The Fall of an Empire and The American Dream

The Fall of an Empire and The American Dream

Freedom Underground 30 Jun
2005 Mike Eggleston

With only a few short days until the 4th of July we as Americans, as people of this planet find ourselves in one of the most exciting and dangerous times we have ever seen. We are about to celebrate our Independence as a country and at the same time , once again find this great country under the tyranny and control of a government that cares more about lining their pockets with the riches of the world and conquering lands than they do about serving the people and bringing good to the world.

Welcome to fascist America. This is not the land of the free we were brought up hearing about. This is not the greatest nation in the world any longer. We have been taken over by one of the most brutal governments ever to exist. Men who see Power, Money, Oil and War as the way to write themselves into the History books. Men who shred and disregard the Constitution and re write it according to the way they see things. It has been happening slowly for 20, 30, 50 years, longer even. The conditioning and preparing for this time has reached its boiling point. Here in America we see unemployment and the economy struggling, families working 3 or 4 jobs to put food on the table. Huge corporations that care more about a profit than the workers who make the money for them and the environment. Corporations that influence every aspect of the government and media and our lives.

We have become slaves to products and material possessions. We are the only industrialized nation in the world not to offer free health care to its people because pharmaceutical and medical companies can make billions of dollars charging us for it. We have a sub par public education system that begins to divide the social classes at the very beginning. A homeless and poverty level that is reaching record numbers as the gap between the elite and middle class is evaporating. It is now the elite and the poor.

We also find ourselves in a time of war. We are at war with the world, for domination and personal agenda's of the worlds elite. At war with our own government. At war with each other. At war with time. On 9.11.2001 we were attacked on American soil and as you do more and more research ( around 300 hours for this writer ) you begin to see that it wasn't the terrorists they speak of that attacked us, but people within our own government who helped make it happen. There is a quote along the lines of "if you make the people believe they are under attack they will give up their freedoms to have you protect them". The writers and creators of a pre-emptive doctrine called PNAC. A plan that detailed the need for an attack just like the one we saw on 9.11.2001 in order to enanle them to go and conquer the lands we are at war with now, for their natural resources... OIL.

Since then more and more of our rights have been taken away in the name of terror. Very comparable to the laws of Nazi Germany. Our rights will continue to erode and the system will continue to treat us as statistics until we as a people wake up and realize that system doesn't give a s**t about us. We are here to serve them, not the other way around, as it should be. The world has been transformed into a ticking timebomb by our government and the elite... tick... tick... tick

So as we enter this weekend, a time of celebration of freedom, the realization that we are not free strikes me. Most americans are too brainwashed by TV and Society to even see through the blatant lies that a child could see. Most are to afraid that they can not make a difference. That they are fine in their lives , waking up, going to work, coming home and playing their role in the machine to stand up and raise their voice. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!! We the people are the ones that through out human history have forged new ideas, civilizations and the basic human understanding of freedom. We have been slated for dehumanization and are being led like sheep to the slaughter, and yet most people are alright with this?

Wake up, Open your eyes and your minds and think for yourself. We are in a world of trouble that only WE can change. The time for complacency is OVER. We the people have the numbers and the ability to change things. WE are the ONLY ones that will change the current state we find ourselves in.

So let us celebrate our freedom this weekend, let us make a choice that from this day out we will not be told how to live our lives. That we will no longer stand for this, that we will stand up for our rights and will not accept being told we are evil because we are different. We are the people of this planet. We are all trying to do the same thing.... LIVE.

Enough is Enough. We need to bring about change in this place. Revolutionary change... change that will benefit all and not just the elite. And so my message to the elite is this; We will resist, we will fight, we will not let you regulate what is good, what is wrong, what is evil, we will not let you regulate our lives. .. we are coming for you... we are coming for peace.

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