911 The Road To Tyranny

The mainstream media is whitewashing and lying about what really happened on sept. 11. 911 The Road To Tyranny is shaking the foundations of Washinton DC as the most comprehensive and revealing documentary film covering what really happened on sept 11. and who stands to gain.

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Many people have striven to get Alex Jones to read The Plan, all to no avail.

He has been sent The Plan both in print by snail-mail and by email by a few different people including me and no response.

It makes one suspicious.

Alex Jones: Infowars or Propagandawars?

Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 10:59:17 -0600

STANLEY NOTE: Well, Stephen, you have expounded very well on the points I made, as well as some new issues. I can't find fault with what you are saying either. This is why I question what is Alex Jones motivation. Who is he funded by? Who wants this information out on over
100 stations, when no one else can get that mainstream media attention? Why does he have on his show that will parrot what he wants, to scare the population, but give no answers? These questions remain unanswered and the public needs to ask themselves these questions as they listen to the Alex Jones Show.

Rick Stanley

From: "- = Ari = -" ari_volk(at)msn. com Alex Jones: Infowars or Propagandawars?

Hi Rick,

To comment on the posts below. As an American momentarily in Canada, I listen to Alex Jones every night. The content which strikes me is that there are many, many parallels to the socialist and communist newspapers and magazines rampant in Canada: The Progressive, Socialist Worker, People's Voice, many others. Now, the Russians are chess players. They would like a civil war in the U. S. so they can mop up afterwards. Researcher Barry Smith from New Zealand said that when this would happen, the traitors in the House and Senate would be the first to be taken out, as they would have already demonstrated to the Russians they could not be trusted, having betrayed their own American people.

Alex Jones, I have suspected - despite his friendship with Texe Marrs - has all the earmarks of a provocateur, in that he makes no firm commitment to defend this country. For example, one night he said he and his family would exit to an island when things were bad enough. Strangely, this was something I took personally. (Did he want other patriots to identify with him?) And in an interview with the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms, Aaron Zelman was speaking of long range firearms; when Alex turned the conversation to guns he had for mere hunting.

I think many callers feel a little intimidated by Jones when they call in. That's why they often preface it with, "Thanks for taking my call." He comes on verbally too strong with too little commitment.

I currently see the globalists doing several things at once to bring on martial law. Alex Jones appeals to the emotions in such a way that it nightly attempts to spawn a Thoreauvian civil disobedience: this may contribute to the conditions the New World Order desires for bringing in martial law.

Unlike many researchers I have known, Jones is not a team player and doesn't want to be. He has isolated himself from the ring of other researchers and this strikes me as odd. I merely mentioned on his show one time that my good friend, Al Cuppett, Joint Chiefs of Staff High Security Evaluations, called me to tell me his retired general friend spoke with Rumsfeld in the White House. The general asked Rumsfeld what would happen if the U. S. was attacked, as almost no troops are left here; Rumsfeld said, "We'll just have to bring in the UN troops," which was their plan all along. When I said this on the radio show as a confirmation of what Jones had been saying, Jones immediately flew into a near-rage that someone else had revealed this! Strongly implying HIS credibility was more important! This, ironically, is dictatorial.

Rick, you had a very, very important point when you said, "Appears to me that he will sound the alarm and just want us to cringe in fear, with no answer. If this is the case, he is doing exactly what the Controllers want. How is that Alex Jones is on over 100 stations nationwide but very few others in the movement are?" The NWO social engineers at Tavistock Institute, for example, know people can only be manipulated through fear. Jones gives plenty of this! The nightly consolations and exhortations from the Bible are not there. Interestingly, no professionals who are Christians, that I know, can relate to Jones as Christians "in spirit." The chemistry doesn't exist.

American patriots are at a peculiar disadvantage to not be able to read all the communist weekly and monthly literature in Canada and compare it to Jones' world view. Because the comparisons and sentiments are certainly there. Remember, the communists made a habit of forming "opposing groups" just so they would see who would join. Today, the KGB head with Homeland Security can easily detect all the listeners to Alex Jones over the Internet and record a database. I say this as a former Senior Advisor to Hewlett-Packard.

One of the best books on this subject is TARGET AMERICA: The Influence of Communist Propaganda on U. S. Media by James L. Tyson. It discusses the purposes and techniques and propaganda from within the U. S. and it is massive. How the propaganda war is waged through the media. So in the weeks ahead we have to listen to Jones closely: Should his radio program be called Infowars or Propagandawars? Many of the same things he says against the CIA, in favor of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine can be quoted from the communist papers in Canada.

Stephen Volk [11] Alex?

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 12:06:37 -0600

I support Alex Jones and always have, but I too have also had some reservations regarding Alex Jones. He brings the message to the people, but does not think the people should do anything about it. Sounding the alarm, and then NOT encouraging people to join the Mutual Defense Pact
2d American Revolution Militia for defense from this type of government fascist tyranny, appears to me that he will sound the alarm and just want us to cringe in fear, with no answer.

If this is the case, he is doing exactly what the Controllers want. How is that Alex Jones is on over 100 stations nationwide but very few others in the movement are? He has mentioned on his show many, many times that he wants to have me on his show to his listeners but never contacts me. I have been asked many times by people to contact him, and have sent e-mails, but he never returns the communication. These are questions I have. There are more but you get the drift of my reasoning.

Rick Stanley