I am Proud of my Jewish Heritage

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Subject: I am Proud of my Jewish Heritage

A friend of mine wrote me and said that there are Christians on this
website, http://www.blessedcause.org/ - who do not like Jews and are
writing bad things about Jews. Well I just had to come here and respond.

First of all let me say that Jews are wonderful people.

In my opinion, Jews make America a better place in a 1000 different ways.

My friend told me that Jews have been attacked in this forum by a Christian Right-winger and he is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Jews are not the CANCER OF AMERICA.

It is Christians who are the CANCER OF AMERICA.


For example, look at how much Christians hate homosexuals.

But Jews show love towards homosexuals, not mean spirited hate like Christians. Jews want homosexuals to have all the civil rights that are afforded to heterosexuals, including the right to marry and adopt children and share health insurance through one spouses job.

Jews know that Adolf Hitler was a Christian and we look at what he did. Don't say that he was a Catholic and therefore he was not a Christian, we have heard that one too many times.
The truth is that we need to have more Jews in America and less Christians.
The truth is that Hollywood, the ACLU and the Jewish Left have made America a better place by fighting the evil Christian Right.

For instance, if it were not for Jews and Jewish influence in politics, there would be almost no gun laws on the books. Can you imagine America with no gun control laws? The Jewish Left has proudly fought to get reasonable gun control laws passed and I am sure that most good Christians support gun control laws, don't you?

If you are Jewish I know you agree with me that Jews have made America a better place. And if you are a REAL Christian who is tolerant towards homosexuals and people of other religions, I know you also agree with me that the Jewish Left has helped America to become the great nation she is today.
Did you know that Adolph Hitler was a Christian? My Rabbi proved it with quotes right from the mouth of Hitler himself. That is why Jews are 100% dedicated to trying to destroy Christianity in America. We look at the destruction of Christianity as the salvation and safety of Jews in America. If you want to see the Adolph Hitler Christian quotes, I will search for them on the Internet and post them.

But make no mistake, Christians have tried for 2000 years to destroy the Jews. They have try to convert us by persuasion and by force. They have tortured us and subjected us to Inquisitions and chased us out of nation after nation, century after century. This is a war and we Jews are going to win because the Christian Right does not even know that we are at war with them. This truly is a war and we Jews are going to win because the head in the sand escapist Christian Right is stupid when compared to the brilliant long term strategists who are leading the organizations in the Jewish Left.

This is a real war and we Jews are going to win because we are coming in under the radar using stealth technologies of homosexual rights, full blooded Jew. I urge all of you who are nice and loving people to support the Jewish transformation of America. We areproud of what we are trying to do. Join us and help us make the world abetter place.

Shalom from Leah Feinstein.

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PS - Look at the way we are changing America for the better via immigration. We worked for decades to change America's immigration policy to favor immigration from third world nations. Because of the 1965 Immigration Act which we forced through Congress, whites will be a minority in America in just a few years. They are already a minority in California. Christian Right-wingers, your days are numbered. Get ready to be overwhelmed by millions of non-european, non-Christians from all over the world. You are going to be the losers of history. It is payback time for Christians. Us Jews are going to have our revenge for all the terror we have suffered at the hands of Christians for centuries. It will be a sweet, sweet revenge. But we will not do to you what you have done to us over the centuries. We will just make you and your religion go out of style until no one will want to be a Christian and Christianity simply disappears. It is already happening thanks to our friends who control the public schools, Television, Hollywood and the music industry. Good Luck. You will need it.