVERREACT. Don't be stupid. Be smart. Blend in. There are no more PUBLIC efforts that are appropriate. You risk being jailed now in the Police State of America for even SPEAKING out, or exercising Constitutional rights. See the Rick Stanley cases at The time for bringing up the UNCONSTITUTIONAL actions of government in Petitions and through the courts is OVER. You will not be given redress! Understand that fact. Understand that going into the courts is guaranteed destruction of yourself, your family, your business, your job, your property, your future. The lies of the INJUSTICE system are exposed once and for all, for ALL to see. Learn from what we have learned folks. You have been declared war upon, by those who have overthrown America from the inside. The Police State of America is here, NOW. You decide what must be done.

The signs are there for those who can see.

Live FREE or Die.

Rick Stanley

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