Eleven Christians Jailed In Philadelphia For Preaching God's Word

October 11, 2004

The Police Department of Philadelphia has shown itself intolerant of the Gospel and those who proclaim its message.

On Sunday, October 10, eleven Christians were arrested on the streets of Philadelphia as they shared the truth of the Scriptures and called upon hundreds of celebrating homosexuals to repent and believe the Gospel.

On the first day of the "REPENT AMERICA LIFE AND LIBERTY TOUR" eleven Christians took the Gospel to the Philadelphia Outfest Homosexual Pride Event. The Christians displayed banners with Biblical messages and began to preach the gospel to those in attendance. The event took place on a public street where thousands were milling.

The ministry team was immediately accosted by the "Pink Angels", a militant mob of homosexuals who attempted to drown out the call to repentance with dozens of loud whistles, and sought to hide the message with dozenens of large sheets of pink styrofoam.

Even though the Christians obeyed all laws, city ordinances, and lawful requests by the Philadelphia police officers on hand, they were promptly and without warning, arrested and hauled off to jail where they spent 21 hours before being released on Monday morning.

Among the outrageous charges filed against these faithful witnesses were the following.

-Criminal Conspiracy, felony

-Possession of Instruments of Crime, misdemeanor (The Bible is a two-edged sword and was considered a threat to the lawless and ungodly)

Reckless Endangerment of Another Person, misdemeanor (This was entirely dreamed up)

Ethnic Intimidation, felony (Sodomites have worked for years to have clear Gospel preaching outlawed as a hate crime.)

Riot, felony (Dispite the fact that our behavior was above reproach and we were attacked by a mob of whistle blowing, obscenity screaming God haters, the Christians, and only the Christians, were charged.)

Failure to Disperse, misdemeanor (This charge is also bogus)

Disorderly Conduct, misdemeanor (A favorite allegation made by those who have no truly lawful charge to bring against those who would obey the great commission.)

Obstructing Highways, misdemeanor ( Once again this charge is ridiculous. A video crew was on hand to film the ministry outreach and the footage will clearly disprove the validity of every charge brought against us)

"The Scriptures are filled with accounts of faithful followers of the Messiah who proclaimed the Gospel dispite severe persecusion. We are called upon and commanded to do no less. To shrink back would not be Biblical Christianity. May all of the true Disciples of our Messiah live as he lived and obediently follow Him even as this world grows in its hatred toward the truth of the Gospel and toward His servants." said Dennis Green, director of Life and Liberty Ministries.



Dennis Green (804) 898-2458 Director P. O. Box 862 Powhatan, VA 23139 www.lifeandlibertyministries.com


The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the N. W. O. perpetrators of support for sodomy:- http://jahtruth.net/plan.htm