Coordination with other MDPM leaders

From JAH:

I am forwarding the message below to you from Floyd in Alabama, because Floyd's is a very sensible message and is in harmony with "The Plan" and the message I sent out yesterday, explaining that Rick's strategy doesn't work, as is crystal clear from the fact that he has managed to get himself arrested, and is in jail.

Please read what Floyd has written below and then study The Plan at:- or

and bearing in mind what has happened to Rick and what Floyd has written below, open your eyes and see WHY The Plan is the ONLY solution.

A couple of people yesterday had a negative knee-jerk reaction to what I wrote about Rick's strategy, and, in the face of the glaringly obvious proof that what I said about Rick's strategy was true, because he got himself arrested, they decided to insult me and tell me, about whom they know nothing, that he is a better man than I am and he has more balls than I do, because I'm not in jail. They seem to want to argue that black is white, because we have proof of what I said, by the fact that Rick is in jail, and they think he is better than me because he has got himself put in jail. With that kind of illogic they will end up in jail too.


Gen. Patten said words to the effect of: Winning a war is not about dying (or going to jail) for your country, it is about making the other poor - - - - - - - die for his.

No-one, including me, disputes that Rick has balls, but balls without brains will always lose. If you want to always lose then follow Rick's already failed strategy. If you want to win, follow The Plan that God has laid out for you and which He will personally help each and every one of you to enforce, and, in so doing, get Rick released and exonerated as he deserves.

The ONLY way to kill a snake is to cut its head off, not stomp on its tail as Rick did, so it turns on you and bites you, as it did to Rick. That stamping on its tail strategy is even worse when fighting a many headed hydra like you are facing. That is why The Plan is the ONLY way to do the job that you all agree needs doing. How many more failed strategies are you going to waste your time on, until you realise that it's God's Way, or the highway?

The Plan is God's Plan. Use it or lose it.

Once you've studied and understand The Plan, then watch the film "Michael Collins" starring Liam Neeson, Aidan Quinn and Julia Roberts, to see a strategy of implementation that works in real life.

If any of you, like Floyd, want to send positive messages to each other, please send them to me, and, if they are positive I will gladly forward them as I've done with this one.

Long live the Fighters,


From: "Floyd Shackelford" floyd(at)

Subject: Coordination with other MDPM leaders
Date: Wed, Oct 22, 2003, 5:55 pm

I am the Alabama state coordinator for the Mutual Defense Pact Militia.

Some people are ready to throw in the towel now that Rick has been arrested and jailed. I called the folks at Stanley Fasteners to ask them who Rick had appointed to be in charge when he is no longer able to lead and they tell me that the pact is "inactive at this time."

I say "phooey" to that kind of thinking! Instead, I consider this event our "shove out of the nest". It's high time we learned to fly on our own. If you are a State Coordinator or if you are one of those Regional Coordinators Rick mentioned in a prevous e-mail, please contact me to discuss setting up some sort of MDPM leadership structure that's not dependent upon the beast taking down a single man or even a small group of men. I am willing to be the information coordinator for now. You will find all my contact information below in my signature.

I also want to address all of you Monday morning quarterbacks. Stop whining about what should have been done or how you would have done it better. Focus instead on what needs to be done. Remember, although we have right on our side, we're still amateurs at this and the government thugs have had many years of hate-filled preparation at violating and abusing our rights, so mistakes are bound to be made. Let's learn from these events and improve what we are doing.

Here's an analogy I like to use in our struggle against tyranny. When hunting bear with dogs, you will notice that the dogs all behave differently from each other. There are some dogs who are just plain scared and run circles around the bear barking, but they don't get too close. They keep their distance. There are other dogs who are scared too, but they want a piece of that bear so they nip at his hindquarters. And then there are the dogs who don't know any better to be scared and are going straight for the bear's face and neck. You know what? It takes all those "ancillary" dogs to keep that bear confused and off balance so that the dogs going for the face and throat can help kill that bear. However, when the bear connects with a dog, 99 times out of a 100 it's one of those dogs in front that get mauled. Sometimes you get the bear. Sometimes the bear gets you. We won't always get the bear. But you know something strange? Seeing their buddy mauled sure pisses off those other dogs and encourages some of those dogs that have been holding back to jump into the forefront of the fight.

Well, Rick's one of those dogs that goes for the throat. And it that makes me pretty pissed off that my good buddy's been mauled by the bear. I'm not about to go run and hide. Instead, I'm ready to ratchet things up a notch or two. I am still 110% committed to the pact. I WILL come defend your liberties with my life! How about you?

Oh, and we don't just abandon the dog that got mauled now do we? No. We nurse him back to health and get him back on his feet so he can hunt bear with us again.

State/Regional Coordinators: Get in touch with me and let's make the Pact work.

(Note to all of you out there who think I'm full of solid excrement. Well, I already know that so you don't have to send me any e-mails reminding me of that. I will only entertain serious replies to this notice.)


Floyd Shackelford

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"That the sole object and only legitimate end of government is to protect the citizen in the enjoyment of life, liberty, and property, and when the government assumes other functions it is usurpation and oppression." -- Section 35, Alabama Constitution of 1901.

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